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Okay, yeah, but Bose is the only pure, innocent thing left in this dirt hole of a world
— Chapa to Ray in Street Fightin'

Bopa (Bose and Chapa) is the friendship/co-worker pairing between Bose O’Brian and Lula Elena Chapa de Silva. Also known as Superheroes Volt and Brainstorm.

Overall, Chapa and Bose maintain a good friendship, which comes very close to a that of siblings. Bose is afraid of her and Chapa often doesn't treat him well either, but it has been proven that she cares a lot about him despite everything. Going back, they had known each other longer than the rest of the DF, which Chapa was unaware of until a certain point. Bose was the boy who stole her cell phone years earlier, which caused her a lot of emotional damage, but despite all of this, she was able to forgive him and they are still platonic friends.

Possible Names

  • Chapose (Chap/a and B/ose)
  • Bosapa (Bos/e and Ch/apa)
  • Chose (Ch/apa and B/ose)
  • Chase (Cha/pa and Bo/se)
  • Chopa (Ch/apa and B/ose)
  • Chape (Chap/a and Bos/e)
  • Bope (Bo/se and Cha/pa)
  • Bopa (Bo/se and Cha/pa)
  • Bapa (B/ose and Ch/apa)
  • Bape (Bos/e and Ch/apa)
  • Bosa (Bos/e and Chap/a)
  • Brainvolt(Brain/storm and Volt)
  • Voltstorm(Volt and Brain/storm)

Season 1 Moments

The Danger Force Awakens

  • When Chapa was complaining about being in the school for too long instead of fighting crime, Bose agreed.
  • Chapa (along with Miles) were laughing when Bose was teasing Schwoz when lifting the "HEY" horn in the air.
  • Chapa is the only one who tries to calm down Bose
  • Chapa and Bose both grabbed each other by the shoulders
  • Bose asked if Chapa was his mommy
  • Chapa blames Bose for the burning couch
  • Chapa later blamed Bose again, but this time for accidentally zapping Ray over the Prison wall.
  • When Bose asked if Mika could fly, Chapa shook her head at Bose.
  • After Chapa accidentally hit Miles and Bose with her powers, she and Bose fell next to each other.
  • After Mika said Bose can move things with his mind, Bose said 'I thought that was Chapa'
  • When Chapa said she can shoot lightning bolts from her hands, Bose smiled while saying 'Sick!'
  • When Bose asked if Miles and Mika were related Chapa said 'Come on Bose'
  • When Chapa said to Miles 'Can you teleport us to Swellview prison?' Bose thought Chapa was talking to him and said 'I can try'. After Mika said that Bose can't teleport and because that's Miles's power, Bose paused and said 'I can still try!' and tried.
  • When Chapa said she hasn't learned to aim yet, Bose leaned closer to Chapa while saying 'You can learn now'
  • When they were walking towards the villains, Chapa looked at Bose
  • After Chapa said 'Bose! How could you?' she looked at him until Mika said to Miles 'Get in there and bring back Captain Man'
  • When Chapa asked if it was an emergency and if they could come and got up, Bose immediately got up as well.
  • When Bose said that they ended the "crime drought," Chapa agreed with him by telling Captain Man that now, he has to let them fight crime.

Say My Name

  • They're both dancing together
  • Bose calls Chapa 'Lady'
  • They high-fived each other
  • When Bose said to Ray 'And I thought I told you I can't remember where I found him!' Chapa made a weird face.
  • When Ray was playing his recording, Chapa and Bose looked at each other.

Villain's Night

  • Chapa (together with Mika) reminds Bose that it's jelly when he gets hit with it from a donut.
  • When Bose was about to reveal that he was Bose, Chapa cut Bose off by zapping a villain revealing her as Volt in disguise, blowing her cover just so Bose won't reveal that he is Bose.
  • Chapa later helps Bose up after she accidentally zapped him.
  • Chapa and Bose both caught the book thief, both grabbing and holding onto the book thief's arms.
  • When Bose ate the cup, Mika told him not to, but Chapa told her to just let him.
  • After Chapa slammed her cowgirl hat down on her desk while yelling 'And it will NOT stand!' Bose stood up, agreeing with her.
  • When Chapa said 'The only thing coming is vengeance' Bose said 'And adventure!' agreeing with her.
  • After Bose said that, Chapa nodded, agreeing with him.
  • Ray agreed with both Chapa and Bose's ideas on what to do with the papers.

