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“Bilsky's Billions”
Season 2, Episode 13
Bilsky's Billions
Air Date

February 24, 2022

Prod. Code



Andrew Thomas


Leonard R. Garner Jr.

Episode Chronology

The Girl Who Cried Danger


Jack the Clipper

Bilsky's Billions is the thirteenth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on February 24, 2022 to an audience of 0.28 million viewers.


Schwoz is doing yoga and stretching exercises with a yo-yo toy, and trying to teach the Danger Force teens how to do them along with him. Chapa and the Macklin twins are all on their respective yoga mats preoccupied with other things and not paying Schwoz any attention. They then complain to him that they don't want to do any of his yoga exercises because it makes their butts hurt and fall asleep trying to do them, and they don't like the fact that all of his yoga moves come from a company called Yo-yo Yoga that just uses yo-yos and yoga to market their brand of Yo-yo Yoga pants. However, Miles says he actually loves wearing their Yo-yo Yoga Pants. Bose is also on the other side of the room tangled up in his yo-yo that Schwoz gave him.

Ray then comes in the room wearing a big bushy fake mustache and as he enters, Tiny Ray is following behind him playing a grand entrance fanfare on a tiny trumpet. Just before Ray can explain why he's wearing the mustache and why he has Tiny Ray with him, Miles tells Ray and the other Danger Force teens that he wants to attend a yo-yo yoga retreat that's happening on a place called Stretch Mountain, so he can show off his Yo-Yo Yoga pants and that he'll be gone for three days. When Miles teleports there and leaves, Ray then goes on to tell the remaining Danger Force teens, Mika, Bose, and Chapa that he's wearing the mustache to help make a grand unveiling of his new teeth veneers he had put into his mouth by his dentist.

When he reveals the teeth to them, the Danger Force team laugh at him because of how unrealistically shiny they are and how ridiculously big and fake they look. They all make jokes about it while laughing at him to the point where Ray starts to feel embarrassed and irritated from his self-consciousness. When Schwoz comes back in the room, he even teases Ray about the teeth and laughs along with the rest of the Danger Force team. Ray then reveals he had those new teeth put in permanently and that there's no easy way to get them removed. The Danger Force team continue to laugh and make jokes at him until they receive an alert on their emergency hotline.

They then find out Mitch Bilsky is up to no good again at the Hip-Hop Purée. The Danger Force team tells Ray they don't really want to go and stop Mitch Bilsky because they feel like his crimes are always stupid and boring. Mika then agrees to go and stop Mitch by herself and she pops her Danger Force bubblegum and transforms into ShoutOut. Ray gives her permission to go and tells her to pick up a purée for him and bring it back when she's done.

When ShoutOut arrives at the Hip Hop Puree to confront Mitch, Mitch reveals he's already handcuffed. Police Officer Didi Walnut then comes in and reveals she's already in the process of arresting Mitch herself. Mika almost gives away her secret identity when she greets Didi almost calling her "Aunt Didi", but then stops herself and instead says "Greetings, Officer Walnut." Officer Didi tells ShoutOut that she can take Mitch down to her precinct and put him in jail herself, and when Mitch tries to defend his actions, Officer Didi then tells him "Oh just tell it to the judge." Just then, a young girl at the restaurant who's wearing a black judicial robe reveals she is a judge herself, and in fact the youngest criminal and civil court judge in Swellview. She says her name is Judge Tootie and offers to give Mitch Bilsky a trial right there at the restaurant.

As the trial starts, another young child in the restaurant, a boy wearing a suit, reveals he's Kid Lawyer, and the youngest lawyer in Swellview. He steps up and agrees to be Mitch's lawyer. Judge Tootie then arraigns and indicts Mitch on the charges against him for theft of a restaurant, and asks him how does he plead. The kid lawyer pleads guilty for him against Mitch's wishes. Judge Tootie then finds him guilty and sentences him to no less than 20 years in prison. Mika then begs the judge to reconsider her sentence, and states that it is extremely harsh and way too disproportionate to the small crime. Officer Didi then reveals that Mitch's latest crime was his 100th strike, stating that the Swellview laws say that when a person in high school commits 100 crimes or bad deeds before they graduate high school, they have to serve a mandatory 20 years in prison.

Mika then argues that she can get Mitch enrolled in the Swellview Academy for the Gifted (S.W.A.G.) and help Mitch graduate high school so that he doesn't have to go to prison and maybe help him to reform his life. Judge Tootie then agrees to allow Mika to get him enrolled at S.W.A.G. but threatens that if he commits one more crime whether he's enrolled at the S.W.A.G. school or not, she will have him sent to jail with no hope of mercy or a second chance.

Mika then goes back to the Man's Nest and tries to convince Ray to accept Mitch into their school. She argues she can help him to graduate high school and give him a new motivation to reform his life and not continue living a life of crime like the rest of his family. Chapa and Bose also agree that Mika may have a point and try to help convince Ray to accept Mitch into their school as well. Just then a breaking news alert from Mary Gaperman and Trent Overunder comes on the news on the TV talking about Mitch Bilsky's latest crime from the Hip Hop Puree. The two news anchors reveal that his crime conviction puts him at risk of never graduating high school and not being able to inherit the "Bilsky Billions."

