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Who cares about me?! Someone help Gideon!
— Fernando when he was falling
Archduke Fernando
Archduke Fernando
Full Name



Human Peacock (by Chapa)



Resides in



Archduke of Rivalton
Owner of Sassy G's

Eye Color


Hair Color



Duke Wellington (nephew)


Maddie (formerly)
Clarence (formerly)
ShoutOut (formerly)
Krampus (ally)
Jeff Bilsky (ally)
Ray Manchester (ally)
Henry Hart (ally)
Lil' Dynomite (ally)


Captain Man
Duke Wellington

First Appearance

The Thousand Pranks War: Part I

Last Appearance

Guardians of the Ponytail

Portrayed By

Joe Gillette

Archduke Fernando is an recurring antagonist on Danger Force. He is the Archduke of Rivalton, a town Swellview hates. He is the main antagonist of The Thousand Pranks War: Part 1 & 2.

He is portrayed by Joe Gillette.

Description & Personality[]

Archduke Fernando is the Archduke of Rivalton. He has black hair and brown eyes. He loves his ponytail, Gideon more than anything. He also owns a prank company and was willing to restart the prank war between Swellview and Rivalton to save it.


In The Thousand Pranks War: Part I, he is first seen showing the Danger Force his ponytail, then goes to make his speech. While he is making his speech, the podium he is standing next to shoots powder in his face. Danger Force tries to help him, but he tells them he is fine and then goes to get water, but the glass shocks him with electricity. ShoutOut then tells him they need to go, but he says he needs to finish his speech and then the railings collapse and he falls. He tells the Danger Force not to worry about him and help his ponytail Gideon. He is next seen at Hee Haw Puree with Maddie and Clarence, raising a glass to Gideon, who he misses (as Brainstorm took Gideon). He then laughs as Clarence sits on a chair which collapses under him. Archduke Fernando then tries to show Clarence how proper sitting is done but then his chair collapses and he spills his drink all over him. He then tells everyone to check their chairs. He then suddenly needs to pee badly and screams when he sees sand lime brick covering the entrance to the bathroom. He tells Clarence to open the door and Clarence can't as it is locked. Archduke Fernando then exclaims that they are being pranked with a capital ''P''. He is again seen at the end of the episode cleaning up after the prank incident, when ShoutOut comes in and tells him she pranks for him (and Rivalton) and she gives him his ponytail back.

In The Thousand Pranks War: Part II, he is first seen receiving orders from ShoutOut about a prank on Swellview with Maddie and Clarence at Hee Haw Puree. He then goes with Maddie and Clarence and tells Gideon to lead the way. He comes back with Maddie and Clarence because they forgot the 500 foot extension cord and Gideon needed to use the bathroom, when he sees ShoutOut with Bose and tells her to prank him, which ShoutOut does. Archduke Fernando, Clarence, and Maddie celebrate ShoutOut and leave. Archduke Fernando is again seen with Maddie and Clarence in Hee Haw Puree, celebrating his and Gideon's 15th anniversary, when ShoutOut comes in and tells him about Captain Man and Danger Force's big prank. Archduke Fernando, Maddie, Clarence, and ShoutOut go to the prank, when Captain Man and the Danger Force come. ShoutOut reveals Archduke Fernando pranked himself to gain money for his prank store, and her, Captain Man, Danger Force, Maddie and Clarence make him sign a treaty, ending the prank war.

In Krampapalooza, he settled in the Man's Nest to see the music festival, but he was angry when he saw Captain Man, since both are rivals in wrestling, but Fernando was happy because he had the winner's belt. When Captain Man and Krampus were fighting in a ring, Fernando joined the fight to help Krampus defeat Captain Man while the hero was helped by the Danger Force. Fernando and Krampus lost the fight, but they took energy drinks.

In Minyak Attack, he declares a new holiday: Pranksgiving. However, he then says that it was a prank on Swellview.

In Uncle Hambone, he is preparing to participate in the Quint Cities Ice Sculpture Contest, which he won 20 years in a row and with his victories, Fernando declared ponytail day in Quint Cities. Fernando receives a message from ShoutOut, who sends him a sculpture made by AWOL, Mount Us-More, which would finally defeat him. Fernando calls Captain Man to mock the blackout in Swellview, revealing that he was the one who turned off the power and closes the call, while the AWOL sculpture begins to thaw. During the contest, Fernando loses the competition for AWOL and Volt's work with a new sculpture called "Uncle Hambone". Fernando reveals that he cheated and the Danger Force chooses the holiday, declaring that it will now be No Ponytails Day and as punishment, Gideon is cut. He cries for not having his ponytail and is visited by "Beans Tambourines", who offers him imaginary ponytails.

In Guardians of the Ponytail, he hires Henry Hart and Ray Manchester to get the ponytail for his nephew, Duke Wellington, named Patrice, in exchange for paying the duo, an offer they accept. When Duke was brought by Henry, Ray, and Schwoz to Rivalton, Fernando attempted to pay them off before the trio and the Danger Force began fighting until Lil' Dynomite cut off the ponytail of his hair to give to Fernando, thus earning the reward money to pay Tiny Ray and buy a bag for his girlfriend.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


  • An Archduke was the title borne from 1358 by the Habsburg rulers of the Archduchy of Austria. The title and its government ceased to exist by 1918.
  • Fernando has had his ponytail for over 15 years.
  • He owns a Prank supply store called ''Sassy G's'', named after his ponytail.
  • He met Herman and Angela Macklin 12 years ago, when they were at Hee Haw Puree.
  • As shown in Uncle Hambone and Guardians of the Ponytail, whenever someone says his name, people spit.
  • He is vegan.


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