Mime Games

  • Chapa said that Bose was her favorite (along with Ray)
  • Chapa used one of Bose's weapons to stop a mime.
  • After that, she happily said 'I guess it worked!'
  • After Chapa said that they took the wrong weapons bag, she spinned Bose's Mean Wheel weapon.
  • When Bose was all alone in the Man's Nest, he said Chapa's name first before pausing and saying the other's names.
  • Chapa (and Captain Man) were very worried when they found out that they left Bose at home.


  • Chapa (and Mika) were impressed when Bose spoke Italian
  • Chapa (and Mika) were also surprised when he could speak German, and at how quickly he learned sign language.
  • Bose immediately offered if he could do Chapa's Clik Clok dance with her.
  • When Bose asked if he could do Chapa's Clik Clok dance with her, Chapa said 'Sure' and smiled.
  • When Chapa told Bose that he can't learn her dance by watching TV, he said, "You can learn anything by watching TV."
  • Chapa (and Mika) seem to be attracted to Bose speaking Italian

Return Of The Kid

  • Bose calls Chapa (together with Mika) 'Ladies'
  • Chapa agrees with Bose when he says the towels are fluffy
  • Bose agrees when Chapa says 'i think that fish should be on Captain Man's arm'
  • When Chapa confronts Ray, he agrees with her statement (except for the last one)
  • Bose blames Chapa twice for eating Henry's and Ray's Nacho Ball.

The Thousand Pranks War

Part I

  • Bose and Chapa were both working on a prank together
  • Chapa stops Bose from eating the apple
  • When Bose said Gideon is so soft, Chapa made a disgusted face.
  • Bose was worried when Chapa came in with a cheerleader outfit on
  • He was also shocked when he heard Chapa has been pranked
  • When Chapa was angry at the embarrassing picture of her, Bose (and Miles) looking at her and smiling, trying not to laugh.

Part II

  • Bose ran behind Chapa and hugged her.
  • They both wanted to see Drake.
  • Before Chapa said 'Baking Soda' she and Bose looked at each other.
  • Earlier, Bose kept imagining Chapa as Baking Soda three times, and she kept questioning whether or not there was something he wanted to tell her.
  • In the flashback it was revealed that Chapa managed to get Gideon from Bose.
  • At the end of the episode, Bose and Chapa looked at each other after Miles teleported away

Down Goes Santa

Part I

  • Chapa tried to warn Bose
  • She was worried and wanted to know what Krampus did to Bose
  • When Bose said 'Would you like to 'Nacho Size' those balls?' into his microphone on the floor, Chapa zapped the microphone, to which Bose replies, "Well, there goes that story."
  • Bose (and Miles and Mika) Christmased up the Man's Nest for Chapa.
  • After Schwoz filled up the room with more impressive decorations, Bose praised them and said to the tiny tree he and Miles and Mika decorated 'This tree is the worst!'
  • When Bose said 'And knitting well. That's a four row yarn over button holes if I'm not mistaken.' Bose moved close to Chapa and pointed to the sock she was knitting.
  • After Chapa explained what happened and said she feels terrible, Bose tried to calm Chapa down by saying 'Wait! Is Santa okay?'

Part II

  • Chapa became happy when she saw Bose was back to normal

Vidja Games

  • Bose was impressed by Chapa's new look
  • Chapa helped Bose sign up for Howdee
  • Bose hired a superstar on Howdee to send her a 'thank you' message
  • Chapa was happy with the message
  • Chapa skipped out on apple picking and if anyone else would have skipped, Bose would have been fine with it (Along with Ray).
  • Bose said 'Guys, this warm buttah did NOT travel well' and Chapa said, 'Then don't drink it' and Bose said 'Oh, I'm still drinking it' Chapa shook her head in amusement while smiling in amusement and appeared amused.
  • When Pa Howdee said that Bose is clearly the smart one, Chapa (and Mika) did a spit take.

