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My boss... The King of Towels!
— Barge to Kid Danger
Full Name



Giant guy who talked to a towel (by Charlotte)



Resides in


Criminal Occupation

Petty Criminal

Eye Color


Hair Color



Captain Man
Kid Danger

First Appearance

Flabber Gassed

Last Appearance

Flabber Gassed

Portrayed By

James Preston Rogers

Barge is a minor character in Henry Danger. He is a towel thief. He appeared in Flabber Gassed.

He is portrayed by James Preston Rogers.


He is an adult who has brown hair and blue eyes. He has a towel tied around his forehead. He also had several towels on his clothes: in the pockets of his pants and in his vest.

He steals towels due to the "orders" of a towel with a picture on it that he called "King of Towels".


In Flabber Gassed, Captain Man and Kid Danger go to Laundry Matt's due to suspicions that the towel thief was there. When they enter he appears rising from under a mound of towels. Kid Danger hits him, but he does not flinch, and instead, he lifts him from his neck and throws him out of the place. Captain Man also tries to face him but the same thing happens to him. Barge goes out and sprays them with Flabber Gas, which immobilizes them. He then throws Captain Man down the sewer. When Kid Danger asks him why he's stealing towels, he reveals a towel he calls his "boss", the "King of all Towels". He then throws Kid Danger down the sewer.

Later, Captain Man and Kid Danger return wearing Exosuits. They see him inside Laundry Matt talking with the "King of all Towels". They try to take him by surprise this time, but Captain Man being controlled by Jasper quickly enters the place, so Barge sees them. As they fight him, Barge tries to use the Flabber Gas against them again, but it does not work and he loses it in the fight. Then Captain Man sprays him with it, immobilizing and defeating him.

In Part 1: A New Evil, he was mentioned by Charlotte as a "giant guy who talked to a towel" and he is seen on the screen when she and Schwoz are investigating the symbol.


  • High Strength: He could be the strongest villain that Ray and Henry have faced, since he did not flinch or show any pain with the punches Kid Danger gave him and could easily lift and throw both of them out, though this could because they were too overconfident at the time and didn't prepare themselves for what Barge could do.
  • High Pain Tolerance: Barge did not flinch or show any pain with the punches Kid Danger gave him. He also manage to hold against them while they were wearing the Exosuits, special super-strength suits.
  • Skilled Fighter: Barge's large size also aid him in combat. He easily threw Captain Man and Kid Danger around in their first fight. He also went toe-to-toe with them in their second fight while they were wearing Exosuits.


  • Flabber Gas Can: Barge had a Flabber Gas can that can make people's muscles flabby, immobilizing them in the process. After defeating Barge, the can was thrown onto the ground and Schwoz manage to reverse the effects.



  • His name is a play of the word 'large' which was the adjective with which Captain Man referred to him when he saw him for the first time.
  • He has a tattoo on his neck of the symbol that appears later on Henry's Birthday, Whistlin' Susie and The Great Cactus Con.
    • This could mean that he was working for Rick Twitler since the goons sent to Hart House by him, had the same tattoo.
  • His towel was taken away from him.
    • It is unknown why the drawing on his towel was different when Jake grabbed it than when he had it.