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Alejandra De Silva
Alejandra De Silva - New
Full Name

Alejandra De Silva



Resides in


Eye Color

Black (formerly)

Hair Color



Alejandro De Silva (husband)
Chapa De Silva (Volt) (daughter)
Sage De Silva (younger daughter)


Alejandro De Silva (husband)


Angela Macklin
Celia O'Brian


The Cell

First Appearance

Family Lies

Last Appearance

The Battle for Swellview

Portrayed By

Angela Hoover

Alejandra De Silva is a recurring character on Danger Force. She is the wife of Alejandro De Silva and the mother of Chapa and Sage De Silva.

She is portrayed by Angela Hoover.

Description & Personality[]

Alejandra has black hair and black eyes. She is very affectionate with her daughters and worries about them, such as when she expelled Chapa from the Danger Force for her safety, but knowing that it was good for her, Alejandra allowed her to return to the team. She also loves her husband, Alejandro, although she is skeptical about accompanying him in his activities and is capable of lying to her family from time to time.


In Family Lies, she and Alejandro arrive at SW.A.G, revealing themselves to be Chapa's parents, who hired a double because she was ashamed of her parents' sweetness, which led him to hire Jake Hart to pretend to be her father. Despite Chapa's protests, Alejandra and Alejandro took a family photo with the other parents, before being attacked by Cavekid.

In Chapa's Phone Home, she appears in Chapa's flashback when she remembers the theft of her phone at Duke E. Dawg, where Chapa sees that her mother believed she would get over it, although in reality she did not.

In Uncle Hambone, she, Alejandro and Chapa decide to be part of the funeral of Sage's imaginary friend, Uncle Hambone, who was killed on a space mission by a space tiger. Alejandra greets Chapa's friend, Mika, and then comforts Captain Man when he agrees to be at the funeral because he suffered the same as Sage. After hearing from Miles that the trash cans were on fire, Alejandra and Alejandro quickly left the house.

In Unmasked, she lies to her husband to stay home alone to make cakes while he attends a Timmy Buffet concert. To her surprise, Alejandra saw Volt and AWOL in her house having officer Didi Walnut tied up and believes they kidnapped her, so Danger Forcwe also ties her to a chair along with Celia O'Brian and Angela Macklin. Alejandra and the rest of the women are taken to the Man's Nest when Alejandro arrives at the house and the four kids also tie up Ray Manchester while DJ Clone Schwoz created a new memory whiper so that their mothers will forget what happened. However, DJ Clone Schwoz created a Truth Ray, causing Alejandra to reveal that she killed Uncle Hambone. After Didi tied up the Danger Force, Alejandra found out that Chapa is Volt and agreeing with Angela and Celia, she forces Chapa to leave the Danger Force.

In The Force Returns, Part 1, she, Angela and Celia are not fooled by Ray's disguises because they want to get the kids back. Alejandra was having a meeting with a group of colleagues and denied Chapa to leave because she had been arrested many times until she received Angela, who left Herman and Miles in the care of Alejandra, who had 50,000,000 things to do. Shortly after, Alejandra was kidnapped and taken to Thomas Cracker Prison by #20 of The Cell, where Angela, Celia and all the mothers of Swellview were also kidnapped.

In The Force Returns, Part 2, while the other moms wanted to have fun, Alejandra and Angela made a hole for Celia to escape and go get help, but the other moms couldn't escape when #20 put up a poster of Channing Tatum, hypnotizing the moms. As part of his plan, #20 placed Alejandra and Angela in chairs to absorb their energy mom. Thanks to Celia, the Danger Force arrived at the prison and rescued the moms, defeating #20. At the Nest, Alejandra and Angela had their hair dyed by Schwoz and as her children proved to be expert heroes, Alejandra agreed to let Chapa return to Danger Force.

In The Battle for Swellview, following the attack of the Comet Monster, she, Celia and Angela go to the Nest to pick up their children and flee from Swellview due to the danger of the monster, but the Danger Force decides to stay and fight, going to the diamond mine so that Chapa could write a new destiny, while the mothers took the diamonds. To save Swellview, Alejandra and Celia force Angela to help the kids, sharing their mom energy to empower the Danger Force, at the cost of making their hairs gray forever.



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