Test Friends

  • Chapa and Bose both laugh at books.
  • When Bose comes in the Man's nest with a baby goat saying they have to go back to the zoo to get the rest of the animals, Chapa replies, "Do we, though?"
  • Chapa reminded him that it was her phone that someone stole, not Ray's
  • When Bose asked if they're doing laundry, Chapa looked at him annoyed and said "Yes, what did you think we were doing?" and Bose said "I thought we were feeding the goat."

Lil' Dynomite

  • Chapa stops Bose from eating the flapjacks Ray prepared
  • Chapa (and Mika) comforted Bose when he became traumatized from the fact that Lil' Dynomite took his job.
  • Chapa (and Mika) looked worried when Bose hit his head on the wall.
  • When Bose asks 'What's going on?' Chapa answers 'I think it's time to call Schwoz.
  • Chapa and Bose both called Schwoz
  • Both Chapa and Bose explained to Schwoz what happened with Lil' Dynomite and the suit.
  • When Schwoz said the suit was the suit he designed to give himself superhuman powers so he can go on missions, Chapa and Bose looked at each other.
  • When Schwoz asked Chapa and Bose did they give the suit to Lil' Dynomite, Chapa and Bose both answered.
  • When Schwoz said 'Don't plug it in' Chapa looked at Bose before saying 'Too late.'
  • When Schwoz said 'Don't zap the suit' Bose pointed to Chapa while saying 'Oh, she did'
  • Bose hugged Chapa (And Mika, Miles and Ray)


  • Chapa and Bose both rhyme together
  • Chapa said 'Clink' as she and Bose clinked their meat sticks together
  • She put her hand on his shoulder and said 'Buddy' to him
  • When Monsty came into the Man's Nest, Bose hid behind Chapa
  • Chapa reminded Bose that he was supposed to drop the anvil on Danny Chest
  • She also reminded him that the clone of Ray was named "Monsty" and not "Monty"

Twin It to Win It

  • When Bose said he thought the laundry bags were "super dope beanbags," Chapa said, "Still can be."
  • Bose and Chapa watch the Jacob's Coyote movies together
  • Chapa grabs Bose by the shoulders
  • They ran out of the room together after Ray gassed it.
  • Chapa reminded Bose that it was her phone that got stolen, not his
  • Chapa (and Schwoz) both kicked Bose as he ran out of the room

Radioactive Cat

  • When Bose demonstrated how Captain Man actually kicks down doors, Chapa (and Miles and Mika) agreed.
  • Chapa said that a lot of things suddenly make sense to her after seeing how dumb Bose's mom was
  • When Bose asked if the cat his mom picked up knows the cat they're looking for, Chapa said (sarcastically), "I don't know. We could ask it," to which Bose replies happily, "Great idea!"
  • Bose and Chapa (Along with Ray) went to go look for cats for Schwoz.

Miles Has Visions

  • Chapa and Bose both didn't like when Ray said 'Taco Wednesday'
  • Bose liked Chapa's idea of face tattoos
  • Bose liked Chapa's idea about breaking more stuff
  • Chapa helped Bose up when he fell
  • Chapa and Bose (together with Ray) both wanted soft pretzels
  • After Chapa accidentally zapped Bose, she (Along with Mika) ran to make sure Bose is okay and helped him up.
  • When Ray was apologizing to the Time Jerker, Bose and Chapa stood on each side of Ray with their arms folded.
  • When Bose said 'The only word I understood there was device' Chapa said 'Not even "I" or "build"?' Bose rolled his eyes.
  • When Bose said 'I just had a vision too of all of us eating boneless meat pretzels' Chapa said 'Oooh'.

Captain Man Strikes Out

  • Chapa (along with Mika) remind Bose that he has telekinesis
  • Chapa and Bose both said they both won't betray Ray
  • Bose was impressed when Chapa played the accordion
  • When Ray said that he always wears medals when he gets out of the shower, both Chapa and Bose disagreed.
  • Bose and Chapa were sitting next to each other when they (and the rest of Danger Force, including Monsieur Man) were about to be burned by lava.

