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We are in Danger-

-of falling in love

— Bose & Mika Unmasked

Bomika (Bose and Mika) is the friendship/romantic pairing between Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm) and Mika Macklin (Shoutout) aka Brainstorm and Shoutout.

Mika and Bose are a dynamic duo who's relationship has continuously progressed throughout the series . Although Bose isn't the most attentive and he's very naïve at times, Mika is the most patient and gentle with him. Mika is always looking out for Bose and Bose has proved that he would never abandoned her even when push comes to shove. Mika tends to comfort and refer to Bose by sweet nicknames. In addition, Mika so far is the main teammate Bose has shown trust in.

Possible Names

  • Bika (B/ose and M/ika)
  • Mose (M/ika and B/ose)
  • Boika (Bo/se and M/ika)
  • Boka (Bo/se and Mi/ka)
  • Basika (B/o/se and M/ika)
  • Shoutstorm (Shout/out and Brain/storm)
  • Brainout (Brain/storm and Shout/out)
  • Brainshout (Brain/storm and Shout/out)

Season 1 Moments

The Force Awakens

  • Mika is dumb-founded that Bose is wearing a shirt for pants
  • Bose changed into Shoutout's suit and she chases him around
  • Bose is jumping in the tube and Shoutout gives him a questionable look knowing that's not how the tube works
  • When Mika lies to her parents Bose calls her out by saying "great lie"
  • Bose is happy to hear Mika is coming with
  • Brainstorm tries to help Shoutout during her motivational speech to Captain Man
  • When Shoutout develops her power Brainstorm asks if she can fly

Say My Name

  • Shoutout gets mad at Bose for not returning Ellis to his parents
  • Bose is happy for Mika when she uses her powers, even though she failed at her task

Ray Goes Crazy

  • Mika tries to motivate Bose to hit Roy
  • Bose wanted Mika to sit on a termite stool, but Mika said no
  • Mika questions Bose when he says ghost like soup
  • Mika shyly hides behind Bose when she's scared
  • Bose helped Mika move her table
  • Bose helps Mika shut the closet door
  • Mika tried to help Bose get the flesh eating bacteria away from Ray but accidentally knocks Bose down

Villain's Night

  • Shoutout tries to tell Brainstorm that he's fine
  • When Brainstorm suggests face painting Shoutout excitedly agrees
  • When Brainstorm stomps out the Man's Nest everyone looks at Shoutout and she shrugs her shoulders
  • Shoutout gives up her mangling stick to Brainstorm when he asked for one
  • Brainstorm is worried for Shoutout and says they have to save her when the villains at the beaten dungeon pin her to a wall
  • Shoutout calls Brainstorm 'Honey' when he starts eating a foam cup

Mime Games

  • When the group realizes Schwoz is with them Shoutout is the first one to quest where Bose is
  • Shoutout tries to call Bose when everyone is concerned that they left him


  • Mika is mesmerized when Bose spoke Italian twice
  • Mika defends Bose when Chapa yells at him
  • Bose gets excited to see Mika joined learning Chapa's ClikClok dance
  • Every time Mika tried to learn a new language Bose had already learned it

Chapa's Crush

  • When Mika asks Bose if he’s the one Chapa has a crush on he immediately denies it and says no four times
  • Mika used Bose's chart to figure out Chapa's crush
  • When Mika explains that superheroes can’t fall for each other Bose has a sad look on his face
  • Bose convinces Mika to stay for the rat circus
  • When Bose says Creston will like Chapa best, Mika says "No, he won't", to which Bose responds "Are you kidding? Sparks will literally fly"

Return Of The Kid

  • When Brainstorm walks out of Mika's closet he stops and says "Ladies" to which Shoutout groans and just throws him a towel
  • Brainstorm says Mika's towels are fluffy
  • Shoutout was the only one who understood Brainstorm mumbling
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm go to help Henry while Volt and AWOL are arguing
  • Bose and Mika (and Miles and Chapa) are playing with puppies

Mika in the Middle

  • When Mika suggests putting the groups heads together Bose takes it literally
  • When Mika says give him an 'S' Bose does a cheerleader 'S' pose
  • Bose asks Mika if she's okay when she growls

The Thousand Pranks War

Part I

  • Bose (along with Chapa) try to prank Mika
  • Mika wakes Bose up from his small nap
  • Shoutout has Brainstorm build a wall in Rivalton and when she tells him what type he says "Ooh the lady has expensive taste" to which they both smile
  • Bose and Mika sit next to each other as they laugh at Rivalton
  • Mika and Bose are mad at Miles for revealing their secrets
  • Bose asked Ray if he's serious about kicking Mika out
  • Bose says that Mika is still their friend
  • Bose trusted Mika about his foot problems

Part II

  • Brainstorm writes in his diary about losing Mika
  • Bose goes to Rivalton to watch Dog Bachelor with Shoutout
  • In this episode it is revealed that every Sunday Mika and Bose watch Dog Bachelor together
  • Shoutout rests her head on Bose's shoulder while they are watching Dog Bachelor together
  • Shoutout says she misses those moments with Bose
  • Shoutout asks about Bose's foot thing
  • Shoutout tries to defend Bose being in Rivalton when their caught by Archduke Fernando, Maddy, and Carl
  • Shoutout is forced to prank Bose to prove her loyalty
  • Bose begs Shoutout not to prank him
  • Shoutout apologizes to Bose as he's being hit in the face with fake snakes
  • Bose sneaks into Mika's room to warn her about Swellview's prank
  • Bose says he doesn't want to see her get pranked even if she deserved it
  • Mika tells Bose to trust her because they are friends
  • Bose is emotionally and physically hurt that Mika pranked him
  • Mika tries to warn Bose to run but he's already gone
  • Bose lies to Ray about where he was, when he was actually with Mika
  • Bose trusted Mika enough to tell Chapa about Mika's plan to end the prank war

Down Goes Santa

Part I

  • Mika is impressed that Bose got a job at Nacho Ball
  • Mika and Bose dramatically gasp together as Ray is telling a story
  • Bose says he hates the small tree and Mika runs up and kicks it
  • Mika excitedly punches Bose in the arm when Schwoz tells them Santa Clause is coming
  • Mika is concerned when Bose is cursed by Krampus
  • Mika rolls her eyes when Krampon Bose insults her

Part II

  • Bose is the only one to ask where Mika is when he sees AWOL didn't come back with her
  • When Krampus attacks Brainstorm, Shoutout gets upset and goes to super scream him
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout sit next to each other in the front of the sleigh
  • Mika tries to answer Bose but he can't understand her with the light in her mouth

Vidja Games

  • When Mika starts to walk away, Bose follows
  • Bose supports Mika's comeback to Chapa by saying "Savage"
  • Mika (and Miles) freak out to see Brainstorm's video giving them "the talk"
  • Brainstorm teases Shoutout about being a loser
  • Shoutout retaliates by calling him the loser
  • Shoutout looks at Brainstorm disgusted when he drinks the old butter

Test Friends

  • Shoutout yells at Brainstorm to deal with the boxers
  • Shoutout holds Brainstorm's waist in their prom-pose
  • Bose eats Mika's test paper when she freaks out about seeing the answers
  • Mika calls Bose 'Honey'
  • Bose gives his phone to Mika

