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Blayne Kirkpatrick
Blayne Kirkpatrick
Full Name

Blayne Kirkpatrick



Resides in



Thief (formerly)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Bose O'Brian
Mika Macklin
Chapa De Silva
Miles Macklin
Buddy Fudgers
Sissy Kranz

First Appearance

Big Dynomite

Last Appearance

The Battle for Swellview

Portrayed By

Dante Luhan

Blayne Kirkpatrick is a recurring character in Danger Force. He used to be a young thief until he turned a leaf.

He is portrayed by Dante Luhan.

Description and Personality[]

Blayne is a short boy with brown hair and eyes. He is easily manipulated when Lil' Dynomite hires him to fake an emergency and fool the Danger Force. Blayne possesses stealing skills and is threatening towards others to gain territory. However, during Bose's party, Blayne was able to turn a leaf and make friends, and was willing to clean up the Fudgers House.


In Big Dynomite, he is hired by Lil' Dynomite to fake an emergency at Swellview High School, which the Danger Force attends to while Blayne shows up and eats a banana, which Brainstorm takes. When Lil' Dynomite arrives, Blayne receives a new banana as payment and leaves with an Iliad book he found in the trash.

In Bose's Birthday Party, he attends Bose's birthday party at the Fudgers House, where he bets Chapa to wear a clown mask as a DJ. During the course of the party, Blayne throws sunflower seeds to establish domain, recommending Vice Mayor Willard to do the same and witnesses the destruction caused by Poopsie Willard due to AWOL's absence. When Buddy's mother, Credenza, says on KLVY that she will be home in 27 minutes, Blayne flees and steals Credenza's Daytime Blimpie.

Blayne then returns to Buddy's house and as he was able to turn a leaf, he returns the blimpie, being willing to help clean the house following Mika and Sissy Kranz's plan. After Credenza and Ray arrive, Blayne intimidates Ray to mark territory and watches as Credenza apologizes to Buddy for telling him off about the party and accepts his new friends. Blayne accidentally hits the door of the house when a princess arrives and puts a diamond slipper on Schwoz. During the party's resumption, Blayne friendly shares sunflower seeds with Buddy.

In The Battle for Swellview, he returns to the Fudgers House to couch-hop and establish domain.




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