Manlee Men

  • Chapa (along with Miles, Mika, and Schwoz) were surprised that Bose knew what 'Transgender' meant
  • Chapa came back to get Bose
  • She also helped him up when he fell
  • Chapa grabs Bose (and Mika) very close telling them that Miles’s model walking was better than theirs and Bose pulls himself off of her.

SW.A.G is Haunted

  • Chapa (and Mika) made sure Bose didn't drink the smoothie
  • Chapa held her hand on Bose's mouth
  • Bose (and Mika) helped Chapa when she was trying to get in the door while she had her skates on and got stuck and was losing her balance.
  • When Bose asked if they noticed that the people at the burn unit knew their names, Chapa replied, "I got a frequent burner card."
  • Chapa was annoyed by the fact the one time Bose actually remembers something, it was something they weren't supposed to tell Ray, but he ends up saying it out loud.
  • When Bose said, in defense, that they've been waiting all week for Sunday group henna tattoos, and Ray said that he didn't care if they've been waiting all WEEK, Chapa tried telling Ray that Bose just said that.
  • When Chapa was trying to rush Miles to eating the last bite of meat carrot, Bose said that he should savor it, and Chapa (and Mika) looked at him.

Family Lies

  • When Bose said that he was the second dumbest member of Danger Force, Chapa had a surprised look on her face.
  • Chapa attempted to stop Bose from going home.
  • Chapa grabbed Bose by the arms.
  • Bose asked Chapa if she knows how to tie a tie, Chapa answers 'Yes'
  • When Bose asked if someone can help him tie a tie, Chapa told him Mika knows how, grabbed him, dragged him over to his chair, said 'See you at parent's night' and pushed the button on his chair.
  • When Chapa came down for parent's night, Bose smiled at her and happily said 'There she is!'
  • When Chapa was about to sing the cereal jingle, Bose smiled at her.
  • After the jingle, Bose smiled and happily said 'I remember that commercial!'
  • After Bose said 'I remember that commercial', Chapa looked surprised and said in 'You do?' in a surprised tone.
  • In the pictures that were taken in the end while Cave Kid was on the loose, one shows Bose and Chapa under a table together, and another shows Chapa carrying Bose.

Earth to Bose

  • Bose squeezed between Chapa and Ray on the couch
  • Chapa was amazed that Bose found out something. She also rubbed his his hair
  • When Bose was about to slip, Chapa went to her knees slightly
  • Chapa was disgusted by Bose and Glerp gribbling
  • Chapa pointed out to Bose that he can't go in puplic with an alien
  • Chapa thought it was ridiculous when Glerp accused them all of being in love with Bose
  • Chapa said that Bose's face looked like an elephant's butt.
  • Chapa teased Mika several times that she was jealous of Glerp and Bose
  • When Mika said that they all love Bose, Chapa tauntingly told Ray that some of them love Bose more than the others do (she meant Mika)
  • When Chapa realized that Glerp is a danger to Bose and the others, she told Glerp that she had to let him go and became aggressive in the process
  • Chapa explained to Mika that it helps when Glerp beats up Ray, as she can vent her anger about having to leave Bose

Drive Hard

  • Bose loved Chapa's mission name.
  • Chapa and Bose sorta hugged.
  • Afterwards, Chapa and Bose both grabbed the steering wheel.
  • He also liked her idea even though she stole it from Mika.
  • Bose said he's terrified of Chapa
  • When Bose kicked one of Deuce Van Nuys's goons off the RV, Chapa smiled and looked proud of Bose.
  • Chapa (And Mika) Told Bose that he had to get back in the RV and drive.
  • Bose hugged Chapa(And Mika, Miles, and Ray)
  • When Bose was driving, Chapa was in the passenger's seat.
  • Bose and Chapa both sat next to each other on the couch.

Season 2 Moments

An Imposter Among Us

  • When Chapa asked where the VR headset came from, Bose said that he found it outside the Man's Nest.
  • When Ray wanted Bose to levitate Chapa away from him, Bose refused, saying he was too scared of her to do so.
  • Bose and Chapa (along with Miles and Ray) agreed that Mika was acting suspicious.
  • When Ray asked Miles, Chapa and Bose about his electric eel video, Bose and Chapa (along with Miles) said, "Eh."
  • When Bose said "A horse's birthday party," Chapa had a surprised look on her face.


