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“Alien Zoo”
Season 2, Episode 16
Alien Zoo
Air Date

April 28, 2022

Prod. Code



Shukri R. Abdi


Evelyn Belasco

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Alien Zoo is the sixteenth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on April 28, 2022 to an audience of 0.15 million viewers.


The Danger Force gang minus Miles are coming back to the Man's Nest with Captain Man after visiting the local Swellview Zoo, and wearing souvenir t-shirts from the zoo. When they come back inside, the room is still dark from when they turned the lights off and Miles is sitting in the dark waiting for them. While he's trying to tell them why he was in the dark, Ray claps his hand to turn the lights back on. The Danger Force then joke Ray about having "clap-on" sound detector lights because they feel like they should only be for old people. Ray defends himself against their teasing and joking until Miles, who didn't go with them and stayed behind at the Man's Nest, stands up and changes the subject.

Miles then talks to them about how he angrily feels like zoos are cruel to animals, and believes that Ray and the Danger Force are hypocrites for claiming to care about animals and their habitats in the environment, and yet still paying money to go visit zoos. The Danger Force disagree with him and they start debating about the pros and cons of zoos and the pros and cons of how animals are treated and taken care of at zoos.

Miles then apologizes to them for trying to start an argument with them, and invites them to all join him in a group hug. Then when they're unaware of his deceit, he tricks them into teleporting them back to the zoo, right inside of one of the animal exhibits. The Danger Force then angrily yell at him for tricking them and teleporting them into one of the animal exhibits and demand for him to teleport them back to the Man's Nest immediately. Miles refuses and says he wants them to stay in the exhibit until they learn their lesson about zoos and animal captivity, and then teleports and leaves them alone.

While they're discussing among themselves how to escape and get back home, they then realize Miles left them inside of a gorilla exhibit when a gorilla comes out and frightens them. The gorilla approaches them as he backs them into a corner with them cowering in fear. The scene changes to the next morning with Miles and Schwoz in the Man's Nest eating breakfast together. Miles then turns on the news on the TV and Trent Overunder and Mary Gaperman are on the news talking about Danger Force and Captain Man being stuck in the gorilla exhibit at the Swellview Zoo. Mary is field reporting at the scene, where Danger Force and Captain Man are entertaining the visitors at the zoo as they pass by to see the Gorilla, named Pickles, cuddling Captain Man and won't let him go.

Meanwhile two aliens on a spaceship in outer space are spying on the Danger Force on Planet Earth from their space ship, while they're talking about their failing alien zoo on their home planet needing a new species exhibit. They then suggest the idea to each other to kidnap the Danger Force and using them in their alien zoo to help revitalize it and bring some business back to the zoo again. One of the aliens, is also the ex-boyfriend of the alien girl Glerp who fell in love with Bose, and sees it as a good opportunity to get revenge on him.

Back on Earth, the Danger Force is still trying to figure out how to escape when the alien spaceship comes and lowers down a giant fishing-rod-looking line from the ceiling above the exhibit with a giant gummy worm on it as bait. When they try to see what it is and grab onto it, it yanks them up through the ceiling and up into the air onto the spaceship, causing them to seemingly vanish into thin air to Mary and the cameras of the KLVY news crew who are witnessing it live.

Miles, back at the Man's Nest is watching the whole thing on TV and is befuddled and confused not knowing what's going on. At the intergalactic alien zoo back on the planet where the aliens came from, the Danger Force are transported and teleported to a room disguised to look like an average house living room from Earth. The aliens then introduce themselves to the Danger Force and tell them that they've been captured to be in a new exhibit in their intergalactic alien zoo. They then show off the human living room exhibit, with the Danger Force and Ray inside, to the zoo's new alien visitors and patrons.

