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Alien Girl
Alien Girl


Resides in

Outer Space

Criminal Occupation

Alien criminal

Hair Color



Dr. Minyak
Nurse Cohort
Van Del
Drill Finger
Jeff Bilsky
Time Jerker


Captain Man
Kid Danger
Phoebe Thunderman

First Appearance

Danger & Thunder

Last Appearance

Danger & Thunder

Portrayed By

Julia May Wong

The Alien Girl is a galactic villain who was sent to Swellview, USA on planet Earth to destroy Captain Man and his sidekick Kid Danger, after her Space Bug pet failed to do the job.

She is portrayed by Julia May Wong.


The Alien Girl has black hair, done in two ponytails, a pink bow in the middle of her head, and a black dress adorned over her body. Her pet Space Bug rests on her chest. She speaks in a very deep, scary voice. Her skin appears human, but has dark veins appearing all over.


In Danger & Thunder, the Alien Girl is one of several villains present at the secret meeting beneath Lake Swellview. When the villains begin to question who requested them to be there, she called out to everyone "Then who did call this meeting?"

For the rest of the meeting, she witnesses every villain's plans to destroy the heroes, and gets a surprise from Captain Man, Kid Danger, and Phoebe Thunderman themselves, who managed to sneak in as The Three Muchachos.


  • The Alien Girl almost looks like Angelina Jolie's portrayal of Disney villain Maleficent.
  • At the moment, it is unsure what powers she may possess, but we can speculate them to be the same (or similar) to the Space Bug.
  • Alien Girl is one of the few villains who is never captured onscreen, along with Gwen and Bill Evil.