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Works for Captain Man

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Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Henry Hart (Kid Danger)
Charlotte Page
Schwoz Schwartz


Ray Manchester (Captain Man)

First Appearance

The Secret Gets Out

Last Appearance

Danger Games

Portrayed By

William Romeo

Bork is a recurring character on Henry Danger. He works for Captain Man. He gave Charlotte the pickle test, where she had to take a pickle out of a jar in less than five minutes, to see if she could work for Captain Man. Since then, he has appeared in a few later episodes.


Bork is a muscular man with long hair and can always be seen wearing a black tank top.


In The Secret Gets Out, he closes a jar with a lid so that Charlotte tries to open it. Charlotte breaks the jar, then when he comes back and sees his favorite jar broken, he becomes sad and sheds a tear.

In Captain Man: On Vacation, he appears carrying Ray's luggage, then Ray gives him a piece of meat and he leaves. Later, he is seen in the Man Cave, celebrating with Schwoz at the party that he organized as Ray was gone. He takes Charlotte with him when she was complaining about it, Henry tells his to put her down.

In Henry's Jelly, Ray was practicing wrestling with Bork at the Man Cave. Ray seems to be defeating him easily, which makes Ray brag. Henry and Charlotte point out to him that Bork doesn't seem to be taking the fight seriously, so Ray tells Bork, and when he tries to fight him Bork easily knocks him down in two chances giving him a blow to the head.

In Twin Henrys, he was training with Ray while Schwoz and Charlotte watched them training and Ray beat Bork and Bork sat next to Schwoz and Ray challenged Charlotte to fight and Charlotte used a blaster and shot Ray and Bork and Schwoz laughed and Bork went to After leaving Gerta in the form of Henry at the Hart House Bork, Ray, Henry, Schwoz and Charlotte watched the MMA fight and Ray and Henry argued and the fight was over and Henry and Ray got mad that they couldn't watch.

In Green Fingers, went with Schwoz to the Hart House and Ray asked Bork to get him out of the cart and Bork helped Ray, WhenPiper tried to leave Bork prevented Piper from escaping. Piper managed to escape and everyone worried and Bork caught to Piper and returned her to the house, After Schwoz found the cure he healed everyone in the Hart Henry House, Charlotte and Ray took out Schwoz and asked Bork to put Schwoz in the cart and Bork put Schwoz in the cart and I throw Schwoz.

In Danger Games, Schwoz showed Bork and Ray a magic trick by breaking in two and Ray and Bork laughed at him and Henry and Charlotte arrived with the unconscious Game Shakers and Ray told Bork to take the part where Schwoz talks and Bork took that part.



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