Lil' Dynamite

  • Bose and Mika are sitting together at Hip Hop Purée
  • Shoutout holds onto Brainstorm’s arm to comfort him
  • Brainstorm cries for help and Shoutout rushes to assure him everything is okay
  • Shoutout runs into the walk the same way Brainstorm did and called for help too


  • Mika calls out "We love you Danny Chest" to prove Bose right
  • Mika grabs onto Bose's arm to stop him from leaving
  • Shoutout calls Brainstorm 'Honey'
  • Brainstorm listens to Shoutout when she informs him on how to use his powers

Twin It to Win It

  • Mika is ranting to Bose about how she's going to find her Dad's saddle
  • Mika helps Bose find his donut (which was in his hand)
  • Bose wishes Mika luck on her task
  • Bose tries to sympathize with Mika about finding the saddle
  • Mika stops Chapa and Schwoz from kicking Bose
  • Mika calls Bose 'Honey'

Radioactive Cat

  • When Bose brings up his mom's new cat, Mika glares in annoyance at him
  • Bose tosses Mika his phone
  • When Bose says his step-dad is out of town, Mika yells at him saying he's not helping their case
  • Brainstorm almost reveals himself to his mom but Shoutout saves him
  • Shoutout shuts Brainstorm up
  • Brainstorm almost reveals himself again and Shoutout again saves him and even tries to call his mom out for what she said in his defense
  • Shoutout leans on Brainstorm and he puts his arm around her so they can teleport

Miles Has Visions

  • Mika asks if Bose still knows how to play the flute
  • Bose agrees to play the flute for Mika's plan
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout sit next to each other when the eat soy nuggets and soft meat pretzels
  • Shoutout calls Brainstorm 'Sweetie'
  • Shoutout tries to correct Brainstorm but gave up when he turn what he said into something twice as dimwitted
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm lean on each other against the counter

Captain Man Strikes Out

  • As Mika groans Bose rolls his eyes in unison
  • Mika reminds Bose he has telekinesis
  • Mika smiles at Bose when she see's how happy he is about the Accordion
  • When Shoutout puts on the news, Bose yells "Now THAT'S a well-timed news report"

Manlee Men

  • When Bose tries to throw a brightly colored soda at the screen, Mika yells at him and he stops
  • When Bose finds out Mika (and Miles) are twins, he screams "What? When did that happen?!"
  • Brainstorm fails miserably to protect Schwoz's cover so Shoutout runs in and saves them both
  • When Brainstorm accidentally says "fraturtle" instead of fraternal Shoutout (and AWOL) correct him
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm try to model walk
  • Shoutout ask's if the group is thinking what she is thinking to which Brainstorm guarantees he's not
  • Shoutout grabs Brainstorm's arm to stop him from leaving
  • Shoutout jumped on a bad guy to help Brainstorm
  • Brainstorm punched a bad guy that tried attack Shoutout

S.W.A.G is Haunted

  • Mika says the group is terrible at bowling which tries to Bose protest saying he got a 7
  • Bose is helping Mika stand up as she holds onto him and he holds her up
  • Bose says the group (implying Mika too) is so cute
  • Mika calls Bose 'Honey'
  • Bose teases Mika by calling her 'Honey'
  • Mika tries to cover Schwoz's secret and Bose instantly sells him out (accidentally)
  • Mika and Bose gasp in sync when Ray says no Sunday henna tattoos, Bose then yells they've been waiting all week for Sunday group henna tattoos and Mika gestures in agreement
  • Mika says Miles won't come back until Tilda is gone and Bose says he misses Miles in response
  • Mika winks at Bose (and Chapa)
  • Bose and Mika sit next to each other while eating the meat carrot
  • When Mika asks if it's Sunday, Bose responds "it's Sunday somewhere" which Mika then corrects

Family Lies

  • After Miles and Chapa are free from the squid, Bose and Mika have to keep fighting it
  • Bose calls for Mika to fix his tie
  • Mika fixes Bose's tie
  • Bose and Mika are proud that Mika fixed Bose's tie
  • Bose is impressed when Mika says her dad rides horses
  • Mika (and Miles) are disgusted by Bose saying the saddle was still warm
  • Bose's parents ask for him so Mika makes up an excuse for him

Earth to Bose

  • Mika says she doesn't think contacting aliens was a good idea and so Bose suggests not thinking to which Mika gives a disapproving look
  • Mika is teaching Bose about ratifying laws
  • As Glerp walks up to Bose so they can leave for their date, Mika is seen in the corner with a very jealous look on her face
  • Mika suggest someone check on Bose on his date with Glerp and she does it herself
  • Mika spies on Glerp and Bose while they are on a date at Hip Hop Pureè
  • Glerp says Mika is spying on them because she's in love with Bose
  • Mika tells Glerp she's spying on them to make sure she doesn't hurt Bose
  • Mika is confused when she hears Bose say he wants to watch 60 minutes and see's Bose's goatee
  • Mika is worried that Glerp is doing something to Bose
  • Miles says Mika is jealous of Glerp because she's in love with Bose
  • Chapa and Ray agree that Mika is in love with Bose
  • Mika denies that she's in love with Bose
  • Miles says its just Mika who's in love with Bose, which she denies
  • Mika is concerned that Bose is getting too old
  • Chapa and Miles again tease Mika about being jealous
  • Mika says she's trying to save Bose's life
  • Mika says that they all love Bose
  • Ray and Chapa giggle that Mika loves Bose the most
  • Mika explains to Bose what the machine is

Drive Hard

  • Shoutout is annoyed that Brainstorm didn't understand her question
  • When Shoutout tries to super-scream a merc off the van Brainstorm catches him just so he can knock the merc off
  • Shoutout tells Brainstorm to go back to driving

Season 2 Moments

An Imposter Among Us

  • After Trent and Mary announce on the news that 1,000 girls paid 1,000 dollars each to go on a date with Bose (Brainstorm) Mika rolls her eyes in jealously
  • Bose agrees Mika is acting sus
  • Bose is sitting in front of Mika and thought Ray was blaming him when Ray meant her
  • Bose goes to high five Mika but remembers it is Rick Twittler
  • Bose imitates Mika's superpower
  • Bose (along with Miles) bolt to Mika when Chapa zaps her
  • Bose guesses that a horse's birthday party is what makes Mika feel happy and comfortable
  • While everyone else runs out the door of Mika's bedroom, Bose hops out the window (probably because he's done so before (Thousand Pranks War: Part II))
  • Bose puts his arm around Mika and says it's good to have her back

A Danger Among Us

  • Mika explains Bose's DPD Rate with a subtle annoyed tone
  • Mika says Bose cant be Rick Twittler
  • Bose said Mika's plan makes total sense
  • Mika and Bose realized at the same time that Helper Monkey was Rick Twittler
  • Bose says her scared of the dark so Mika offers to turn on her lantern app but Bose is also scared of apps
  • Mika turns on her lantern app and Bose yells in fear
  • Shoutout says she has no memory of helping Rick Twittler because she was possessed and Brainstorm says he wasn't possessed yet also has no memory of helping Rick Twittler (because he didn't)

