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“Attack of the Clones”
Season 2, Episode 10
Attack of the Clones
Air Date

February 3, 2022

Prod. Code



Jake Farrow


Leonard R. Garner Jr.

Episode Chronology

Power Problems, Part 2


Bottle Snatchers

Attack of the Clones is the tenth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on February 3, 2022 to an audience of 0.45 million viewers.


Miles, Chapa and Bose are doing weird things to try to get their powers back while Mika eats ice cream and she and Schwoz make fun of them, since they were playing a prank, and Ray appears with bananas in his ears, since he had fallen for the prank. The Danger Force demands to fight crime, but Ray refuses as they have no powers, forcing them to go with Chest Monster to visit his family. Although the kids refuse because Ray can't take care of himself, he decides to show them he can, before the kids and Chest Monster leave. However, Ray and Schwoz don't know what to do and everything is in chaos including the Cavekid going out of control, so the duo look for the clones of the kids to help him. Ray dresses up thanks to the clones, as he has a date with a clone of Kris Hart. Schwoz realizes that the clones are evil and tries to warn Ray, but he starts playing a piano with Kris, Tiny Ray, and a Tiny Kris, while the clones start wreaking havoc on Hip Hop Purée.

Trent and Mary start arguing about which is better: showers or baths. Ray and Clone Kris put together a Captain Man puzzle until the clones arrive with an ATM they stole themselves. Realizing that the clones are evil, Ray decides to take them back to where they belong. However, Clone Kris flirts with him, then knocks him down, and Clone Miles transports Ray to one room to prevent him from leaving, while the clones begin to have fun in the Man's Nest. In the room, Ray tries to call the Danger Force, but pretends everything was fine, and tries to push the door open to escape. Chest Monster says he and Danger Force are heading home early because his whole family hates him, which means he wasn't invited to the reunion.

As the clones play carious pranks, Schwoz manages to get out to free Ray and explains that he accidentally put Spicy Milk on the clones instead of Clone Milk, which made them evil. Ray admits that he did appreciate the kids and knew that he would always need the help of his true friends, so he calls them to ask for their help, but they had already returned from the Chest Monster reunion. Schwoz has a plan to disable the clones, but they would need a distraction, so after a quick game, Schwoz and the kids decide to have Ray as the distraction. Ray is sent to the nest, where he gets tortured by Clone Chapa with her lightning bolts until Brainstorm turns off the lights and then turns them back on. Schwoz manages to put the clones to sleep, but ShoutOut wonders what they would do with the clones, until Chest Monster said that they can use the clones' DNA to get their powers back, which Schwoz agrees. The kids settle into their chairs and Schwoz manages to use the clones' DNA to get the Danger Force back their powers. Danger Force can use their powers again. Ray celebrates the victory while Schwoz take the clones' plutonium for something. To celebrate, Ray tells the kids that they should ride in the Man Buggy, which gets everyone excited, but Ray decides to stay. Ray, and Clone Kris, whom he had forgiven, flirts, and they play the piano together while singing.


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  • The episode title is a reference to the 2002 film Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.
  • The Danger Force clones got more role than the real ones.
  • There are two fourth wall breaks and two cuss jokes in this episode.
  • Danger Force regains their powers from their clones.
  • Both Rays and Krises sing the 1921 song "Ain't We Got Fun".

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