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Ray and Bose



Close Friends

Bay is the friendship/mentor pairing of Ray Manchester and Bose O'Brian. They have a boss and employee relation, but are close friends, and have many similarities. They are both superheroes that protect Swellview.

Possible Names[]

  • Rose (R/ay and Bose)
  • Boy (Bo/se and Ra/y)

Season 1 Moments[]

The Danger Force Awakens[]

Say My Name[]

Ray Goes Cray[]

  • Bose was touch when Ray called him (and the other members his new best friends)

Villain's Night[]

Mime Games[]

  • Ray called Bose his favorite.
  • Bose was listening to Ray's Yee-Haw song in the Man Nest.


Chapa's Crush[]

  • Bose points out that it is ok for Ray to admit he has no friends besides Danger Force.

Return of the Kid[]

Mika in the Middle[]

  • Bose and Ray bought illegal hair jell when Mika snitch on them.

The Thousand Pranks War[]

Part I[]

Part II[]

Down Goes Santa[]

Part I[]

Part II[]

Vidja Games[]

Test Friends[]

Lil' Dynomite[]

  • Ray made Bose his assistant.


  • Bose and Ray were standing next to each other in the beginning.

Twin It to Win It[]

Radioactive Cat[]

Miles Has Visions[]

Captain Man Strikes Out[]

Manlee Men[]

SW.A.G is Haunted[]

Family Lies[]

Earth To Bose[]

Drive Hard[]

Season 2 Moments[]

An Imposter Among Us[]

  • Ray hired helper money to be his new assistant.
  • Bose was offended when Ray called helper monkey a better assistant.

A Danger Among Us[]

A Cyborg Among Us[]

A Henry Among Us[]


Mika's Musical[]

Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?[]

Power Problems[]

Part 1[]

Part 2[]

Attack of the Clones[]

Bottle Snatchers[]

The Girl Who Cried Danger[]

Bilsky's Billions[]

Jack the Clipper[]

The Supies[]

Alien Zoo[]

Let's Go to the Movies![]

Minyak Attack[]

Street Fightin'[]

  • Ray calls Bose "the sweetest kid he has ever known."

Chapa's Phone Home[]

Uncle Hambone[]

New School Who Dis?[]

Class Action Heroes[]

Wedding of the Trentury[]

  • Bose was the only kid who Ray installed a bug on.
  • Ray says it is for Bose's own protection.


Trojan Force[]

We Did a Bad Thing[]

Season 3 Moments[]

The Force Returns[]

Part 1[]

Part 2[]

Big Dynomite[]

Guardians of the Ponytail[]

Miles Sells His Soul[]


Hey, Where's Schwoz?[]

Dumber Force[]

Don't Go In There![]

Bose's Birthday Party[]

Ray Forgives[]

The Battle for Swellview []

  • Bose (and Mika) were very surprise that Ray announced that he was retiring.


  • Both aren't very smart, but they're the good looking guys on the team.