  • When Bose excitedly said, "We'll be a Zoo," it seemed like Chapa was trying not to laugh.
  • Chapa grabbed Bose's arm.
  • Bose put his arm around Chapa, holding her by the shoulder.
  • Chapa helped to get rid of the tattoo.
  • She probably also helped put on the wig.
  • Bose and Chapa both said 'Uhh' together.
  • In doing so, they both look at each other.
  • When Ray told Bose that Ray needs Bose and Chapa to follow Krampus and make sure Krampus doesn't kramp anybody, Bose and Chapa were happy that they were going together,
  • Bose and Chapa both investigated Krampus together.
  • Chapa touched Bose's arm before saying 'Here we go.'
  • When they found out Bose was the one who gave Krampus the Power Milk, Chapa started the 'Oh...my...god...' by saying the 'Oh...' first.
  • She was the first one to run over to the Power Milk containers.
  • She was the first one to read the ingredients on the Power Milk and also said another ingredient.
  • Chapa (along with everyone else) was surprised when Bose explained what "Riboflavin" is
  • Bose and Chapa (Along with Ray) both did a commercial for power milk together.
  • When Bose's hair grew back, Chapa was happy, smiling, and clapping her hands above her head.
  • She also pointed at Bose,
  • When Bose said to Ray 'We bet on you,' Chapa followed it with 'because you told us to,' and Bose agreed with her saying 'And then you lost!'
  • When Chapa said 'For hitting Archduke Frenando below the belt' Bose agreed with her saying 'Repeatedly'.

Mika's Musical

  • Chapa helped Bose remember what actors say, to which he immediately agrees with her.
  • After the call with the vice mayor, Chapa said Bose 'clearly stated' the problem (this could also be meant sarcastic)
  • Chapa said to the vice mayor while her hand was sparking as she backed him up against the wall 'No! You're going to go back out there and finish watching your stepson's play and when it's over you're going to clap so hard your hands hurt and if they don't hurt I AM GOING TO MAKE THEM HURT! Are we clear?'
  • During the musical Bose helped Chapa twirl
  • He also dipped her.

Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?

  • Bose stated that he loved Chapa’s plan to find the Man Buggy.
  • He also stated that he loved her plan of being proactive.
  • He was happy when she said he was coming with her.
  • Chapa wanted Bose to come with her.
  • When they were about to leave, Chapa grabbed Bose.
  • Bose and Chapa both said 'Down the tube!' together.
  • Bose and Chapa both went down the tube together.
  • They both came up the tube together.
  • In doing so, when Bose said "We got 'em," Chapa said "No we didn't," and Bose said "We didn't get 'em, but Volt did zap everyone wearing a red vest."

Power Problems

Part 1

  • While battling the Gas Clown, when Bose's power failed, resulting in him being hit in the face with a napkin holder, Chapa looked worried.
  • Chapa and Bose were sitting next to each other on the small steps when Captain Man was confronting the team about fighting without their powers.
  • When Bose suggested ordering food from Big Beard's, Chapa was the first one to agree, but not before reminding him that they just lost their powers

Part 2

  • When Bose asked if they lost their powers because a witch cursed them, Chapa (and Miles) seemed to agree, with Chapa saying, "We gotta roll on this witch."
  • Bose wanted Chapa to stay with him due to his fear of the dark.
  • Chapa feeds him some Big Beard food.
  • When Chapa stated the idea of going to Big Beard's with a blowtorch and duct tape, Bose liked that idea, happily replying, "Ohh, I know where we can get a duck."
  • Chapa helped him up when he fell off the small stairs in the Man's Nest.
  • He also hugged her.

Attack of the Clones

  • Chapa handed Bose a rag.
  • Clone Chapa and Clone Bose both destroyed Ray's old photo album.

Bottle Snatchers

  • Bose immediately agreed with Chapa when she said that the night was busted.
  • When Ray said to 'Open thine ears' Bose immediately panicked that his ears were closed. He grabbed Chapa by the shoulders and shook her while yelling, while Chapa was trying to calm him down.
  • When Bose got hit with a flying bottle, Chapa (and Miles and Mika) stopped, looking worried.

The Girl Who Cried Danger

  • Chapa was the first one to notice he was back.

