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“A Henry Among Us”
Season 2, Episode 4
Danger Force vs Drex Rick
Air Date

November 13, 2021

Prod. Code



Christopher J. Nowak


Mike Caron

Episode Chronology

A Cyborg Among Us



A Henry Among Us is the fourth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on November 13, 2021 to an audience of 0.29 million viewers.


Trent sums up everything that happened with the Danger Force and Rick Twitler. Drex kicked Captain Man, Rick took ShoutOut and Volt, and Mary was sleepwalking. Brainstorm was being healed by Schwoz while Captain Man tried to call Henry, but Schwoz decided to call Henry himself, but Captain Man stopped him because he wanted Henry to answer him. In Dystopia, Henry and Gemma were about to kiss until AWOL showed up to take Henry to Swellview. Rick led ShoutOut and Volt to the Nakatomi Tower to control them until Drex appeared to attack Rick, but he convinced him to have a chance to get revenge on Henry, who was now in the nest. Henry arrived at the nest and was happy to see everyone, but started arguing with Ray due to his not answering his calls.

Captain Man and Henry made an agreement to always answer their calls until ShoutOut made a secret call for the heroes to listen to Twitler's plan and Captain Man kept interrupting the call, but Henry used his force field to listen. Twitler had planned to use Henry's power to shut down all the internet and tasked Drex with finding the Danger Force. All five boys reacted with surprise to Twitler's plan. Twitler used the simulators to bring ShoutOut and Volt under his control. While preparing, Henry and the others had a feeling that it was a trap, but Captain Man had faith that everything would work out as Schwoz watched them eat popcorn. Captain Man and AWOL went to the Nakatori Tower to knock out Drex, but upon defeating him, ShoutOut used her might shout to knock them down until Henry and Brainstorm confronted her, but they were both knocked down by Volt, prompting Drex and the girls to capture Henry.

In the tower, Henry had already been put in the Twitler machine for his plan and Drex was furious because he wanted to fight with Henry, but he accepted this revenge very well. In the nest, Captain Man felt guilty about capturing his friend until Brainstorm and AWOL motivated him while Schwoz reported that Twitler's plan was continuing, so the trio teleported to the Nakatori tower, but realized they were there. being seen by the villains. Captain Man confronted Drex, but he dragged him from the tower. Brainstorm made ShoutOut and Volt attack each other. Captain Man climbed back up to free Henry, but was attacked by Cyborg Rick Twitler, Volt, and ShoutOut while AWOL and Brainstorm defeated Drex. Captain Man successfully freed Henry and the machine deactivated, but Volt threw Captain Man out of the tower again. By knocking out Volt and ShoutOut, Henry faced Cyborg Rick Twitler and Drex while Brainstorm and AWOL released ShoutOut and Volt. Henry again defeated Drex, but accidentally knocked Captain Man and Drex to the ground. Henry was saved by the Danger Force and ShoutOut and Volt managed to break free to defeat Cyborg Rick Twitler. Captain Man came back up, but realized that the Danger Force defeated Twitler. In the nest, the Danger Force and Henry celebrated the victory while Schwoz had Twitler's head locked away. Henry and Captain Man now answered his calls, and they were all worried that Drex was still free. Henry figured out that Drex could be anywhere in town or Dystopia. Henry agreed to take care of Drex and before leaving, shared a hug with Captain Man. When Twitler's robot body escaped, Schwoz began to chase him while the Danger Force laughed and Henry was nostalgic for the old days before leaving for Dystopia.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

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  • This episode is also titled "Part IV: A Henry Among Us".
  • The promotional image for this episode resembles the official poster for the film Captain America: Civil War.
  • Rick Twitler’s hand on his right arm when hacking into the internet is similar to Echo’s scomp link hand from “Star Wars: The Bad Batch”.
  • The way Twitler uses Henry to generate a force field is similar to how Magneto used Rogue to power his machine in X-Men (2000).

Series continuity[]

  • Henry appears for the third time in Danger Force.
  • Henry’s force field can also let certain people in without pushing them as Miles and Bose were in the force field while Ray was unable to get in.
  • The Mouth Candy store was mentioned.
  • Junk N' Stuff and the Man Cave were mentioned.
    • The Iridium Crystals are also seen again when Drex retrieves them.


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