A Cyborg Among Us

  • Shoutout is worried that Brainstorm (and AWOL) won't make it back to earth safely

A Henry Among Us

  • AWOL gets mad and says he wants to go find his sister to which Brainstorm responds "Do we know where she is? Did I miss that part?" (which is very out of character for Brainstorm and shows he's distressed about finding Shoutout as well but wants to be smart about it)
  • Brainstorm is concerned about what Twittler is doing to Shoutout (and Volt)
  • Brainstorm is concerned about why Shoutout is evil now
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout sit next to each other back in the Man's Nest


  • Shoutout calls Bose 'Baby Boy' and explains to him they were only supposed to get temporary tattoos
  • Shoutout calls Brainstorm 'Boo' and reminds him of their goal in all this
  • Brainstorm call out Shoutout for saying party time
  • Brainstorm smiles at Shoutout when she explains her plan to up charge people for the Smackdown
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout look traumatized when Captain Man punches the metal plate in Arch Duke Fernando's shorts
  • Shoutout looks concerned when Krampus slaps Brainstorm
  • Brainstorm follows Shoutout around during the Smackdown
  • Brainstorm steps up on the stage to be next to Shoutout
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm smile at each other as they cheer for Captain Man
  • Shoutout looks disappointed when Captain Man doesn't acknowledge her (and Volt's) help and brainstorm looks to comfort her
  • Shoutout cheers and laughs when she sees Brainstorm got his hair back
  • Brainstorm goes over to sit next to shoutout and she pats his shoulder

Mika's Musical

  • Bose tries to laugh at Mika (and Miles) for having to fake a play but Mika says he has to do it too
  • Mika asks Bose to make a set piece and he does
  • Mika writes Bose three words for the play because he can't remember too much
  • Brainstorm screams "Mika!" when Shoutout gets crushed by the set for the play
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm work together to protect the Vice Mayor
  • Brainstorm confides in Shoutout that his step-dad isn't his biggest fan
  • Shoutout looks annoyed when Brainstorms step-dad talks bad about Bose
  • Brainstorm doesn't understand what Shoutout is trying to point out
  • Shoutout is utterly baffled by Brainstorm completely incorrect assumption about Frankini's glasses
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm finish each other's sentences when calling out Frankini
  • Mika assures Bose he won't forget his lines or how to stand
  • On stage Bose forgets how to stand and Mika tries to help him up
  • Mika and Bose panic that the play isn't going well
  • Mika screams at Bose to get his costume on so she doesn't have to go to Herm-School and so he quickly does
  • Mika and Bose pose together
  • Mika reminds Bose of his final line

Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?

  • Bose and Mika happily cheer together
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout scream at Miles and Chapa about the thermo-plasmic-detonator together
  • Bose yells at Mika "We don't need keys to start Miles!"
  • Bose doesn't understand Schwoz and Mika just stares at him and even tells Schwoz he was being clear
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout sit up front of the Man Buggy while he drives
  • Brainstorm gasps and repeats what Shoutout says
  • Brainstorm suggests Ray might not notice and Shoutout instantly shuts him down
  • Brainstorm asks if the news is talking about their Man Buggy and Shoutout says yes they are in an annoyed tone
  • Brainstorm grabs onto Shoutout as they teleport
  • Shoutout screams a Man-Missile out the way so it doesn't hit Brainstorm when he jumps in front of her
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout both decline Volts offer to fix their back problems
  • Shoutout asks who's punching who and Brainstorm says he can't tell
  • Shoutout pats Brainstorm on the back and says 'Good job bud'
  • Brainstorm smiles at Shoutout as she looks up at him concerned
  • Brainstorm says the smudge looks like Beif and Shoutout yells at him saying Beif is a fictional character
  • Mika is sitting on Bose's lap
  • Mika and Bose smile as they tease Ray

Power Problems

Part 1

  • Shoutout and Brainstorm are sitting together at the booth
  • Brainstorm looks to Shoutout for help when Lilith sits on his lap
  • When Brainstorm said he wanted some word play, Shoutout shrugs teasingly
  • Brainstorm tries to shut down Lilith's flirting to which Shoutout silently laughs
  • Shoutout laughs at Brainstorm, teasing him because of Lilith's flirting
  • Brainstorm looks at Shoutout again for help
  • Shoutout is annoyed when Lilith tries to make Brainstorm try dessert
  • Brainstorm asks for the gas clown and Shoutout says she's pretty sure that's who he's asking
  • Shoutout leans on Brainstorm to duck from the gas
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm get gassed together for the 2nd time
  • Shoutout asks Brainstorm to do something but he doesn't know what she's saying
  • Brainstorm was concerned about Shoutout
  • Shoutout tries to help Brainstorm look like he still has his powers
  • Shoutout comforts Brainstorm about Justin Beaker, who Brainstorm thinks he killed, by holding his arm
  • Shoutout is weirded out by Lilith sniffing Brainstorm
  • Shoutout shuts off the news before they keep talking about Justin Beaker and upset Brainstorm even more
  • Shoutout comforts Brainstorm a second time, by caressing his arm
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm sit next to each other as Captain Man scolds them
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout grabbed each others power viles so they swapped
  • Brainstorm looks scared when Shoutout's scream doesn't work
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout look scared at each other

Part 2

  • Bose gives his full attention to Mika as she speaks while Chapa is eating and Miles is knitting
  • Mika looks annoyed when Chapa is feeding Bose (possibly jealous)
  • Bose says that Mika has flawless skin
  • Bose keeps guessing wrong when Mika asks him a question
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm go to Big Beard’s together
  • Shoutout dismisses Lilith when she tries to flirt with Brainstorm
  • Shoutout rolls her eyes when Lilith keeps flirting with Brainstorm
  • Brainstorm talks over Shoutout and it annoys her
  • Brainstorm takes credit for Shoutout's observation and Shoutout looks annoyed
  • Brainstorm takes Shoutout’s hand and guides her into a cage
  • Brainstorm says something stupid and Shoutout grabs her face in annoyance
  • Shoutout is angry with Lilith's plan to make it officially official with Brainstorm online
  • Shoutout calls Brainstorm 'Honey'
  • Shoutout tries to stop Lilith's men from taking Brainstorm
  • Brainstorm struggles to stay with Shoutout
  • Brainstorm starts to repeat what the parrot is saying and Mika tells him not to
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout work together to stop Lilith and her crew
  • Brainstorm corrects Shoutout when she says Lilith will be alone in jail because their prison system is severely over crowded
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout spent a week together (along with Ray) on a boat
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout finish each others sentences
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm smile at each other

Attack of the Clones

  • Mika pranks Bose (and Miles & Chapa)
  • Mika and Bose laugh at Ray together
  • Mika agrees with Bose that hiring a babysitter for 3 days is too expensive
  • Bose gives his full attention to Mika when she explains the last time Ray was left alone in the Man’s Nest
  • Bose supports Mika's argument that Ray needs them
  • Clone Mika passes Rays wallet to Clone Bose
  • Clone Mika gets excided when Clone Bose steals jewelry for her (and Clone Chapa)
  • Ray misunderstands Shoutout so Brainstorm clarifies
  • Shoutout corrects Brainstorm when he flips the light switch
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout look at each other concerned after Schwoz gets all science-creepy

