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“A Cyborg Among Us”
Season 2, Episode 3
A Cyborg Among Us KLVY
Air Date

November 6, 2021

Prod. Code



Andrew Thomas


Mike Caron

Episode Chronology

A Danger Among Us


A Henry Among Us

A Cyborg Among Us is the third episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on November 6, 2021 to an audience of 0.45 million viewers.


Bose tells his date about his current situation, while Chapa floats and Drex is tied up to stop him from doing something wrong. Mika was still scared because they were in space. Schwoz managed to get Volt down. The kids asked Ray to call Henry for help, but Drex revealed that Henry never answers their calls. The Danger Force saw that Cyborg Rick Twitler was on the KLVY to use the news satellite to spread his virus. Schwoz reported that they are too far from Earth to stop Twitler, so Miles attempted to teleport Bose to Earth. To get to the ground faster, Ray and Chapa got Mika to use her mighty shout and make the nest get closer to Earth. Mika mentions that she might freeze and Chapa gives her a scarf. They take Mika into space three times, and she drags Ray down on the last one. They manage to get the nest closer to the satellite ,and Chapa mistakenly takes Mika out into space once more. Schwoz mentions that the nest will collide with the satellite and destroy it, but when Chapa asks him if the nest will turn out well on impact, Schwoz implies that the nest turning out well would be a lie.

Bose and Miles made it to the ground and faced Cyborg Rick Twitler while Trent and Mary admired the fight. In the nest everyone is concerned with the nest about to collide with the satellite. Schwoz mentions that the only way to solve it would be to put something between the nest and the satellite. Mika mentions that it should be something indestructible. Everyone looks at Ray, but he mentions that he is not the only indestructible one and decides to make Drex be whatever is between the satellite and the nest by taping him outside the nest while Drex yells that he hates them. Miles and Bose continue to fight with Rick, who then uses a camera lens to create a larger laser, which they can avoid thanks to Miles' power. Suddenly Bose's date and the date that he will have later appear, Rick then points to them and Bose intervenes, leaving him unconscious. Drex is about to receive the impact of the satellite, but he reminds himself that it is indestructible, and when he is satisfied that it could be worse, he begins to be infected by the virus. In the nest, everyone celebrates that the satellite was destroyed, Mika however, is still cold and Chapa warms her using her powers. However, the nest keeps circling the Earth without knowing how to stop. Drex then sneezes and Captain Man thinks it was Mika. Mika then said it wasn't her as Drex then parks covered of the virus and saying: "I am Virus" before he attacks them. Everyone fights the virus and Schwoz mentions that not even Ray can be protected from the virus with his indestructibility, this time. Ray then predicts that his only protection this time is his good looks.

Mika, Chapa, and Ray begin to fight the Drex Virus. In the middle of an attack, virus Drex sneezes on Mika and she becomes contaminated with the virus. Then Chapa and Ray begin to fight with Mika and Drex. Miles fights with Rick and when Rick picks him up and Miles teleports them to the sky and then teleports back to the canal letting Rick fall through the ceiling. Mary receives the news that the Nest is floating (spinning) above the Earth and is going to crash into the channel. Miles then hits Bose to wake him up and stop the nest with his telekinesis. Bose manages to do it, but then Chapa comes down from the nest saying that they lost and with the virus ending up contaminating her. Later Drex, Mika and Ray come down. Drex, Mika, Ray and Chapa sneeze and infect everyone and Rick celebrates while welcoming back his viruses saying "welcome back, kiddies." Chapa in her mind sees her lost cell phone that tells her not to give up and manages to get rid of the virus. Rick mentions that he was not expecting it, and Chapa uses her powers to return others to normal. They are all knocked unconscious and when Ray wakes up, he realizes that Rick has disappeared along with Drex, Mika and Chapa. Ray finds a note from Rick Twitler that says "Game on", sends Bose to return the nest to Mount Swellview, and Miles then asks: "What do we do now?" to which Ray replies: "We ask for reinforcements." In Dystopia, a bartender named Gemma sees Henry Hart's phone ring and asks if he's going to answer.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Emily Morales-Cabrera as Gemma
  • Annaka Fourneret as Sydney
  • Rika Ghosh as Melbourne


  • This episode is also titled "Part III: A Cyborg Among Us".
  • It is revealed that the suits Ray and the Danger Force wears have anti-gravity devices that keep them from floating in space.
  • Ray and Danger Force remain in their Superhero uniforms for the entirety of the episode for the second time, following Drive Hard.
  • Annaka Fourneret would later star as a series regular as the live action version of Lynn Loud Jr. on The Really Loud House, a Nickelodeon live action comedy series based on The Loud House cartoon.

Series continuity[]

  • The events to the Henry Danger episode, Space Invaders, are mentioned.
  • It is revealed that Drex is still indestructible.


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