Bilsky's Billions

  • Chapa and Bose (along with Mika) made jokes about Ray's fake teeth.
  • After being told that the clone situation happened last week, Bose said he agrees with “whatever Chapa said," with Chapa making a kind of "Thank you" gesture.
  • When Bose referred to himself as "a guy with great hair," Chapa made a weird face at him.
  • When Chapa was pushed by Ms. Shapen, Bose was the one to stop her from attacking Ms. Shapen.

Jack the Clipper

  • Chapa and Bose (along with the others) watch "Genuine Moments" together.
  • Chapa reminds Bose what the moon looks like, and Bose says "copy that"
  • Chapa fixes Bose's back.
  • Chapa and Bose both 'Catch The Criminal Jack The Clipper' both of them grabbing and holding onto 'Jack The Clipper's' arms.
  • When Bose took his hair helmet off and gave it to Chapa, she gave it back to him saying, "You might wanna leave the helmet on," and Bose did.

The Supies

  • Chapa grabbed Bose's phone out of his hand and said "You're done."
  • She later on held a mini fan in front of him.
  • When Chapa said "Who's up for some 'fried frog?,'" Bose was the only one who raised his hand.
  • When Bose asked Chapa if they like the toad twins, Chapa answered, "no."

When World Collide (Side Hustle)

  • When Chapa asked Bose what he sold instead of the t-shirts, Bose answered.
  • Bose and Chapa sat next to each other in the Man-Copter.
  • When Brainstorm asked Lex, Presley and Munchy what the award was for best costume, Chapa said, "Brainstorm, please focus."
  • When Brainstorm asked the Side Hustle group if they wanna buy misprinted Danger Force shirts, Chapa snatched it away from him and said "Danger 'Forks,' out"

Let's Go to the Movies!

  • When Ray brought up that Bose could 'brain-lift' a Swellview City Bus onto a bad guy's face, Chapa looked at him impressed.
  • Chapa and Bose both used their powers on Ray.
  • They were the first two to lay insults on Ray.
  • Chapa helped Bose figure out how many days there are in a week.
  • When Chapa was pitching her movie idea, she let Bose take a bathroom break.
  • Chapa and Bose (along with Ray, Miles and Mika) told Chest Monster to shut up.
  • When they went upstairs to pitch their movie idea to Deuce Van Nuys, they saw him talking with the dummy and stopped in their tracks and Chapa stumbled backwards and Bose caught her.

Minyak Attack

  • Bose unknowingly signs for a fake package being delivered by Chapa in her "Delivery Joe" disguise.
  • While he was doing so he touched Chapa's hand.
  • While Chapa was grabbing the papers from Bose and walked away, she was looking at Bose the whole time.
  • When Bose accidentally ruined his mom's painting, he went to Chapa (along with Ray) first
  • Later in the episode she helped Bose again (along with Mika)
  • Chapa and Bose both covered their ears together.

Street Fightin'

  • Chapa and Bose were at Hip Hop Puree together.
  • Chapa stood up for Bose when he was being picked on.
  • Bose smirked when Crank asked if Chapa was his mommy.
  • Chapa wanted to light Crank up as revenge for being mean to Bose.
  • Bose stopped her from using her powers on Crank.
  • He reminded her that they can't use their powers unless they're in their uniforms and fighting crime.
  • Bose calls Chapa "Sparky." as reference to her superpower being electrokinesis.
  • When the others said they wanted to get revenge on Crank for being mean to Bose, Chapa agrees and says 'Right behind you' 3 times and does a 'come on' gesture with her arm.
  • At the opening of the Street Fightin' competition, Chapa and Bose were talking lively gesturing. Then Chapa helps him put on his dragon hat.
  • Bose smirked as Chapa said: We're only here for Bose.
  • When Bose defeated the guys in the first fight, Chapa was very pleased and grabbed his arms.
  • Bose smiled as Chapa fought.
  • Bose and Chapa each defeated the opposing teams.
  • Chapa said she will protect Bose.
  • When she saw Bose's head in the toilet, she worriedly said 'Bose!' and she started running towards him but got caught.
  • When Chapa was about to attack Crank, Bose offered to stop her but failed.
  • Bose (and Mika) stopped Chapa from using her powers on Crank again.
  • Chapa said that Bose is the only pure and innocent thing left in the world.
  • Chapa agreed with Ray when he said that Bose was the sweetest kid he ever knew.
  • Chapa called Crank a gunch for dumping trout pot pie puree all over Bose's head.
  • Chapa zaps and electrocutes Crank and the Chain Gang as revenge for being mean to Bose, though she was taking the excessive force a little too far
Chose hug