Bottle Snatchers

  • Brainstorm acts like he knows who Mitch Bilsky is but then asks Shoutout who he is
  • Shoutout eases Brainstorm as he levitates the soda to himself
  • Bose stands up to Ray when Ray belittles Mika and she agrees with Brainstorm
  • Bose complimented Mika's dance skills when she was upset about not getting a spotlight
  • Bose was worried about damaging his face and Mika grabbed him by the arm to stop him from ditching them
  • Mika looks concerned when Bose gets knocked out by a soda bottle
  • When Bose said he blocked a bottle throw, Mika, in a concerned tone, says, "with your head"
  • Bose along with the other clubgoers at Club Soda cheer for Mika when she finally gets her spotlight dance

The Girl Who Cried Danger

  • Mika doesn't understand how Bose going to Jamaica is a punishment
  • Shoutout (along with the others) are happy to see Bose back

Bilsky's Billions

  • Mika and Bose explain to Mitch that his brother Jeff wants to stop him from getting the money
  • Bose agrees with Mika to help Mitch graduate
  • Mika and Bose engage in a small singing duet
  • Mika is trying to teach Mitch, but when she sees he's just goofing around with Bose, she looks mad but he smiles at her
  • Mika cheers when Bose lifts Mitch up the rope
  • Mika's cheering distracts Bose and so he cheers with her and drops Mitch
  • Bose is happy when he thinks Mitch is going to give half his billions to Mika

Jack the Clipper

  • Shoutout was fast to grab onto Brainstorm's back
  • Shoutout mocks Brainstorm (and Captain Man), by asking in a condescending tone, "You boys ok?"
  • Shoutout is the first one that knows about Brainstorm's "Hair Helmet"
  • Shoutout grabs Brainstorm's by the arm and guides him to the ground
  • When Brainstorm states the obvious, Shoutout just turns to him, flabbergasted
  • Shoutout corrects Brainstorm when he tries to correct Mary
  • Shoutout tries to grab Brainstorm and yells at him to stop moving
  • Shoutout once again grabs Brainstorm's arm
  • Brainstorm says he thinks he needs a chiropractor and Shoutout looks concerned
  • Shout tries to add on to Brainstorm's pun, but it wasn't good and he just stared at her
  • Brainstorm tries to tell Shoutout that Regina's story was gonna be good but she just shoos him back
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm (& Volt) team up to take down Regina
  • Shoutout laughs at Brainstorm for having the helmet on for so long
  • Shoutout goes to correct Brainstorm but realizes he's right and is proud
  • Brainstorm grabs Shoutout this time when they teleport
  • Brainstorm puts his hand around Shoutout's waist when they teleport

The Supies

  • Mika calls Bose's name as a warning, however he happily calls back her name
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm tell Ray they got him a babysitter, similar to in 'Attack Of The Clones'
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm yelled at Henry because Ray didn't eat all his broccoli
  • When Shoutout says she knows where Ray went, Bose comes up with dim-witted answers and she immediately shut him down
  • Shoutout points out that if Danger Force doesn't help Captain Man they can't, morally, accept the award, however, Brainstorm says they can, with their hands

When Worlds Collide (Side Hustle Crossover)

  • When Shoutout goes off about their actions being stupid, Brainstorm's reply was that she'll get use to it
  • Shoutout is annoyed that Brainstorm sent off the orb
  • Shoutout is annoyed at Brainstorm during the call with Presley, Munchy and Lex because he was sidetracking
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm work together to take the orb from Frankini
  • Shoutout apologizes to everyone for being late, subtly calling Brainstorm out in the process
  • Shoutout calls out Fisher for looking like Lil' Dynamite, Brainstorm then points out he's wearing Lil' Dynamite's boots
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm both said "Boop" in a confused tone

Alien Zoo

  • Shoutout clings onto Brainstorm's arm and hides behind him
  • When Brainstorm asks if the gorilla is snuggly, Shoutout aggressively shakes her head 'no'
  • Shoutout yells at Brainstorm for enjoying living in the zoo and singing for food
  • Brainstorm says to Shoutout if she dances and sings the people will throw her food too
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm are sitting next to each other on the couch when watching 'Alien Genuine Moments'
  • Shoutout stands up for Brainstorm when the aliens only wants to take him
  • Brainstorm is the only one who doesn't try to get Shoutout eaten first
  • Shoutout says she didn't want to die by getting eaten by aliens, to which Brainstorm responded that's exactly how he saw himself dying
  • Shoutout looks away jealous and annoyed when Glerp gribbles Brainstorm

Let's Go to the Movies!

  • Bose forgets to tell Mika that her movie deal fell through
  • Bose is seen with a paparazzi camera in Mika's flashback scene, (it was most likely so he could pictures of her in the dress)
  • Bose wants to help Mika but not for the money unlike the others
  • Mika is interested in Bose's movie idea until it starts to get unusual
  • Bose love Mika's movie idea

Minyak Attack

  • Shoutout was interested to learn Brainstorm's mom (Celia) collect art
  • Brainstorm has a face of disappointment every time Shoutout says Jackson Pollock
  • Shoutout feel terrible about everything Brainstorm says he spilled on his mom's painting
  • Shoutout looks terrified when Brainstorm says he at the painting
  • Shoutout reminds Brainstorm of Kid Lawyer's name
  • Brainstorm (and the others) look to Shoutout for an explanation of what's happening
  • Brainstorm pretends to understand Shoutout's explanation on property tax
  • Brainstorm smiles at Shoutout when she agrees to scream Dr. Minyak out of the Man's Nest
  • Shoutout is mad at Brainstorm for ruining their 'Deliver Joe' plan
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm bump into each other smiling
  • Shoutout tries to shut Brainstorm up before he keeps giving Minyak ideas
  • Brainstorm calls Shoutout for back up while crime fighting
  • Shoutout helps Brainstorm by scaring away little kids while he runs behind her cheering in support
  • Shoutout explains to Brainstorm that Ray doesn't get the Man's Nest back just yet
  • Brainstorm was leaning over to Shoutout while they sat next to each other watching movies
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm both gasp together when they see the news alert
  • Shoutout listens when Brainstorm says to put the phone on speaker
  • Shoutout looks very mad when Brainstorm doesn't catch on that Minyak owns Mom-Con
  • Brainstorm listens to Shoutout and warns her on his step-dad's bad mood
  • Shoutout finds Bose and his Mom's interaction heartwarming
  • Bose smiles at Mika at Hip Hop Purée for a while before he leaves with his mom and stepdad

Street Fightin'

  • Mika abandons her sensible traits when she finds out that Bose was being picked on
  • Mika and Bose stand next to each other when they go to Hip Hop Purée to confront the Chain Gang
  • Mika explains to Bose that they can never come back to Hip Pop Puree if they lose the competition
  • Mika and Bose get excited over their possible competition clothes
  • Bose stares at Mika smiling at he showing off her outfit
  • Bose and Mika look at each other as they sit up from being knocked on their backs
  • Mika looks impressed when Bose almost knock's Schwoz down
  • Ray tries a jacket in front of Bose to which Mika shakes her head in disagreement with it
  • Bose looks genuinely concerned when Schwoz throws Mika into the table
  • Bose and Mika look shocked at Schwoz's ability to turn Chapa's hand against her
  • Mika and Bose do the same pose during their team name announcement
  • Mika points out they are defending Bose not Ray
  • Mika (along with others) is impressed when Bose took down his competition
  • Bose smiles and stares at Mika when she points out that Chapa called her shot
  • Bose throws himself to the floor so Mika's back wouldn’t hit it when she was hit with a surprise attack
  • Bose and Mika work together to hold back Chapa

