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My Dinner With Bigfoot

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Jesse Mackey

Bigfoot is a minor character in Henry Danger. He is a creature that lives in the forests of Swellview.

He is portrayed by Jesse Mackey.


Bigfoot lives in the deep forests of Swellview. He has brown fur, covering his whole body except parts of his face. He is sociable and he seems to have the habit of appearing in camps to scare campers.


In My Dinner With Bigfoot, Bigfoot suddenly appears surprising to Henry, Ray, Charlotte and Jasper, after Schwoz called him by loudly shouting his name. After talking to them, he knows everyone's names, since Schwoz had told him about them, but he does not know nothing of Ray, so he gets upset. After Bigfoot suddenly appears in front of Mitch and his friends who were camping, because they flee in terror. Then he meets there with Henry and the others. He talk with them while Ray walks through the woods falling into traps. Mitch informs the news about the Bigfoot, so when the hunter S. Thompson listens he decides to go hunting him in the forest. After Bigfoot and the others plot a plan to lay a trap to the hunter, causing when he stepped on a place to be trapped, when Jasper, Charlotte and Schwoz leave, they talk about how the trap will work, without realizing that the hunter is walking close and listened to them, when Captain Man points out the button that would activate the trap they see the hunter and he quickly presses the button to trap them. then he calls the news to go to that place. Captain Man, Kid Danger and Bigfoot scream trapped, but nobody listens to them, when Kid Danger makes a shot with his laser, he sees that he took off a part of Bigfoot's fur, so he realizes that they can take off Bigfoot's fur so that he looks like a human, so when the news comes and they open the trap, they see Bigfoot without most of his fur, then Captain Man and Kid Danger say his name is Eddie and that he wears hair shorts and all they believe it, until Jake arrives with the appearance of Bigfoot and they are going to chase him.

In Rumblr, on Swellview Mountain, he meets Drex, who was defrosting a caveman using a hair dryer. Drex had been using Bigfoot's electric generator, so Bigfoot lets Drex know that. However, Drex reacts by making a threatening gesture that he was going to hit him. Bigfoot does not fear him and even mocks him, but when a group of cavemen appear unexpectedly, he decides to just leave the place.

Danger Force

In Radioactive Cat, Schwoz called him to ask for help to save Celia with the help of Ray and do an epic mission. Bigfoot and Captain Man got on a hot air balloon and jumped right at Celia's house, but they managed to survive and Bigfoot thanked Ray for cushioning his fall and discovered that the Danger Force had already solved the problem and Bigfoot discovered that The woman they were going to save was her old friend Celia and Bigfoot accompanied Celia to her house for tea and said goodbye to Captain Man and repaired the door of the house.


Henry Danger

Danger Force


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  • This portrayal of Bigfoot has a resemblance to Donkey Kong.
  • He is one of the few minor characters who knows the identity of Captain Man and Kid Danger.
  • He likes watching the sitcom series Will & Grace.