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Billy Bilsky
Full Name

Billy Bilsky



Resides in


Eye Color


Hair Color



Mitch Bilsky (brother)
Sharice (cousin)
Jeff Bilsky (brother)
Unnamed father
Bysh Bilsky (sister)
Britney Bilsky (mother)


Piper Hart (girlfriend)


Henry Hart
Jake Hart
Ray Manchester

First Appearance

The Whole Bilsky Family

Last Appearance

The Whole Bilsky Family

Portrayed By

Gil De St. Jeor

Billy Bilsky is a minor character in Henry Danger. He was introduced as Piper's boyfriend in The Whole Bilsky Family.

He is portrayed by Gil De St. Jeor.


Billy is a boy who has eyes and brown hair. He has a kind and courteous treatment with others, which is the opposite of his family's behavior. He is the youngest of four siblings. He seems to be upset and embarrassed by his family's attitude at times.


In The Whole Bilsky Family, he went to the Hart house for the dinner that Piper, his girlfriend, had organized for them. He shows up with Jake and Henry, but he is disconcerted to hear that his surname is Bilsky, that's what Mitch comes in to surprise him and make fun of him as he always did. Billy is upset by this and also by his mother's behavior. After Jeff arrives, bringing the Venetian ham for dinner, Billy gets upset because he thinks they should eat the fish lasagna that Piper had cooked, so everyone does it. Then the police arrive and he rebukes Jeff for bringing the ham that had been stolen, but after the others are moved by Jeff's words, then Billy says they eat the evidence before the police, they all do it quickly. When the police come in, they reveal the real reason they came here was not for stolen ham, but for stolen Fresno Girl dolls. Piper is the one who goes to jail instead of Jeff, and Billy is upset when she is taken away while Henry reassures him.


  • He, his mother and his sister Bysh have the same first letter of their names.