Bose and Chapa hug

Chapa's Phone Home

  • Bose finally remembered that Chapa's phone got stolen, as he (along with Miles and Mika) reminded Ray.
  • Chapa sat on Bose's desk.
  • Chapa and Bose both laughed when Ray called Mika and Schwoz "nerds."
  • Chapa asked Bose if he was actually scared of "a little robot," to which, he replies that he's scared of garbage cans.
  • Bose (and Mika) suggested that Chapa should actually spend more time looking for her phone.
  • As soon as Chapa found her phone, Bose fainted.
  • Chapa pushed Bose twice.
  • Bose finally admitted that he was the boy who stole Chapa's phone, though he explains how it really happened.
  • He admits that he was scared to return it to her after all that time. However, Chapa forgave him, and they hugged.
  • Little Bose asked Little Chapa if he could borrow her phone to video chat a puppy.
  • Little Chapa let him borrow it.
  • Bose apologized for stealing Chapa's phone.
  • When Bose revealed that's he's the one who stole Chapa's phone, Chapa didn’t zap him nor hurt him.
  • Chapa gave Bose two seconds to flashback.
  • Chapa said she expects more from Bose.
  • Bose (and Mika) said that Chapa should be happy that Chapa has her phone again.
  • Chapa and Bose have an intense conversation about her phone being stolen by him and Chapa tells Bose that he stole her phone, her innocence and he ruined her life, but Bose said that it wasn't like that at all.

Uncle Hambone

  • Bose said that he always imagined Chapa living with wolves.
  • When Bose thought Chapa was mad, Bose immediately said his idea was Mika's idea. After Chapa said she was fine, Bose immediately said it was his idea.
  • Bose tells Chapa to tell Uncle Hambone he said hi.
  • When Mika, Miles, and Bose arrived at Chapa's house and Chapa asked what where they doing here, Bose immediately said that they wanted to come and say hi. Than Bose smiled, waved, and said 'Hi'.
  • Chapa thanked Bose (and Miles and Mika) for the idea working.
  • When the others find out Chapa has a sister, Bose asks how long has that been going on, and Chapa answered him.

New School Who Dis?

  • When a boy smiles at Chapa from his lunch table Bose tells her that it’s a sign of aggression from chimpanzees.
  • When Bose said 'Someone cheeseball me,' Chapa was the one to do so.
  • When Bose said 'And when we catch the person who is doing these crimes, we'll...catch em.' Chapa agreed with Bose saying 'Yeah' and was looking at Bose while Bose said that sentence, and they were also standing next to each other.
  • After Chapa did her basketball trick, Bose smiled at Chapa.
  • Bose and Chapa both entered the gym together and stood next to each other.
  • At lunch time, Bose and Chapa were the only ones who used their powers.

Class Action Heroes

  • When Bose said “I’m remembering things my teacher said hours after he said them,” Chapa said, "That’s called learning, my guy.”
  • Chapa informs Bose that they really aren't going to the butt doctor.
  • Chapa tells Bose to relax when he said he doesn't want to be pulled out of school.
  • When Bose said he had to cancel his butt doctor appointment, Chapa looked at him.
  • When Bose called Persia the "land of cats," Chapa looked at him.
  • When Bose asked why they couldn’t tell Ray the truth, Chapa said that Ray can’t handle the truth.
  • Chapa tells Bose that she has a feeling Ray is going to come back for them.
  • At Chapa's Basketball game before Ray, dressed as a ref, took her out of the game, Bose was really the only one watching her play, while Miles was busy making sandwiches, and Mika was busy still staring at that guy, and Bose noticed that Ray was back.
  • When Bose said "Mr. Luhan has been so great at 'learning me English,'" Chapa looked at him in a weird way.
  • Chapa said surprisingly that Bose was getting smarter when he said he wished they could switch places with their clone clones.
  • Bose thought it was gonna be him and Chapa confessing to Ray.
  • When Bose asked if Ray's figured out that they left him with the clone clones, Chapa scoffed and said "no."
  • When Bose asked again later on, Chapa said "Pretty sure he knows, dude."

