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Entrance to Bordertown, home of Frittles.

Bordertown file

KLVY News photo of Bordertown.

Bordertown is a city located within close proximity to Swellview. It is described as gross according to Swellview citizen Trent Overunder. Swellview shows little to no mercy for Bordertown, even if any catastrophe were to occur there. Bordertown was first mentioned in Gas Or Fail, where the toxic gas in Swellview made its way towards Bordertown, making it their problem.

In the episode The Trouble With Frittles, Bordertown, alongside two other cities, were affected by the explosion of the Frittle Factory in Swellview, caused by Captain Man and Kid Danger.

It makes a quick appearance in The Adventures of Kid Danger episode The Sushi Sitter, where Drill Finger forces Henry to drive there to escape the cops.

In Henry's Frittle Problem, Jake Hart gets a job at the Frittle Factory in Bordertown. It is believed that this frittle factory may be different from the factory in its last appearance.


  • Swellview's disgust for Bordertown is similar to the rivalry between the cities from The Simpsons, Springfield and Shelbyville.
  • It could also partially be based on sports rivalries such as the Lakers/Celtics rivalry of NBA or Chicago Bears/Green Bay Packers rivalry, which involve the opposing cities not seeing eye to eye.