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September 14, 2008


January 29, 2010

Be Careful is a crossover between original Harry Potter canon and a variation on the Dangerverse.

It features characters we recognise from both but seen in a brand new light…

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Starts after Ch. 1 of DH, crossover with Dangerverse AU, short chapters. Draco Malfoy, trapped in a life he never chose, wishes as he falls asleep that he were somewhere he could start over. Maybe he should have listened to his proverbs. Now complete.

–Summary on FanFiction

Starts shortly after Chapter 1 of Deathly Hallows, crossed with a Dangerverse AU. Draco Malfoy, trapped in a life he never chose, wishes as he falls asleep that he were somewhere he could start over. Maybe he should have paid better attention to his proverbs. Now he has to figure out how to banish a plague of dementors, keep himself from falling in love with someone else's girlfriend, and learn to sing Gilbert and Sullivan... in his dreams. What happens if he decides he never wants to wake up?

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  1. What You Wish For
  2. Who You Look At
  3. What You Admit To
  4. Where You Count To
  5. What You Believe In
  6. How High You Fly
  7. How Hard You Fall
  8. Who You Get To Know
  9. What You Say You'll Do
  10. Who You Ask For Help
  11. Who You Think About
  12. Where You Fall Asleep
  13. Who You Defy
  14. How You Begin
  15. What You Try To Say
  16. What Shape You Wear
  17. Who You Sing With
  18. Whose Name You Say
  19. Who You Say You'll Be
  20. How Long You Take
  21. What You Bargain With
  22. Where You Call Home
  23. What You Hold Onto
  24. What You Dance To
  25. Who You Spy On
  26. Whom You Show Love
  27. What You Act Like
  28. Who You Show Off To
  29. What You Scheme For
  30. What You Contrast
  31. What You Create
  32. What Soul You Seek
  33. What Trouble You Brew
  34. When You Make Your Move
  35. Who You Call Family
  36. Whom You Tease
  37. What You Mean To Kill
  38. What Help You Find
  39. Where You Watch
  40. Who You Bring Along
  41. What You Pretend
  42. What You Find Important
  43. What Wish You Tell
  44. Who You Dream Of
  45. What You Abscond With
  46. What You Destroy
  47. Who You Choose To Save
  48. How You Escape
  49. What Life You Live
  50. Whom You Reassure
  51. Who You Tell Your Story
  52. Whose Side You Believe
  53. What Makes You Happy
  54. What You Remember
  55. What You Assume
  56. How You Explain
  57. Why You Strike
  58. How Much You Notice
  59. What You Read
  60. What You Accept
  61. What You Sense
  62. How Much You Learn
  63. What Pieces You See
  64. Who You Listen To
  65. Who You Turn Your Back On
  66. Who You Say You Love
  67. How You Defend Yourself
  68. What You Touch
  69. How You Tempt
  70. Whose Heart You Claim
  71. Which Story You Trust
  72. What Sky You Watch
  73. Who You Point Out
  74. How You Stop Speech
  75. What Hurts You Take
  76. What Truth You Hear
  77. Why You Cast Spells
  78. How You Attack
  79. What Greeting You Give
  80. What Life You Take
  81. What You Decide
  82. How You Mourn
  83. What Question You Ask
  84. Whom You Discuss
  85. Which Parts You Speak
  86. Whose Voice You Hear
  87. What You Agree To
  88. What You Interpret
  89. Where You Hide
  90. Whom You Challenge
  91. How You Get Down
  92. What You Do Well
  93. What You Work Out
  94. What Proof You Seek
  95. What You Risk
  96. What Thoughts You Think
  97. Whose Favor You Win
  98. How Much You Tell
  99. How You Accept Help
  100. What Tales You Tell
  101. How You Win Or Lose
  102. What Face You Mask
  103. Whose Heart You Hold
  104. What Fate You Deserve
  105. What Hopes You Cherish
  106. Whose Love You Desire
  107. How Your Story Ends
  108. Where Your Destiny Leads
  109. What You Despair Of
  110. What Dreams May Come
  111. You Just Might Get It


from the "canon" world
from the other "DV" world
  • the Beauvoi family, including
    • Remus Beauvoi
    • Gertrude "Danger" Beauvoi née Granger
    • Reynard Beauvoi
    • Hermione Beauvoi
    • Abigail Beauvoi
    they are openly acknowledged as the Heirs of Slytherin and have some rather surprising cousins…
  • the Potter family, including
    • James Potter
    • Lily Potter
    • Harry Potter
    • Lyssa Potter
    they are the Heirs of Gryffindor
  • the Black family, including
    • Sirius Black
    • Aletha Black
    • Meghan Black
    • Susannah Black
    • Marcus Black
    they are the Heirs of Ravenclaw

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