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Quit your job!
— Brad to Henry in Invisible Brad
Brad Belcher
Full Name

Bradley G. Belcher


Invisible Brad



Resides in



Ray Manchester (Captain Man) (frenemy)


Henry Hart (Kid Danger) (formerly)
Charlotte Page (formerly)
Schwoz Schwartz (formerly)

First Appearance

Invisible Brad

Last Appearance

Visible Brad

Portrayed By

Jake Farrow (voice)
Bing Putney
Brandon Weaver (original performer)

Bradley G. Belcher is a recurring character on Henry Danger. He was Ray's longtime friend who was accidentally turned invisible and has seeked revenge for his transparency.

Wanting to be a sidekick to Captain Man, he tried everything to get rid of Kid Danger just to be his partner in crime.

To settle the feud once and for all, the heroes agree to help Brad become visible again. He regains his physical appearance and he no longer holds any grudges against either hero.

Description & Personality[]

Brad Belcher was once an average person in Swellview who could be seen by anyone. At some point, he met Ray Manchester, and the two became great friends. Because of his history with Ray, he also knows he is the superhero Captain Man and may also know his ex-sidekick Drex Stinklebaum. According to Brad's words, before he turned invisible, he was a handsome looking man and neatly groomed. After being invisible for 15 years he could not see what he looked like in a mirror, and when he was visible once more, his appearance changed to that of a man with long, unkempt black hair, wearing a gray sleeveless t-shirt, boxers (no pants), and he appeared chubby.

His characteristics may be partially based on Dr. Griffin the "Invisible Man", because after becoming invisible, Brad would show signs of revenge and frustration and did so when he would try to get rid of those who stood in his way.

In an attempt to become visible again, he asks for Captain Man and Kid Danger's help in restoring him to his former self. Having been ridiculed by Brad, Ray is initially reluctant to help him, not forgetting he trapped him in a coffin with Henry. Ray eventually agrees, and in return, Brad helps the duo catch a thief.


Henry Danger[]

In Invisible Brad, Brad turned invisible when Captain Man dodged a shot that could turn anybody invisible. It hit him, and he wanted something in return. He wanted to be Captain Man's sidekick, but the job was already occupied by Henry. He sabotaged Henry to become his sidekick. When Charlotte came up with a plan to get revenge, the plan went south when Ray told her and Henry that Brad was hit by a bus when they were going out for a walk after getting a few root beers and taking a selfie.

In Grave Danger, it is revealed he faked his death by first and made Ray behave weird. Then, Henry, Charlotte and Schwoz find out that a chair is moving from two days ago via camera. Charlotte gives a theory that Brad is alive so Kid Danger and Captain Man go to the Swellview Cemetery and dig up his grave and he's right behind them. Brad buries them and goes to the Man Cave and uses Ray's gum ball tube to transform into Captain Man but he goes by "Captain Brad". Henry and Ray come down the tubes and Ray starts chasing Brad but Henry uses bear spray in his eyes.

Due to being invisible, he is likely in a detainment cell somewhere in the Man Cave as the Swellview Police would have difficulty believing an invisible man caused crimes let alone finding him.

Visible Brad

Brad's actual form.

Brad returns in Visible Brad, hoping to reappear as a physical presence once again. He is in the Man Cave talking to Henry, Ray, Charlotte, Schwoz, and Piper. After settling a deal with the heroes. He agrees to help the heroes if they make him visible again. They agree and Brad helps Henry levitate a book, and Tatiana allows them inside. however Brad didn't lift anything and before Stu threw a card at Henry Brad came in just in time and defeated Stu. Schwoz later turned Brad visible and once he was visible he was excited to see himself in 15 years but realized he didn't brush his teeth, comb his hair, work out or anything. He later went into Schwoz's shower to cry.

The Adventures of Kid Danger[]

In Fails, Brad goes undercover at the Man Cave to threaten Henry and Ray to post embarrassing videos about them. To stop uploading the videos, Brad negotiated to be visible again and the heroes and Schwoz agreed, but only made his belly visible, something that annoyed him, until Henry and Ray agreed to take him to their favorite amusement park, Six Poles, where Brad, Henry, and Ray had fun together.

Former Powers[]

  • Invisibility: After an accident that involved him getting shot by an insane criminal, Brad turned invisible for 15 years and didn't have the ability to turn visible until the events in Visible Brad, he became visible again after helping Captain Man and Kid Danger, meaning he doesn't have this power anymore.


Henry Danger []

The Adventures of Kid Danger[]



  • Jake Farrow, who voiced the character, also voiced Rex in Victorious and played Gavin in Drake & Josh.
    • He is also a voiceover for several minor characters in Henry Danger.
  • He was the first villain in the series to know that Ray is Captain Man and Henry is Kid Danger.
  • He is the second character who thought to be dead for many episodes and then revealed to be alive. The first is Toddler and the third is the Beekeeper.
  • Ray once let him stay in the Man Cave for 2 months after his girlfriend dumped him.
  • Ray once lent him $4,000 so that he could buy a hot tub.
  • Ray also paid for Brad's nose job.
  • In the episode Invisible Brad, he wanted to replace Henry as a sidekick; in Grave Danger, he wanted to replace Ray so he could be a super hero.
  • He is one of four villains (along with Gwen, Drex Stinklebaum and Rick Twitler) who currently know the real identities of Captain Man and Kid Danger.
    • Although, Rick Twitler briefly lost his memory and did not remember it.
  • Brad is wearing a t-shirt that reads "Jimmy Eat World". Jimmy Eat World is a rock band known for their 2001 single The Middle.
  • He sleeps in Schwoz’s shower.