Wedding of the Trentury

  • When Danger Force heard Captain Man screaming in a distance and Chapa asked if that was him, Bose said that it sounded like him saying that it's not him.
  • When Bose pulled a microphone from his pocket, Chapa looked at it.
  • When Bose asked who was gonna be Tracy, Chapa looked at him.


Trojan Force

  • Chapa and Bose (along with Ray and Schwoz) were singing "The Final Countdown" together.
  • Chapa knew the moment Bose wouldn't understand what's going on.
  • She was also taken aback by the fact that Bose doesn't wash his hands
  • Chapa and Bose were sitting next to each other when Ray was explaining his plan to get the basketball back.
  • Bose was helping Chapa get back down safely to the ground.
  • Chapa and Bose were next to each other inside the wooden horse.
  • Chapa had Bose sing the song about not drinking anything suspicious.
  • She also had Bose sing another song that determines which wire to cut when the basketball thief planted a decoy, which was a bomb.
  • Under the pressure of Bose trying to remember the lyrics, Chapa didn't use her powers on him.
  • When Bose kept singing, Chapa grabbed his uniform and told him he can stop, but then patted him and apologized.

We Did a Bad Thing

  • Chapa and Bose both said that their parents would kick them out of Danger Force.
  • When Bose said that knocking Officer Walnut out with a frying pan would make her forget things, Chapa agreed with him.
  • When Bose yelled out for Schwoz, Chapa covered his mouth while (along with Mika and Miles) shushing him.
  • Bose opened the door for Chapa.
  • Bose and Chapa were next to each other when they were tied up.
  • Both Chapa and Bose (along with Miles and Mika) were devastated that their parents said they were out of Danger Force.

Season 3 moments

The Force Returns

Part 1

Part 2

Big Dynomite

Hey, Where's Schwoz?

  • Bose and Chapa salsa dance together
  • When Chapa brought up the time when they had to protect Duke Wellington's ponytail, Bose said that was fun
  • Bose said he does what Chapa does
  • Chapa (and Mika) help Bose blend in with The Cell
  • Chapa (and Mika) were worried when The Cell kidnapped Bose
  • Chapa (and everyone else) was happy when Buddy said he already put batteries in the device that was tracking Bose
  • Chapa hoped that The Cell wasn't mean to Bose (and Schwoz)

Dumber Force

Bose's Birthday Party

Ray Forgives

The Battle for Swellview


  • Havan Flores (actress of Chapa) said in her commentary on Insta that Chapa and Bose's affection is not romantic, just platonic.
  • When it comes to fear, they are exactly the opposite.


  • They both are Superheroes
  • They both wear ripped jeans
  • They both are ashamed of their parents
  • They both like Drake
  • They both like to insult Ray at times
  • They both wear similar clothes
  • They both have brown eyes
  • They both are similar to Ray and are like Ray split in two
  • They both have a phone now after the events of "Chapa's Phone Home"
  • Both of their parents would kick them out of Danger Force if they ever found out
  • They both have brown hair (in season 1)


  • Chapa is smart, Bose is not, but he knows it.
  • Chapa gets mad a lot, Bose doesn't
  • Chapa is very brave, whereas Bose is afraid, but has become braver over time
  • Chapa is a girl, Bose is a boy
  • Bose's signature color is blue, Chapa's signature color is red
  • Bose has dimples and Chapa doesn't
  • Bose has long hair and Chapa has short hair
  • Bose's hair is brown and Chapa's hair is red (In season 2) and black (in season 3)
  • Bose has thin lips and Chapa has plump lips
  • Chapa has a biological little sister and Bose has a step-sister.
  • Bose is taller than Chapa.
  • Bose's superhero suit gloves cover all parts of his hands and Chapa's gloves are finger-less.
  • Chapa loves violence and Bose doesn't.