Chapa's Phone Home

  • Mika looks concerned when Bose is afraid of garbage cans
  • Bose agrees with Mika when she tells Chapa to go look for her phone
  • After Waste-E falls down and breaks apart, Mika asks Bose (and Miles) to help her put him back together
  • Mika looks concerned when Bose passes out
  • Mika helps Bose free his hand from inside of Waste-E
  • Mika yells at Waste-E for getting goop on Bose's arm but he says it was like that already which concerns her
  • Bose and Mika stand next to each other in the Man’s Nest when everyone is talking to Chapa about forgiving the boy about her cell phone
  • Bose puts his arm around Mika
  • Mika and Bose both agree the group is not gonna be ok when Chapa is mad
  • Bose looks scared when Mika can't over power Chapa's zaps
  • Bose screams at Chapa to stop attacking Mika (and the group)
  • Mika looks scared for Bose when he confesses
  • Mika tries to rationalize how it could have been Bose, probably to get Chapa to go easy on him
  • After Chapa forgives Bose about her cell phone and Mika sings Genuine Moments, Bose looks at her and smiles while flipping back his hair

Uncle Hambone

  • Mika is proud of Bose for knowing how ice works
  • Mika looks when Bose points out their spit froze
  • Mika tells Bose what the prize is
  • Bose is pleasantly surprised when Mika says she can smack talk
  • Mika tells Bose to be respectful of Uncle Hambone even though she was thinking the same thing
  • Mika turns to Bose baffled at his stupidity
  • When the power goes out, Bose is scared but Mika holds Bose's arm and assures Bose there is no such thing as Uncle Hambone or ghost
  • When Bose thinks the ice sculpture is crying, Mika gently holds his arm again, calls him 'baby', and explains to him that it's melting
  • Ray refers to Mika and Bose as 'The smart one" and "The not so smart one"
  • Bose misunderstands Ray's reference about them and apologizes to Mika incase Ray hurt her feelings
  • Miles teleports away which leaves Mika and Bose alone, they stand in awkward silence when neither of them know what to say
  • Bose attempts to break the ice with Mika by asking Mika a ridiculous question
  • When Miles's plan fails, Bose says that his original plan isn't stupid anymore, Mika hold his arm, calls him 'honey', and claims it's still stupid
  • Bose is excited they're doing his plan and asks what he wins to which Mika harshly responds nothing, and Bose, instead of being upset, just cheers
  • When they walk into Chapa's house Mika can't stop staring at Bose
  • Bose blames Mika for his plan when he thinks Chapa's mad and Mika gets offended
  • When it's revealed that his plan was helpful, Bose takes the credit back from Mika which offends her again

New School Who Dis?

  • Mika cheers when Bose learns how to read a stopwatch
  • Mika and Bose are sitting next to each at the lunch table
  • Mika and Bose (and Miles) look in unison to see who Chapa is talking about
  • When Mika is distracted by the boy eating his cookie (Micah) Bose calls her name in an annoyed tone
  • When Mika is ridiculed for staring at a boy she seems to like, Bose looked hurt about her response
  • Mika immediately takes Bose's gumballs from his hand when he tried to transform
  • Mika reminds Bose they can't use their superpowers and gives him back his gumball
  • Bose uses his powers anyways to get Mika a cookie to flirt and mock her lie about liking the cookie Micah was eating and not Micah himself
  • Mika accepts Bose's cookie, even though he almost compromised their identities
  • When Danger Force gets up to talk to the girl that was attacked, Mika goes back for Bose's cookie
  • Bose is annoyed and disappointed to see even after his flirting Mika is still staring at Micah
  • Mika take s a bite out of the cookie Bose gave her and smiles
  • Bose gives his attention to Mika's slideshow
  • When Bose is worried about not being smart enough for the chess team, Mika pats his shoulder and assures he's gonna be fine
  • It's revealed that Mika purposely put Bose on the chess team and sits him near the fan, knowing that students would be too distracted by his handsome feature
  • Bose and Mika show the same picture when asking students about the badger
  • When Mika suggest that Bose and Chapa might have gotten intel, Miles tells her to rethink it and she corrects herself saying maybe Chapa got some intel excluding Bose
  • Mika admits they didn't expect Bose to find out anything
  • Bose pretend to understand Mika but admits he doesn't
  • Mika (and Chapa) remind Bose they cant use their powers because they would expose themselves
  • Bose looks around confused (because he can't see) when he hears Mika screaming before she gets attacked
  • When Bose asks for his cone to be put down, Mika brushes him off and calls him 'Too young"
  • Mika looks annoyed when the moms try to set up their daughters with Bose

Class Action Heroes

  • Mika rushes Bose
  • Bose seemly makes fun of Micah's name when he thinks it's "Regular School"
  • Mika reminds ray about eh quiche incident
  • Bose stares at Mika when she tells Ray they were joking about the quiche
  • Mika brags to Bose about paying for Miles' Bamzoni lessons
  • When Bose says “Well at least we’re still here” after Ray (in a lunch lady disguise) leaves with Miles Mika responds with “Yeah better Miles than us”
  • Bose in an annoyed tone informs Miles that Mika isn't listening when she's gushing over Micah
  • Bose and Mika sit next to each other in Hip Hop Purée trying out the new Captain Man smoothie
  • Miles and Chapa smile when Mika talks about Micah but Bose just sits there with an annoyed face
  • When Mika invites Micah to sit with her, Bose visibly upset while Chapa and Miles are smirking
  • When Micah finally talks for the first time Bose and Mika (and Chapa) look disgusted and shocked at him

Wedding of the Trentury

  • Mika explains to Bose their watching a wedding episode of genuine moments when he thinks their 'Weeding'
  • Mika and Bose question where Trent went
  • Bose asks Mika what a venue is and she explains it to him
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout stand next to each other in Hip Hop Purée while talking to Captain Man (Ray) about having Trent’s wedding in the Man’s Nest
  • Brainstorm pops up behind Shoutout and scares her into spitting her coffee out
  • Brainstorm shows Shoutout his drawing of Trent's suit
  • Shoutout explains to Brainstorm what a catfish is


