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I mean, what has Swellview

ever done for me?

— Angela Macklin
Angela Macklin
Angela Macklin
Full Name

Angela Macklin


Moms (by Miles)



Resides in


Eye Color

Black (formerly)

Hair Color



Herman Macklin (husband)
Mika Macklin (ShoutOut) (daughter)
Miles Macklin (AWOL) (son)
Didi Walnut (sister)


Herman Macklin (husband)


Alejandra De Silva
Celia O'Brian


Helper Monkey
The Cell

First Appearance

The Danger Force Awakens

Last Appearance

The Battle for Swellview

Portrayed By

Nakia Burrise

Angela Macklin is a recurring character on Danger Force. She is the wife of Herman Macklin and the mother of Mika and Miles Macklin.

She is portrayed by Nakia Burrise.

Description & Personality[]

Angela is kind, and she cares very much, she is shown to be more in charge and shown to be more confident than her husband, Herman.

Angela is a loving and strict mother who tries to help Mika and Miles move forward, showing her affection when she buys a message for Brainstorm to explain about The Talk and showing her strict side when she forbids her children from being in the Danger Force after discovering their identities. . Knowing that Swellview needed heroes, Angela allowed her children to continue fighting crime.


In The Danger Force Awakens, she finds Bose downstairs and brings him to Mika's bedroom, asking why they are there so late. They explain it's for school. Angela and Herman are confused at first, but when Miles reminds them their school is private and free, they no longer seem to mind and go back to bed.

In The Thousand Pranks War: Part I, she, pregnant with Mika and Miles, was with Herman at Hee Haw Puree in Rivalton and wanted to go to Swellview Hospital so that her children would not be born in the rival city, insulting Archduke Fernando. After Herman won a puree drinking contest, Angela did not have time to go to the hospital, giving birth to Mika on the Rivalton side of the Jandy River and Miles on the Swellview side of the Jandy River.

In Vidja Games, she pays Brainstorm 850 dollars to give Mika and Miles ''The Talk'' on how twins are made.

In Twin It to Win It, she was comforting Herman in Mika's room because Herman had his cowboy saddle stolen. She scolded Mika and Miles when they start arguing, and takes Herman away to calm him down. After Mika defeated Priscilla and recovered Herman's cowboy saddle, Angela was happy for Herman. When Mika and Miles started arguing over who's the best, Angela and Herman left the room.

In Family Lies, she and Herman went to S.W.A.G for parents night. Angela refused to call Ray Mister. Ray kept Angela and Herman distracted by giving them a tour of the school. Angela and Herman also met Chapa's supposed father, but in reality, he was Jake Hart pretending to be her father for the night. They prepared for the photo, but were attacked by Cavekid. Ray had Angela and the other parents locked in a room while Bose and Miles were sent to find Cavekid. Angela, Herman and Jake somehow managed to get out of the room later that night, and met up with Vice Mayor Willard and Celia. Angela started asking where Miles was, but fortunately for Ray, Bose and Miles arrived just then. Just before they were about to take the real photo, Chapa's real parents arrived. Angela and Herman, along with the other parents, confessed to snooping through their kids' stuff. When everyone was finally ready to take the parent night photo, they were once again attacked by Cavekid.

In An Imposter Among Us, she heard sounds in Mika's room, so she went to see, but was attacked in the face by the helper monkey and tried to take it away.

In Mika's Musical, she was at Burning Man. When Herman approached her about teaching Mika and Miles at their own school with extracurricular activities, Angela agreed, sending her sister, Didi Walnut, to prevent Herman from being dissuaded.

In Unmasked, she breaks into Mika's room and finds her "kissing" Bose, so she intervenes, asking to leave the door open and denying that they kissed. Angela went to Alejandra De Silva's house to ask her advice about Mika and upon breaking in, she discovers that Alejandra, Didi and Celia were tied up by the Danger Force, who also tie up Angela for scaring them. The Danger Force takes their moms and Didi to Man's Nest, where they also tie up Ray, while DJ Clone Schwoz created a new memory wiper to erase the moms' memories, but created a Truth Ray, making that Angela reveals that she was hiding cookies from her children. With the four heroes tied up by Didi, Angela discovers that Mika is ShoutOut and Miles is AWOL, making the decision with Celia and Alejandra to expel their children from the hero team.

In The Force Returns, Part 1, she, Alejandra and Celia are not fooled by Ray's disguises and refuse to return their children to the Danger Force. Because Mika tried to fight crime secretly, Angela trapped her and forced her to continue sleeping. Because she had 50,000,000 things to do, Angela drops Herman and Miles at the De Silva house. Days later, Angela was kidnapped along with Alejandra, Celia and all the mothers of Swellview by #20 of The Cell inside the Thomas Cracker Prison.

In The Force Returns, Part 2, while the other moms were having fun without responsibilities, Angela, Alejandra and Celia made a crack to try to escape, but Celia managed to escape, although the others did not because #20 put up a Channing Tatum poster. Angela and Alejandra were placed in chairs, which stole their mom energy, which #20 used to become more powerful until Captain Man appeared and rescued the moms. Safe in the Man's Nest, Angela, Alejandra and Celia are dyed by Schwoz to recover their hair and trusting that their children could combat threats after defeating #20, the three mothers authorize their children to return to Danger Force.

In The Battle for Swellview, after the attack of the Comet Monster, she, Alejandra and Celia go to the Nest to pick up their children and flee from Swellview due to the danger of the monster, but Danger Force decides to stay and fight. going to the diamond mine so Chapa could write a new destiny, while the mothers took the diamonds. To save Swellview, Alejandra and Celia offer to share their energy mom, forcing Angela to do so as well to empower the Danger Force, at the cost of the moms' hair being gray forever.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


  • She gave birth to Mika in Rivalton.
  • In Vidja Games, it is revealed as long as it is for something important, she will pay a lot of money for something, as she paid a lot of money for Brainstorm to give Mika and Miles "The talk".
  • In Unmasked, she finds out her kids are in Danger Force and briefly pulls them out, until she lets them rejoin the team in The Force Returns, Part 2.


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