Anne's Story is a short story that takes place in Anne Walsh's Dangerverse, during Surpassing Danger.

Anne's Story is the full version of the story that Anne of Eyrton, Alexander Slytherin's wife, tells Danger and Draco towards the end of "Father, Mother, Son and Daughter".


AU one-shot, from the Dangerverse. You know the story of Alexander Slytherin, second son of Salazar... now meet his wife, Anne of Eyrton. How did they fall in love, and why was she part of his break with his father? And what became of their children? Spoilers for mainline DV up to mid-Surpassing Danger.

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What follows is the story told by a witch named Anne of Eyrton, a contemporary of the children of the Founders of Hogwarts, to Danger Granger-Lupin and her Pack-son Draco Black in a dreamscape, on the night of 30 April, 1997, just after the Battle of Hogsmeade. Alexander Slytherin, second son of Salazar of that name, was also in attendance. Anne's story is given in her own words, and may shed new light on certain well-known happenings which surround the Founding of Hogwarts School.

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