  • Shoutout cheers when Brainstorm spins the ball on his fingers
  • Brainstorm tries to explain to Shoutout how to shoot a basketball
  • Brainstorm says he senses that Shoutout is worried and she yells at him because it should have been obvious
  • Shoutout looks irritated at the fact Brainstorm didn't understand the point of her reference to the week before
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout argue against Volt and Captain Man about bringing AWOL to Mexico with them
  • Brainstorm keeps guessing wrong on what Shoutout's plan is
  • Brainstorm assumes Shoutout's plan involves horses because he knows how much she loves them (ref. An Imposter Among us)
  • Shoutout declines Brainstorm's burrito offer
  • Brainstorm tried to drink a suspicious liquid and Shoutout quickly takes it from him
  • Shoutout reminds Bose not to consume strange liquids
  • Brainstorm forgets the rule so he takes the science juice from Shoutout and she hurries to take it from him again
  • Shoutout praises Brainstorm on remembering the drinking song
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout stop the basketball thief from escaping up the ladder
  • Brainstorm runs to check on Shoutout when the thief knocks her down
  • Brainstorm asks Volt the same question Shoutout asks AWOL
  • Bose (and Chapa) look concerned when they see Mika (and Miles) panicking
  • Bose realizes Mika's talking about him (and Chapa)
  • Brainstorm scolds Shoutout for saying a clue to her identity and then warns her not to let Captain Man find out
  • Brainstorm think Mika wants them to use a frying pan to make her aunt forget
  • When Mika's mom (Angela) asks her if there a boy (Bose) in her room, she panics and says yes then apologizes to Brainstorm
  • Shoutout tells Brainstorm to pop a gumball and he stays with her while AWOL and Volt leave
  • Mika and Bose are sitting at her bay window listening to Angela lecture them about what they were up to
  • When Angela questions if they were kissing, both of them bolt up and quickly tell her that wasn't the case
  • Mika and Bose offend each other because they both were against kissing each other
  • Bose is about to reveal their secret to Angela and Mika swoops in and says they are in love as a cover up
  • Mika tells her Mom that her and Bose were actually kissing while putting her head on his shoulder and bringing her hand to his other shoulder
  • Angela asks Bose for confirmation of him and Mika kissing and he goes along with it
  • Bose goes into gawky detail about him and Mika kissing while wrapping his arms around Mika
  • When Bose gets to close, Angela quickly hits his hands away which causes Bose and Mika to jump apart
  • Mika quickly explains there isn't a rule about her having boys in her room, so Bose was allowed to be there
  • Mika's Mom starts to angrily freak out then tells Bose and Mika to leave the door open and keep their lips three feet apart
  • Mika looks at Bose confused when he tried to pull his own lips three feet apart
  • While Shoutout panics, Brainstorm is distracted by the smell of jelly cake
  • While everyone is arguing, Brainstorm just looks at Shoutout and rambles about how good the jelly cake is
  • Brainstorm tells Shoutout to tell Schwoz to bring them jelly milk
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm both suggest unstable things for DJ Clone Schwoz to compare to
  • When Shoutout aggressively snaps at Brainstorm he reminds the group about the Science Juice in the evidence locker at the Swellview Police Department
  • Shoutout was worried about Brainstorm (and AWOL)
  • Shoutout yells at Brainstorm again about drinking the Science Juice
  • Shoutout pats Brainstorm on the chest when Volt takes the science juice from him
  • Angela goes to Chapa's house to talk to Alejandra (Chapa's Mom) about Mika and a boy (Bose) kissing
  • AWOL turns around and points at Shoutout and Brainstorm when he hears about the kissing
  • When Volt asks Shoutout who she was kissing, Brainstorm proudly says "That would be me!"
  • When AWOL and Volt say 'ew' Brainstorm and Shoutout are offended again
  • Volt gives Shoutout a thumbs up for kissing Brainstorm/Bose
  • Volt teases Brainstorm and Shoutout by asking them how long they've been a thing
  • Shoutout clarifies they didn't actually kiss but Brainstorm stumbles on his words and mistakenly says they made out
  • Brainstorm starts teasing Shoutout that they made out with tongue by repeatedly nudging her and Shoutout pushes him away
  • AWOL is astounded by Brainstorms 'tongue twister' description of him and Shoutout making out
  • As Shoutout is about erase memories of Bose's Dad from Celia's (Bose's Mom) brain, Brainstorm stops her an tells Shoutout they should test it first
  • When Shoutout drops the truth ray and it starts malfunctioning, Brainstorm states he thinks the truth ray didn't like when Shoutout dropped it
  • Brainstorm looks over at Shoutout when she says she though they were gonna get out of that situation

Season 3 moments

The Force Returns

Part 1

  • Mika and Bose are sitting together by her bed as Bose explains that his mom is missing
  • Mika is in shock that Bose's mom has been married to five vice presidents
  • Mika and Bose want to fight crime again but Miles is against it
  • Mika and Bose point out how likely Ray is to kidnap their moms
  • When the team has a group hug Bose and Mika can be seen grabbing each other closer thane everyone else
  • Mika and Bose jump back from the group hug with their arms still interlocked
  • Mika tells Bose (and Miles) to look away because they wouldn't like to see what she was bout to do to Ray
  • Mika and Bose both glare at Ray when he tries to say you're welcome for placing tracker in the moms
  • Mika pouts when she see Bose break down without his mom
  • Bose is excited thinking that Danger Force is back but Mika tells him it's not and refers to him as 'Honey' but assures him they're close
  • Mika tells Bose again that Danger Force isn't back yet and Bose puts his hand to his heart and breaks down again
  • Mika giggles when Bose gets excided about Danger Force being back
  • When Bose corrects himself by saying he meant Danger Force instead of Brainstorm, Mika gives him a thumbs up while everyone blanky stares at him

Part 2

  • When Shoutout says she knows the names on the list Brainstorm responds with a usual dim-witted answer
  • Shoutout corrects Brainstorm by clarifying she isn't talking about Trent and Mary
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm are the only ones who recognized Celia
  • (Along with Volt) Shoutout protests the idea of Captain Man giving Celia mouth to mouth and Brainstorm flings a dirty towel at his head
  • When stumbling into the wall Brainstorm leans over Shoutout
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout duck behind the book cart next to each other
  • Shoutout leans against Brainstorms chest while they teleport
  • When Celia said that the Vice Mayor tried to replace Bose, Shoutout was the only one to response confused and concerned

Big Dynamite

  • Mika asked Bose and (Miles) sweetly if they wanted to share Choco Crocos with them and Bose responded with "Of Course"
  • Bose spits on his hand and reaches it out to shake Mika's hand but Mika is disgusted
  • Bose looks slightly uneasy when Mika says Channing Tatum is hot
  • Mika says "Oh really?" in a mocking tone and looks at Bose and them goes "mhmmm" while looking at him a second time
  • Bose mocks Mika's "mhmmm"
  • Mika and Bose inform Buddy on how they know Ray by finishing each others sentence
  • When Bose almost let's the words emergency call slip Mika interrupts and saves him
  • When Brainstorm (and Volt) try to attack Blayne, Shoutout stops them
  • As Shoutout dances in the pride of knowing she's right Brainstorm tries the save it by telling Lil' Dynamite that's a common time for baths
  • Shoutout calls out Brainstorm's name to try to prevent him from continuing to tell Lil' Dynamite exactly how to attack Captain Man
  • Brainstorm tells Mika to get bagpipes at the mention of Captain Mans funeral
  • Brainstorm and Shoutout banter about Captain Mans possible funeral
  • Brainstorm tries to comfort Shoutout by saying "He's gone Mika, let him go" to which she responds with an irritated "Oh my god"
  • Shoutout smiles and laughs in desperation when Brainstorm tell Handsome Sam to cut them out
  • Mika tries to explain to Bose how to count backwards
  • Mika gives Bose a light punch on the arm as they're all laughing