One of the alien girls taunts Volt through the glass window separating the exhibit from the zoo guests and visitors. Ray and the Danger Force do everything they can to try and escape but realize their superpowers don't work while in the exhibit, much to the zoo's guests and customers' amusement. Ray and Bose sit down on the couch in the exhibit and watch a TV show called "Alien Genuine Moments", the intergalactic alien version of the Planet Earth's show "Genuine Moments" that they watch on their TV at the Man's Nest, while Chapa and ShoutOut ponder about whether they think Schwoz and Miles will try to come and rescue them. Back at the Man's Nest, Schwoz and Miles are using Schwoz's satellite helmet to see if they can track down the Danger Force and the alien zoo's location and get a signal from them to contact them. They accidentally contact Glerp, the alien girl who fell in love with Bose, and she teleports herself to the Man's Nest to confront them.

At the alien zoo, this time Mika and Chapa are also sitting with Ray and Bose on the couch watching "Alien Genuine Moments" together and are deeply entertained by it and like it even better than their Earth's version. They also tell Chapa its her turn to entertain the alien visitors and guests outside of the glass window of their exhibit.

Back on Earth, Glerp is talking with Schwoz about the TV show Alien Genuine Moments while they're eating waffles together. Glerp then tells them that her alien ex-boyfriend is trying to call her and he tells her over the phone that he plans to sell Ray and the Danger Force to the richest alien animal buyer in his galaxy.

In the alien zoo exhibit, the Danger Force and Ray are suffering in their exhibit and Ray, because he is thirsty, drinks from a hamster bottle. Outside of their exhibit, the two alien guys who own the zoo are greeting the rich alien entrepreneur who decides he wants to buy Ray or Bose. They then tell him if Ray or Bose go, they all have to go with him to which he responds he will buy all of them and eat them with his rich alien friends. The Danger Force and Ray finally realize how serious and dangerous their plight is at this point and are not sure how to respond anymore.

Later on, the aliens give them one last meal before they put them in a cauldron with their hands tied up to prepare to boil them. Miles and Glerp then arrive dressed in disguises as the chefs the rich alien hired to cook and prepare the Danger Force and Ray. Miles and Glerp then cut the ropes on their wrists and free them from the cauldron after Mikka, Bose and Chappa admitted their lesson about zoos being bad except Ray. Glerp's alien ex-boyfriend then comes back and realizes Miles and Glerp aren't the real chefs and try to fight them but they subdue him and knock him unconscious.

Glerp then tells Miles that he has to eat unicorn poop (which looks, oddly enough, like cotton candy from Earth) in order for his superpowers to work. Much to his surprise, the unicorn poop tastes very good and he likes it and compares it to cotton candy. Once he regains his powers, he teleports them back to the Man's Nest and frees them. The rich alien entrepreneur then comes back with his rich friends and says if the Danger Force escaped, then they have to kill and eat the two alien owners of the alien zoo.

Back at the Man's Nest, Bose uses the age-reversing treadmill and leaves with Glerp while the rest of Danger Force prepare to go on a fun field trip with Schwoz, but Miles still wants Ray to admit that "learned his lesson" about zoos being bad. Ray is still insistent on not admitting he learned any lesson and not admitting being wrong, so Miles ties his hands up and puts him in the large cauldron they stole from the alien zoo when Miles teleported them back to Earth, and then teleports Pickles the Gorilla to the Man's Nest to cuddle with Ray while the Danger Force and Schwoz leave.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Grace Lu as Glerp
  • Bella Leia as Alien Girl
  • Brandon Severs as Derp
  • Justin Stella as Blerp
  • Brandon Gibson as Beezos


  • The episode title could be a reference to the VR video game of the same name.
  • This episode confirms that the aliens in the Dangerverse think humans are animals.

Series continuity[]

  • The Swellview Zoo from the episode of Henry Danger, I Dream of Danger, returns in this episode.
  • Ray, Mika, and Chapa are wearing their hero suits throughout the whole episode.
  • Glerp from the episode Earth To Bose returns.


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