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Big Beard
Big Beard

Big-Booty (by Captain Man)



Resides in


Criminal Occupation



Lilith (daughter)


Steven (formerly)


Captain Man


Big Beard's Pirate Eatery

First Appearance

Power Problems, Part 1

Last Appearance

Power Problems, Part 2

Portrayed By

Ben Dukes

Big Beard is the owner of Big Beard's Pirate Eatery and a minor antagonist in Danger Force. He was one of the main villains of Power Problems Part 1 and 2. He is also Lilith's father.

He is portayed by Ben Dukes.

Description & Personality[]

Big Beard is bald, but he makes up for it with a big beard, hence his name. He also knows how to wield a sword and would do anything for his daughter, Lilith, including taking Danger Force's powers away, so that she could marry Brainstorm. Big Beard is also a bully with his employees as he is seen mistreating Steven.


In Power Problems, Part 1, he served food to the Danger Force and Captain Man to welcome them to his restaurant and offered them too much food, all while showing off his big beard. Later, he was taken by Brainstorm to serve more food while he opened a chest with red-eyed mudfish inside.

In Power Problems, Part 2, he looked at Brainstorm and ShoutOut with a mysterious look, as the heroes knew that he was responsible for the loss of their powers. Big Beard was going to open his chest until he was interrupted by a worker (Volt in disguise) to make a delivery of boxes with crustaceans. Big Beard started singing about his evil plan while working with the fish not knowing it was recorded by AWOL. Big Beard was interrupted by Steven, who ordered him to open the packages with crustaceans, but seeing that he was moving on his own, he helped Steven, and they discovered that the boxes were AWOL recording him and scolded Steven to go away.

Angry, he tried to attack AWOL until Volt stopped him. With his conch shell, Big Beard summoned Steven by mistake and then called his assistants. Big Beard and his minions searched for AWOL and Volt in the restaurant until they were confronted by them in a sword fight. Big Beard saw how Steven helped the heroes in the fight and this caused Big Beard to be defeated by AWOL and he then cut off his beard, something that saddened him, since his beard gave him his personality. Defeated, he revealed the plan of his daughter, Lilith, who was to marry Brainstorm, and started laughing that they would never help him, but was knocked down by AWOL.


  • Expert Cook: Big Beard is a cook experienced in cooking with sea creatures including his knowledge of using various red-eyed mudfish to take away the powers of the Danger Force.
  • Skilled Fighter: Big Beard proved to be a fighter when facing off against Volt and AWOL.
  • Master Swordsman: He is very good at swordsmanship due to his experience as a pirate.



  • Big Beard's name is an obvious reference to the legendary pirate Blackbeard.
  • He is the fourth villain to take the heroes' powers away with the first being Dr. Minyak, followed by Drex, and Rick Twitler.