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Full Name




Resides in


Criminal Occupation

Package Thief

Eye Color


Hair Color



Ray Manchester
Henry Hart
Captain Man
Kid Danger
Charlotte Page

First Appearance

Sister Twister, Part 1

Last Appearance

Game of Phones

Portrayed By

Adam Irigoyen

Brandon is a minor villain in Henry Danger. He is a package thief.

He is portrayed by Adam Irigoyen.

Description and Personality[]

Brandon is a thief with black hair and brown eyes. Despite being a package thief, Brandon seems friendly and reveals his crimes. Brandon, despite the criminal code, is willing to help Captain Man and Kid Danger find Chapa's phone.


In Sister Twister, Part 1, he steals different packages containing ties from Vice Mayor Willard, Kris Hart's iron and a record of season 2 of Will & Grace. Brandon finds a package at the Hart House and knowing it was a trap, he enters Ray and Henry's van, to whom he gives the package and they don't realize who it was because they were sleeping, but to realize it, it was too late, since the package exploded with glitter that Ray implanted. Upon reading an advertisement that Charlotte published about Junk N' Stuff store receiving items and not saying anything, Brandon became interested, handing over the things he stole and explaining how he did it to Charlotte, before realizing that Henry and Ray were there, who mocks While laughing, Brandon is terrified when Ray threatens him and is punched by Ray as it is "Avocado Day", while Ray took his tears and ants arrived with lasers in their butts.

In Game of Phones, he is brought to Junk N' Stuff by Captain Man and Kid Danger to ask for his help in locating Chapa De Silva's phone and laughs with them when they tell jokes about interrogations. Despite the criminal code, Brandon offers to help the heroes contact the thief of Chapa's phone and gives them the number twice so they could write it down, something they did not do, but they managed to locate the thief in No Man's Land.



  • Brandon is similar to Jeff Bilsky and Axel, in that they are petty criminals and openly revealed that they were guilty.


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