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“Bose's Birthday Party”
Season 3, Episode 10
Bose's Birthday Party
Air Date

February 7, 2024

Prod. Code



Nathan Knetchel


Adam Weissman

Episode Chronology

Don't Go In There!


Ray Forgives

Bose's Birthday Party is the tenth episode of Season 3 of Danger Force. It premiered on February 7, 2024 to an audience of 0.08 viewers. The episode also simulcasted on Nicktoons.


Mika and Chapa paint the banner for Bose's birthday party and Miles blows up a balloon, but it becomes huge until it pops because Miles was distracted trying to invite Sissy Kranz to Bose's party and his recent appearance in Cat Holder magazine. Mika is overwhelmed because Miles wanted to date her arch-enemy, but Miles told her that since Sissy's humiliation, she went to therapy and turned a leaf, willing to make peace. Chapa is amazed when she sees AWOL in the Cat Holder magazine and at the same time, Miles and Ray's phones burn up because several girls wanted to meet AWOL. Ray remembers when he was first in Cat Holder magazine, which attracted several girls. The three kids begin to guess Ray's age, believing that he was too old before they noticed the banner for Bose's birthday, which was being held at Buddy's house. Ray thinks the surprise party could be ruined when Bose sees the sign, although the three say that Bose always forgot their birthdays, making Ray sad for a while. Ray tells the kids that he will spend a week with Credenza at The Wicker Inn, a hotel that, due to its accompaniments, could burn down, something that Ray denies and the kids think that they will only last one day. Bose arrives to deliver the Cat Holder magazine and tells that his stepsister, Poopsie, was now obsessed with AWOL, confusing Ray for not knowing about Poopsie, but Bose tells him that yesterday, he told him about his stepsister, a conversation that Ray wasn't paying attention to, for the condiments on his shirt. Schwoz arrives with the evil device to use as a disco ball for the birthday, but Ray reminds Schwoz to keep searching for the heart-shaped diamond, since he would use it as a ring to propose to Credenza. Ray orders Schwoz to find the diamond before the party. At the Fudgers house, Chapa puts on a clown mask after losing a bet with Blayne Kirkpatrick. Bose puts up the banner and is surprised at his surprise party. Miles and Sissy talk about Mika's hatred for her. Buddy tries to keep his house clean while his mother was away, lying that he would be with his dad and tries to tell his identity before Vice Mayor Willard and Poopsie show up. The Vice Mayor calls AWOL to entertain his daughter, warning that he would cancel the party and Miles is forced to arrive, being harassed by Poopsie.

During the party, Bose has fun with his friends while Chapa and Buddy talk about Bose having fun, watching him throw sunflower seeds. Poopsie continues to hug AWOL and he offered to bring cats to recreate the photo, telling Poopsie that if she destroyed the party, it would be a crime, watching her destroy an amceta. Sissy looks for Miles and tries to ask Mika for help, who mocks her and Miles arrives to meet her, flirting with Sissy. Poopsie continues destroying objects and Buddy indirectly asks Miles for help in calming Poopsie down. Bose tries to stop Poopsie from destroying things, but she refuses. Schwoz complains in the mine because he will never find the heart-shaped diamond, finding only diamond slippers until he meets a mining mouse who gives him a heart-shaped diamond. Bose talks to Blayde and watches him throw sunflower shells to establish dominance, while Poopsie continues destroying things until AWOL shows up. Miles tries to talk to Sissy, but Buddy asks him to be AWOL to stop Poopsie and Miles asks Mika to entertain Sissy for two minutes, with Mika's condition that she not have a genuine moment. AWOL shows up to meet with Poopsie, who sees there are no cats and keeps throwing things. Schwoz crashes into a tank at the Nest, damaging his suit, and the mouse offers him an outfit to go to the party. AWOL shows up to meet with Poopsie, who sees there are no cats and keeps throwing things. Schwoz crashes into a tank at the Man's Nest, damaging his outfit, and the rat offers him an outfit to go to the party. AWOL returns with a raccoon for the photo with Poopsie until Chapa interrupts, showing that Lil' Bobby was broadcasting from The Wicker Inn, where he interviewed Credenza and Ray, who decided to return home in 30 minutes due to traffic, but Credenza said that cutting through the shopping mall, they would arrive in 27 minutes. Lil' Bobby warns those who threw a party that they have 26 to 25 minutes to clean up. The party guests are amazed and Buddy asks for help to clean the house together, causing most of them to leave. Poopsie refuses to help and asks AWOL to teleport her away, but she is attacked by the raccoon and runs away, while Chapa plays music.

Bose apologizes for the disaster at the party and worries Buddy about the punishment he would receive, which is supported by Chapa. Sissy arrives to help clean up and save Buddy's life, help that Miles supports, unlike Mika. Bose and Chapa join Sissy, but before they begin, Mika and Sissy explain the plan to separate into different areas of the house and clean, just when they both realize their similar plans, becoming best friends and having a genuine moment. Blayde arrives to help clean the house and returns the Daytime Blimpie he stole as he too turned a leaf. Quickly, the kids and Blayde begin to clean the house and repair the objects that Poopsie broke. At the same time, Schwoz dresses up elegantly thanks to the mouse and takes the device to the party, crossing through a forest, where his slipper falls off and he must run fast. With the house clean, Buddy and his friends celebrate until Ray and Credenza arrive, surprised that Buddy was not with his dad and Ray notices that Blayde was looking at him to establish dominance. Buddy lies because his friends didn't break anything including the blimpie, being supported by his friends in the lie. Credenza opens a shelf to eat some frittles and sees the sunflower seeds fall, scolding Buddy for having a party, believing that his friends were a bad influence, being supported by Ray. Schwoz arrives with the device, turning on the lights, surprising Credenza, who apologizes for scolding Buddy and is happy that he made friends, stating that she saw the light, while looking at the device with interest. Suddenly, a princess arrives with the diamond slipper and romantically, Schwoz goes with her, recovering her shoe and dancing with the Princess. Ray convinces everyone to celebrate and everyone in the house begins to dance and mingle.


Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]


  • The Princess putting the diamond slipper on Schwoz is a reference to Cinderella.
  • The situation of Miles transforming into AWOL and as his self is similar to what happened with Henry in the Henry Danger episode One Henry, Three Girls: Part 2.
  • Channah Zeitung also portrayed Cavekid.
  • This is the first episode without The Cell since Miles Sells His Soul.
  • Miles is the only one who uses his superhero suit.
  • It is revealed that Celia and Vice Mayor Willard got married during Bose's birthday.
  • This episode is similar to Rubber Duck in that both episodes involve the teens trying to hide something from their parents.
  • The majority of this episode takes place in the Fudgers' house.
  • It is revealed via the KLVY News chyron during the Lil' Bobby Newser segment that Duke E. Dawg has died.
    • It is also revealed that Duke E. Dawg’s full name is Duke Ellis Dawgdonavich.
  • The Daytime Blimpie is a parody of the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Blimp.

Series continuity[]

  • Mika still had a grudge against Sissy since Miles Sells His Soul, until they work together.
  • The events of Miles Sells His Soul are mentioned.
  • Every time Bose told Ray about Poopsie and he got distracted by food is similar to when Charlotte was trying to tell her friends that she was dating Jack Swagger in the Henry Danger episode Cave the Date.
  • This is the second time the Vice Mayor says “I’m the Vice Mayor. Not the Nice Mayor.” The first being in the Henry Danger episode Budget Cuts.


International Premires[]

  • January 18, 2024 (Italy)
  • February 9, 2024 (United Kingdom)
  • February 10, 2024 (Mexico)
  • February 22, 2024 (Latin America)


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