Guardians of the Ponytail

  • Shoutout awkwardly chuckles when Brainstorm brings up his birth dad
  • When Duke Wellington suggests Shoutout being his future queen, Brainstorm shakes his head in disapproval
  • Brainstorm declines Duke Wellingtons proposal assuming he meant marrying Shoutout and rolls his eyes when corrected
  • Brainstorm tells Shoutout she can do better when he thinks she's accepting Duke Wellingtons marriage proposal
  • Brainstorm later tells Shoutout not to settle because she's a prize when he thinks Volt is asking Duke how much he's willing to offer Shoutout to be his queen
  • Mika is annoyed when Duke Wellington constantly blows his whistle and calls Brainstorm "Trash Boy"
  • Shoutout accidently super screams Brainstorm outside the classroom when her powers reflect off Henry's force field
  • Shoutout explains to Brainstorm why she and Volt are laughing when he is confused
  • Shoutout freaks out and screams "Who are you?!" and Brainstorm, in a confused tone, responds with "Bose?"

Miles Sells His Soul

  • Bose (along with Chapa and Miles) are supporting Mika at her Riff off
  • Bose (along with Chapa) call Mika's name and try to help her carry Sissy's books when they see her struggling
  • Bose has a look of disdain when Sissy says he can't help Mika because of 'Riff off law'
  • Bose smiles when Mika starts to sing and (along with the others) cheers when she wins
  • When Bose asks Mika to get Sissy to find his birth dad, Mika assures him that his birth dad will come back someday
  • Bose tells Mika to keep an eye out for his birth dad, she winks at him when leaving
  • When Shoutout asks if Ricardo is a demon Brainstorm responds with "big time demon"
  • Brainstorm cant take his eyes of Shoutout and is mesmerized as she sings
  • Brainstorm goes to put his arm around Shoutout but ends up awkwardly hovering over her for the victory selfie


  • Mika is talking to Bose through a small microphone to help him get a date with Kennedy
  • Bose repeats everything Mika (and Miles, Chapa, and Buddy) say
  • Mika is annoyed at Miles and Chapa for speaking into the mic for Bose's sake
  • Mika (along with Miles and Chapa) congratulates Bose on getting his date
  • Bose and Mika walk off annoyed together
  • When Bose says the threats are good Mika says they look great
  • When Bose slams his fist on the table Mika looks at him shocked and concerned
  • Bose grabs his arm in pain and Mika turns to check on him
  • Bose puts his arm around Mika and says that Ray is their child when she reacts to Ray's immaturity
  • When Brainstorm says its the "worst SwellMelonFest of his life" Shoutout yells to encourage him (and Volt and AWOL)
  • Shoutout says they should "change into their normal selves and get kissed" and Brainstorm adds "on the mouth"
  • When Brainstorm says they are not getting kissed Shoutout responds with oh yes they are
  • Shoutout gets knocked over by a member of The Cell and Brainstorm then attacks that specific member (this being the first time we see him lift multiple things at once)
  • Shoutout and Brainstorm run over behind Volt together
  • When Shoutout questions why they aren't fighting back Brainstorm responds with "Because we're so strong!"
  • Shoutout corrects Brainstorm by saying it seems like they are just trying to distract the team to which Brainstorm asks from what and looks at Shoutout

Hey Where’s Schwoz?

  • Brainstorm carries Shoutout with his powers to help her as he calls out "Shoutout! Tele-Kick!"
  • Shoutout corrects Brainstorm when he thinks Schwoz tucked him in to bed last night by clarifying it was his mom
  • When Frankini starts to come over to Brainstorm, he quickly jumps behind Shoutout and she puts her hands on his chest to guide him behind her
  • When Brainstorm implies that he's not smart by saying he's staying, Shoutout slowly turns to look at him with a confused face
  • When Brainstorm asks if Duke Wellington survived, Shoutout informs him that he did however he lost his ponytail
  • When Frankini comes out of Schwoz's hiding hole, Brainstorm comes up behind Shoutout again
  • Brainstorm says to Frankini that because of him he thought something was wrong with his toilet and Shoutout follows saying she thought something was wrong with her kidneys
  • Shoutout (along with everyone else) is impressed at Brainstorms impression
  • Shoutout smiles because she's proud of Brainstorm
  • Brainstorm says he isn't good at "reading fancy" and Shoutout reads it for him
  • Brainstorm tries to eat Frankini's note and Shoutout grabs his arm and (along with Volt) tells him to stop
  • When Brainstorm suggests going into Hip Hop Puree without the mask, Shoutout tells him no and reminds him to practice to make sure his Frankini impression is on point
  • When Brainstorm blows his cover Shoutout tells him in an urgent tone to get out of there
  • When Shoutout tells him to get out of there he assures her he's got this and he's good at impressions
  • When Captain Man tells Volt and Shoutout to relax, Shoutout, in a distraught tone, points out that The Cell is kidnapping Brainstorm
  • Shoutout is relieved to find out that they have a tracker on Brainstorm
  • Shoutout scolds Captain Man for using Brainstorm as bait
  • Shoutout starts singing "We put a tracker on Brainstorm" in a triumphant tone when Captain Man and Volt join in
  • Shoutout sounds worried when she realizes the batteries for the tracking device are out on the table and realizing they can't track Brainstorm anymore
  • Shoutout starts to panic at the idea of them losing Brainstorm and starts to sing "We just messed up big time"
  • Shoutout screams in distress realizing they lost Brainstorm
  • Shoutout calls Brainstorm "a delicate creature"
  • Shoutout screams at Captain Man, mad that they don't know where Brainstorm (and Schwoz) are
  • When Buddy says he put the batteries in the tracking device, Shoutout gets excited and runs across the room because that means they can find Brainstorm (and Schwoz)
  • Shoutout calls for everyone to hop on the AWOL express so they can "go get their boys" referring to Brainstorm (and Schwoz)
  • Shoutout is the one who runs over to Brainstorm (and Schwoz) during the rescue

Dumber Force

  • Mika said it didn't mean The Cell was defeated and Bose responded that's exactly what that means
  • When Mitch says Bose has graduated, Mika says Bose isn’t ready to graduate in a terrified tone
  • Mika starts pulling on Bose's jacket in curiosity
  • Mika grabs on to Bose's arm when she gets scared
  • Brainstorm asked that the team please stopped helping and Shoutout instantly tries to help
  • Shoutout almost drops a light on Mary but Brainstorm saves it for her
  • Mika grabs Bose's arm and asks him if she can have "snack nuts" after school
  • Bose laughs at Mika eating rocks
  • Bose praises how smart Mika normally is
  • When Bose mentions how Mika was in Mensa she gets mad and he says "sorry, wo-Mensa"
  • Mika pumps a huge stone in the air to threaten Bose
  • Brainstorm said they should punch Mika, (Miles, and Chapa) first
  • Brainstorm (and Captain Man) lead Mika, (Miles, and Chapa) in with "snack nuts" (That Mika requested earlier in the episode)
  • When Mika asks why her teeth hurt and Bose explains she ate rocks and calls her "Darling"
  • When Chapa punches Brainstorm and Mika yells no and walks over to see if he’s okay

Don't Go in There!

