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Alejandro De Silva
Alejandro De Silva
Full Name

Alejandro De Silva



Resides in


Eye Color


Hair Color



Alejandra De Silva (wife)
Chapa De Silva (Volt) (daughter)
Sage De Silva (younger daughter)


Alejandra De Silva (wife)


Herman Macklin



First Appearance

Family Lies

Last Appearance

The Force Returns, Part 1

Portrayed By

Gabriel Burrafato

Alejandro De Silva is a recurring character on Danger Force. He is the husband of Alejandra De Silva and the father of Chapa and Sage De Silva.

He is portrayed by Gabriel Burrafato.

Description and Personality[]

Alejandro has black hair and brown eyes. He is a loving and caring father who cares about his daughters, which upsets Chapa because of his parents' loving attitude.


In Family Lies, he and Alejandra arrive at SW.A.G, revealing themselves to be Chapa's parents, who hired a double because she was ashamed of her parents' sweetness, which led him to hire Jake Hart to pretend to be her father. Despite Chapa's protests, Alejandro and Alejandra took a family photo with the other parents, before being attacked by Cavekid.

In Chapa's Phone Home, he appears in Chapa's flashback when she remembers the theft of her phone at Duke E. Dawg, where Chapa sees that her father believed she would get over it, although in reality he did not.

In Uncle Hambone, he, Alejandra and Chapa attend the funeral of their daughter Sage's imaginary friend, Uncle Hambone, who was killed by a space tiger. During a blackout, the family continued with the funeral and received a visit from Chapa's friends and Captain Man, who joined the funeral when remembering his imaginary friend. Alejandro watches Captain Man expel "Beans Tambourines" for trying to sell an imaginary friend to Sage. Alejandro and Alejandra are distracted by Miles when he says that the garbage cans in the house were burning.

In Unmasked, he attends Timmy Buffet's concert, but returns home when Garrett the parrot attacks and after arriving, Alejandro notices DJ Clone Schwoz, asking who he is, until AWOL teleports with the clone and takes a cake from Alejandra.

In The Force Returns, Part 1, he falls asleep on the couch while Alejandra talks to other moms on a video call and gets up to open juice boxes with Herman Macklin.



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