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Best Moms Group
Moms Group
Full Name

The Best Moms Group


Honey Badger (Corinne)



Resides in


Criminal Occupation

School Attacks


Sammy (Corinne's daughter)
Caitlin (Abigail's daughter)


Captain Man
Mika Macklin
Miles Macklin
Chapa De Silva
Bose O'Brian

First Appearance

New School Who Dis?

Last Appearance

New School Who Dis?

Portrayed By

Jacey: Jessie Graff
Mel: Hanna-Lee Sakakibara
Abigail: Nikki Tuazon
Corinne: Paige Tierney

The Best Moms Group are a group of 4 moms who attack students so their children can shine in Swellview High School and minor villains in Danger Force.


In New School Who Dis?, the four moms, Jacey, Mel, Abigail and Corinne formed a moms group because their children attended Swellview High School, but after learning that their children could be surpassed in their subjects, the group decided to attack the students to prevent it, with Corinne wearing a honey badger suit and attacking a fencing student, a chess student, a basketball student, and a gymnastics student, causing serious damage to them. When Ray left his "children", Corinne invites him to join the moms' group, catching his attention. The Moms Group and Ray meet up at Hip Hop Purée, where they have fun and talk about their daughters, with Ray saying that his "son", Miles, could tie up a man in 6 seconds. In the school cafeteria, Corinne, in disguise, attacks a girl tennis player with a bat and escapes.

Later, the moms and Ray continue talking about how they had trouble filling their lunches in lunchboxes and are amazed when Ray says that he adopted their "four children", mentioning that one, Bose, was about to be #1 in chess, frustrating Mel, and then the moms continue talking to Ray. Jealous, Corinne turns off the lights in the gym and attacks Ray's four children. During the fencing duel between Mika and Corinne's daughter, Sammy, Corinne tries to attack Mika again, but Captain Man knocks her down, revealing Corinne's identity. The Moms Group united to confront Captain Man, however, the hero does nothing about it and enjoys the blows. In aid of Captain Man, Mika attacks Mel, Miles uses his ribbons to tie up Abigail, and Bose uses his hair to charm Jacey and Corinne, allowing Chapa to knock them down with a basketball. The Moms Group is reprimanded for attacking the children and they think about going to a pool class, but after learning that they will go to prison, the moms flee, being chased by Captain Man, who is amazed to chase them.

Notable Members[]




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