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“Big Dynomite”
Season 3, Episode 3
Air Date

May 4, 2023

Prod. Code



Samantha Martin


Leonard R. Garner Jr.

Episode Chronology

The Force Returns, Part 2


Guardians of the Ponytail

Big Dynomite is the third episode of Season 3 of Danger Force. It premiered on May 4, 2023 to an audience of 0.15 viewers.


The students of Swellview Junior High are upset about the discontinuation of their favorite snack, Choco Crocos. Principal Stonks is saddened to hear the news from Chapa and Mika. Miles and Bose manage to find the final bag of Choco Crocos and decide to share it with Chapa and Mika. However, their plans are interrupted by the arrival of a new student named Buddy Fudgers, who accidentally trips over a concrete banana. Chapa and Mika suspect Buddy may be Lil' Dynomite, but Miles and Bose object. To settle the debate, they make a bet with the last two Choco Crocos as the prize.

Ray initially claims to not remember anything about Lil' Dynomite and gets in on the bet for the crumbs. But after being persuaded by Mika, he decides to go on a date with Buddy's mother, Credenza, hoping to find out if Buddy is indeed Lil' Dynomite. The next day, Danger Force learns that Ray's date with Credenza was a success, and he is now in love with her. Unfortunately, he failed to get any information about Buddy.

Later that day, Danger Force goes to the Fudgers' house, where they learn that Buddy is suspected of being Lil' Dynomite. As they investigate, Chapa, Mika, Miles, and Bose make their escape with a cover-up excuse of going to pottery class, while Ray claims he has a 9:45 PM bath.

During their investigation, Danger Force receives an emergency call from Blayne Kirkpatrick, who claims to be in trouble. However, they soon realize that Blayne was paid by Lil' Dynomite to lure them into a trap. Lil' Dynomite wants to get revenge on Captain Man by becoming a local superhero himself. Brainstorm accidentally leaks information about Captain Man taking a bath, which helps Lil' Dynomite in his plan.

Lil' Dynomite traps Danger Force in sticky string and leaves to seek his revenge on Captain Man. Danger Force struggles to get free from the sticky string, but with the help of Handsome Sam, they manage to use the scissors in ShoutOut's pocket to cut themselves free, but not before Sam trips on the concrete banana, dropping the scissors on AWOL's left leg. They arrive just in time to witness Lil' Dynomite crashing into Captain Man's 9:45 PM bath.

Danger Force confronts Lil' Dynomite, as he threatens to shoot Captain Man into outer space, but they save Captain Man by revealing who he actually is, and Danger Force reveal their secret identities to him, successfully convincing him not to reveal them to the world.

In the end, Ray and Buddy agree not to reveal each other's secrets to Credenza, and they embrace. However, just as they do, Brainstorm's ringtone goes off, and AWOL passes out from the pain in his leg.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]


  • Ryan-James Hatanaka is also known as Ty Turner in another Nickelodeon live action show, The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder.
  • Lil' Dynomite has gotten taller and sounds deeper since he was last on Danger Force.
  • Blayne Kirkpatrick is portrayed by Dante Luhan, who is Luca Luhan's real life brother.
  • Danger Force and Captain Man revealed their identities to Lil' Dynomite.

Series continuity[]

  • Lil' Dynomite returns after last being seen in Drive Hard.
  • The events from the episodes Lil' Dynomite and Drive Hard are mentioned.
  • We finally see the principal of Swellview Junior High, Principal Stonks, who has been mentioned many times on Henry Danger, however not by name.
  • Big Dynomite lifting Captain Man in the air is a reference to the Henry Danger/The Thundermans crossover episode Danger and Thunder where The Toddler lifted him up using Dr. Minyak's Heliometer.
  • The Kid Danger Plaque is seen in the background of Swellview Junior High.


  • It is unclear how Lil' Dynomite didn't know Ray was Captain Man, when in The Beginning of the End he heard Kid Danger call Captain Man "Ray", however it's possible he just simply forgot.

International Premieres[]

  • May 22, 2023 (Latin America)


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