  • Bose (and the others) deliberately ignore Mika and kick the beam
  • Mika looks concerned at Bose when he's losing it
  • Mika takes one of Bose's pages to see what he's been writing (and probably to see if she can help him)
  • Bose looks concerned when Mika gets shocked
  • Mika tries to use figurative language but just confuses Bose
  • Bose isn't following along and misspeaks and Mika turns around and stares at him with a confused look
  • Bose says they shouldn't have rented the robes which sends Mika off on a tangent
  • Bose just says yes to Mika's rant
  • Mika is concerned Bose messed up their trick on Ray
  • Mika is terrified of the trick because Bose amplified it for her
  • Mika says its not cool that Bose endangered Captain Man's indestructibility
  • Mika apologies on the teams behalf for Bose's doing
  • Bose looks at Mika confused on why she is lying to Ray by saying he "looks cute"
  • Mika grabs Bose's arm because she's disgusted by Ray
  • Mika calls Bose "Honey" and explains what a library is, in disbelief he says mockingly "Yeah ok Mika"
  • Mika says Ray is practicing to be a better dad and husband and Bose says he wishes his dad read that
  • Mika says they need to get the antidote and Bose instantly jumps into action to use his powers to get it
  • Mika looks concerned when Bose's powers don't work
  • Bose is confused when he sees Mika scream and so he just follows along
  • Mika grabs Bose's arm as they get chased by robots
  • Mika and Bose read the title of Chapa's book together
  • Mika and Bose run out to fight the robots together
  • Mika watches Bose take down a robot
  • Bose hears Mika struggle to grab Miles and turns around to make sure she doesn't need help
  • Bose and Mika sit next to each other
  • Mika smiles at Bose
  • Mika runs after Bose when he heads inside

Bose’s Birthday Party

  • Mika (and Chapa) are painting a 'Happy Birthday Bose' banner
  • Mika yells at Miles when she sees he's been blowing up one balloon for Bose rather than many
  • Mika informs the group Bose has forgotten his birthday before
  • Mika calls Bose a poor kid because he hasn't had his birthday celebrated for a few years
  • Bose and Mika call out Ray for not knowing about Poopsie
  • Bose says Sissy Kranz turned into a leaf and Mika corrects him on the phrase
  • Mika gets annoyed when Bose suggest Sissy Kranz has gotten better
  • Bose ask who the sign is for and Mika tricks him by saying "different Bose" which he instantly believes
  • Mika excitedly tells Bose it's his party and his birthday
  • Mika cheers for Bose when he yells it's his birthday
  • Mika and Bose can be seen dancing together
  • Mika stops Bose (and Chapa) from leaving

Ray Forgives

  • When Bose stands up to congratulate Ray and Credenza on they’re engagement Mika calls him honey and says it hasn't happened yet
  • Bose agrees with Mika to keep the secret
  • Bose was paying full attention to Mika as she ranted about volleyball shorts
  • Mika leans over Bose when they watch Ray
  • Bose explains break up law and Mika calls buddy to see if he's right
  • Mika and Bose tell Schwoz the bad news
  • Mika and Bose speak over each other when yelling at Miles
  • Mika agrees with Bose that the Paddington franchise has solved most of their problems
  • Bose instantly understands Mika's reference and even starts to cry at it to which Mika just widens her eyes in concern
  • Bose didn't understand what the M.I.L.E.S. system spelled until Mika said something
  • Mika backs up to Bose when she flinches at Ray and Drex
  • Mika and Bose sit next to each other when they learn about the M.I.L.E.S. plan
  • Mika smiles when Ray forgives Bose for no reason
  • Mika and Bose stand next to each other during the proposal
  • Mika nods her head in agreement with Bose when he says it got worse
  • Mika grabs Bose's arm when he almost reveals their secret
  • Bose looks concerned when he saw Mika terrified at what to do
  • When Mika panics about distracting the girls Bose says it’s cool he knows how to distract women.
  • Bose and Mika smile at each other after Ray forgives Credenza for watching “Genuine Moments” without him.

The Battle for Swellview

  • Mika and Bose both are together when they find out Captain Man is retiring and both have the same reaction
  • Mika tries to remind the group about them finding the Cave painting but Bose doesn't remember
  • Bose tries to finish Mika's sentence
  • Mika corrects Bose
  • Bose holds a cell member so Mika can scream them away
  • When Schwoz wants to take a look at he cave drawing he pushes Mika into Bose and Bose catches her while she grabs his arms.
  • Mika and Bose are trying to contact Ray
  • Bose asks Mika to un-pause the video feed
  • Bose looks to Mika to listen to her plan
  • Bose and (the others) say Mika is always correct
  • Bose grabs Mika when they're both scared
  • Mika tries to explain to Bose how Ray is still alive
  • Bose tries to sass the group but Mika puts her hand up to stop him
  • Bose and Mika grab each other to run and teleport
  • Brainstorm tries to ease Shoutout
  • Brainstorm tries to finish Shoutout's sentence but gets judged
  • Brainstorm yells at Shoutout saying "Tell us Mika!"
  • Brainstorm tries to tried to save Shoutout by holding the smoke but couldn't
  • Bose tries to restrain Shoutout but can't
  • Shoutout (being controlled by the smoke) tries to vaporize Brainstorm and he almost lets it happen
  • Mika stops Bose from messing up the cave drawing by grabbing him by the shoulders.
  • When Shoutout (controlled by the smoke) is going through her memories of being in Danger Force she remembers the moment of her and Bose watching Dog Bachelor in Hee Haw Purée.
  • Brainstorm says he doesn't know how to save Shoutout in the swirl of power
  • When Mika asks where the SWAG chairs go to and Bose says sarcastically "to the airport?"


  • They spend every Sunday night watching Dog Bachelor together.
  • In Villains Night and Earth To Bose, their both worried about saving each others lives.
  • Bose finds his clear skin 'disguising' but finds Mika's clear skin 'flawless'.
  • They both speak multiple languages.
  • Mika often corrects and defends Bose.
  • Actor Luca Luhan and Actress Dana Heath are huge Harry Potter fans.
  • Bose is tallest member of Danger Force while Mika is is shortest.
  • Ray, Chapa, Miles and Glerp all think that Mika is in love with Bose.
  • Bose trusted Mika enough to tell her about his foot problems and Mika never told anyone.
  • Miles and Chapa think that Mika and Bose have made out.
  • Mika has a total of 5 pet names for Bose.
  • Both Mika and Bose have shown signs of being jealous (Mika in Earth to Bose, Imposter Among Us, Power Problems, & Alien Zoo and Bose in (New School Who Dis & Class Action Heroes).
  • Bose's ringtone is the theme song to 'Genuine Moments' which is Mika's favorite saying.
  • On a live-stream on Instagram, Dana Heath the actress who portrays Mika on Danger Force teased about Bose and Mika’s relationship and in, a later live stream, confirmed that Bose and Mika were meant to be a slow burn relationship but were cut off because of the show ending.