They then reveal on the newscast that the Bilsky family is worth billions of dollars that one of Mitch's ancestors named Ebegeezer Bilsky amassed many years ago. They then explain that the billions of dollars were supposed to be inherited by the first member of the Bilsky Family to graduate high school. Miles also comes on the news in a separate story from a report about him winning the "best-in-pants" award at the Yo-yo Yoga Pants Retreat he went to on Stretch Mountain. Upon learning about the Bilsky Billions inheritance, Ray changes his mind and allows Mitch to enroll in their school if the kids do everything they can to help Mitch to graduate.

The next day, Mitch comes inside the SWAG school classroom with Sharona Shapen dropping him off. Mitch takes a seat next to Bose, Mika, and Chapa and Ray begins his lesson talking about Albert Einstein. Jeff Bilsky, Mitch's older brother, then comes inside the classroom through the window and tells Mitch he wants him to go with him to steal some dirt from the backyard of the Vice Mayor's house. Mika then stops Mitch and reminds him that if he commits one more crime he won't graduate high school and he'll go to prison and won't inherit the Bilsky Billions. Mitch then realizes Jeff is just tempting him with the crime so he won't get the inheritance and so Jeff will find a way to get it himself. Jeff then runs away and jumps out the window and reveals he wants competition with Mitch for the inheritance money.

Mitch, who is angry that his brother would do such a thing, then says he doubts that if his brother comes back or finds a way to get a competitive edge over him or sabotage his chances of graduating high school, if he'll be able to handle it and make it to graduation or not. Mika then says she'll step up and compassionately help Mitch to graduate by helping him study and asks Chapa and Bose to help as well by keeping Jeff away and quizzing him on what he needs to learn and remember for his final exams.

Chapa then sings a big musical number to Mitch to inspire him and Mitch joins in and sings as well. A montage plays as they sing the song together: Schwoz teaches him chemistry, Ray teaches him physical education, Mika teaches him geology and biology, Bose runs against him for school president and has a debate with him teaching him social studies, and Mika also teaches him math and linguistics. After the song is over, Officer Didi then brings Jeff to the school in handcuffs after Jeff lies and claims that Mitch was his partner in his latest crime. The Danger Force team then vouch for Mitch saying he's been at their school the whole time and never left and that they have evidence to prove he's innocent. Mitch then realizes that Jeff planted evidence on him to frame him.

Officer Didi then says Judge Tootie is on the way for Mitch's new trial and to re-sentence him again. Mika then tells them if Mitch can pass the classes and graduate within 20 minutes before Judge Tootie arrives, his slate would be wiped clean and he'd be cleared of all guilt and convictions against him. Sharona Shapen then comes in and says she can administer his final exam to see if he can graduate. They then run through a series of tests allowing Mitch to demonstrate his knowledge, while they also secretly use their superpowers to help him pass some of them.

After the montage is done, Ms. Shapen declares Mitch that he's eligible to graduate, but says just for fun she wants to challenge him to an arm-wrestling match. While they're arm-wrestling, Ray's teeth reflect the sunlight from the window and blinds Ms. Shapen causing her to lose. Judge Tootie then arrives and declares Mitch that all his charges are cleared and his slate is wiped clean because he officially graduated high school with the SWAG school students and teachers' help. Jeff then leaves disappointed, as Ray tries to convince Mitch to try and give him some of the money from his inheritance.

Mitch then leaves and decides not to give the money to anybody. Bose then suggests Ray to go see Kid Dentist, who is actually the same kid as the Kid Lawyer from the beginning of the episode and that he'll give him a discount on getting his new teeth removed. Later on, the episodes ends with Kid Dentist giving him surgery to get the teeth removed and get his regular teeth back.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

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  • Ray, Miles, Chapa, and Bose don't wear their hero suits in this episode.
    • Mika is the only one who wears her hero suit in this episode.
  • The Bilsky family is revealed to be a great and rich generation.
  • Mitch and Jeff’s names are revealed to be Mitchell and Jeffrey.
  • Jeff Bilsky's butt was blurred out in this episode, making it the first time that something gets blurred out.
  • The episode title is a pun on the 2005 film Bailey's Billions.
  • Judge Tootie is a spoof of Judge Judy and Judge Trudy from The Amanda Show.
  • Miles has more of a minor role in this episode than Schwoz.
  • Kapri Ladd also guest starred on another Nickelodeon series, Side Hustle.
  • Mitch's middle name is revealed to be Tyrone.
  • Ray's fake mustache being called a squirrel is a reference the sketch "The Cowboy And The Idiot Farm Girl Who Thought the Cowboy's Mustache was a Squirrel" from iCarly.

Series continuity[]


  • Towards the end of the episode when the kid dentist starts to drill Ray's teeth, you can see the shadow of the drill nowhere near Ray's mouth although he reacts as if his teeth are getting drilled.
  • Mrs. Shapen said she watched Mitch doing High School for 15 years. However in the Henry Danger episode The Beginning of the End which was set 2 years ago, it was stated that Mitch was in High School for 10 years, so now it should have been 12.
  • Officer Walnut said if people who didn’t graduate yet did 100 crimes they would have to go to prison for 20 years, however in the Henry Danger episode Mouth Candy it was stated that if you commit 3 crimes you have to go to jail for 20 years.


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