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Learning is not really my thing.
— Bose in Chapa's Crush
Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm)
Bose (1)
Full Name

Bose O'Brian


Brainstorm (second identity)
Gorgeous Hair Boy (KLVY)
Bosey (by Schwoz and Ray)
Dimples (by Ray)
Brainbender (by Ray)
Bo-bo (by Celia)
Danny Dimples (by Tilda)
Dr. Minyak (disguise)
Honey (by Mika)
The dumb one (by Schwoz)
Sweetie (by Mika)
Boo (by Mika)
Baby boy (by Mika)
Baby (by Mika)
The Not Smart One (by Ray)
Buddy (by Mika, Chapa, and Ray)
Earthling (by Derp)
Trash Boy (by Duke Wellington)
Broomstorm (by Frankini)
Number 8 (disguise)



Date of Birth

12-13 (Season 1)
13-14 (Season 2)
14-15 (Season 3)

Resides in



Superhero sidekick/superhero in training (formerly)
Nacho Ball worker
Student (graduated)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Celia O'Brian (mother)
Vice Mayor Willard (stepfather)
Poopsie Willard (stepsister)
Cassie Willard (step-cousin)
Unnamed Father


Glerp (ex-girlfriend)
Leigh Ann (date)
Sydney (date)
Melbourne (date)
Lilith (on her side)
Kennedy (kissed)
Mika Macklin (ShoutOut)
(love interest)


Miles Macklin (AWOL)
Chapa De Silva (Volt)
Mika Macklin (ShoutOut)
Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Schwoz Schwartz
Henry Hart
Tiny Ray
Chest Monster
Frankini (frenemy)
Monsieur Man
Finn and Quinn
Lay Lay
Sadie Alexander
Buddy Fudgers (Lil' Dynomite)
Blayne Kirkpatrick


Drex Stinklebaum (formerly)
Dr. Minyak
Rick Twitler
Frankini (frenemy)
Big Beard
Derrick Face
The Cell
Mitch Bilsky
Credenza Fudgers (formerly)
Comet Monster


SW.A.G. (formerly)
Swellview High School (graduated)


Danger Force
Nacho Ball

First Appearance

The Beginning of the End

Last Appearance

The Battle for Swellview

Portrayed By

Luca Luhan
Talon Proc Alford (Youth, Chapa's Phone Home)

Bose O'Brian, also known as the superhero Brainstorm, is a main character in Danger Force. He is portrayed by Luca Luhan.


The Fate of Danger, Part 2 (94)

Bose discovering his powers.

It all started when Bose was taken care of by Captain Man and Kid Danger in the Man Cave, where he witnessed the return of Drex Stinklebaum and his revenge plan to erase everyone's memory of Captain Man. Bose along with Mika, Chapa, and Miles confronted Drex's cavemen and was exposed to the explosion of the Omega Weapon, where Bose gained telekinesis powers. To learn how to be heroes, Bose, Mika, Chapa, and Miles were recruited by Ray and Schwoz to train at the Swellview Academy for the Gifted, where they had to pass various tests of their powers.

Chapa's Crush (544)

Brainstorm using his telekinesis.

Bose gave himself the superhero name "Brainstorm". Bose and his friends now known as the Danger Force have faced dangerous villains like The Toddler, Rick Twitler, Krampus, Take-Out and many more while learning to be heroes. Eventually, his mother, Celia, discovered that Bose was Brainstorm, forbidding him to fight crime, but following the rise of The Cell, Bose returned to the Danger Force. After graduating from Swellview High School at the behest of Mitch Bilsky, Bose developed a new sense of intelligence. After four years working as sidekicks and defeating the Comet Monster, Bose and the Danger Force became the new protectors of Swellview following Ray's retirement.

Description & Personality


Bose's alter-ego, Brainstorm.

Bose is handsome, confident, happy and dim-witted. He is fully aware that he is not the smartest one in the group and he is totally fine with it. He believes everything and everyone is great. He is like a happy puppy in a 12-year-old's body. Bose just wants to have a good time and luckily he thinks almost anything is fun. He seems to be sad for not knowing his biological father.

As Brainstorm, he wears a blue and black suit with a logo on his chest with arrows pointing upwards. He also has a logo on his belt resembling a hurricane, tilted. On his face, he wears a black mask with a blue line on top. His gloves cover all parts of his hands.

Powers and Abilities


  • Telekinesis: After the Omega Weapon explosion, Bose gained the ability to lift things and/or people with his mind. Originally, Bose had to put in a great deal of concentration just to move small objects, but he later learned how to move large objects and people with little to no effort. In A Cyborg Among Us, Bose was able to use this power to slow the descent of the Man's Nest, which was falling from space at "two brazillion miles per hour" and later put it back in place at the top of Mount Swellview, though he was rather exhausted afterwards. Although Bose and the Danger Force would lose their powers due to the food served by Big Beard. However, Bose would regain his power thanks to his clone's DNA.

Former Powers

  • Conversion sneeze: When Bose was infected with the computer virus in the episode "A Cyborg Among Us", he had the ability to infect other people and turn them into viruses by sneezing on them.


  • Skilled Fighter: After several months of training under and fighting crime alongside Captain Man, Bose has become a capable combatant. In A Danger Among Us, Bose and the other members of Danger Force were able to take on the indestructible elite fighter, Drex. Although, Drex had been neglecting his exercise routine due to being locked in a prison cell.
  • Driving: Despite his young age, Bose has his legal driving license, so he can drive a vehicle. In Drive Hard, he has driven the van during the road trip to go to Hollywood. During Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?, Bose has driven the Man Buggy.
  • Bilinguism: Thanks to TV shows he watched during the quarantine, Bose learned to speak German and Italian, as well as talk to goats.
  • Impressions: Bose has a natural talent for imitating voices. In Hey, Where's Schwoz?, he replicated Frankini's voice perfectly.

Rogues Gallery

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  • He was first introduced in the Henry Danger episode The Beginning of the End.
  • He thinks ghosts like soup as revealed in Ray Goes Cray.
  • He has a stuffed teddy bear named Boo-Boo-Pew-Pew as revealed in Mime Games.
  • In Quaran-kini, he learned German, Italian, and Sign language by watching TV.
  • In Radioactive Cat, his last name is revealed to be "O'Brian".
  • Before Mika in the Middle, he and Ray ordered illegal hair products from China to keep their good looks, until Mika snitched on them.
  • Bose briefly got a job at Nacho Ball in Down Goes Santa: Part I.
  • It is revealed that Bose is afraid of the dark in Power Problems, Part 2.
  • In Lil' Dynomite, Ray put Bose in charge of his schedule.
  • He has his own house.
  • As of Drive Hard, he is the second underage character to obtain and use a Driver's License, the first being Piper Hart.
  • In Mika's Musical, it is revealed that Bose has a scenic panic.
  • In When Worlds Collide, it is revealed that Bose's zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • In Chapa's Phone Home it is revealed that he was the boy who stole Chapa's phone 8 years ago but it was an accident and he tried to return it to her but he ended up being too scared to give it back to her and in the end Chapa forgives him for it.
  • In Unmasked, it is revealed that Bose's voice is a baritone.
  • Bose is the only member of Danger Force who has been in the Man Cave.
  • In Dumber Force, he officially graduates from Swellview High School and becomes smarter.
  • Bose wrote two books: "Door" and "Just Be Your Handsome Self and Everyone Will Like You", which was forwashed by Jackie Chan.
  • In The Battle for Swellview, Bose discovers that his telekinesis does not work on gaseous substances, as there's nothing for him to "brain on to".


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