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That's my boy!
— Britney about Jeff
Britney Bilsky
Full Name

Britney Bilsky



Resides in


Eye Color


Hair Color



Mitch Bilsky (son)
Sharice (niece)
Jeff Bilsky (son)
Unnamed husband
Bysh Bilsky (daughter)
Billy Bilsky (son)

First Appearance

The Whole Bilsky Family

Last Appearance

The Whole Bilsky Family

Portrayed By

Lita Lopez

Britney Bilsky is a minor character in Henry Danger. She is the mother of Jeff, Mitch, Bysh, and Billy. She appeared in The Whole Bilsky Family.

She is portrayed by Lita Lopez.


Britney is an adult who has brown hair and blue eyes. Her behavior is somewhat coarse and rude. She seems to love her children, although she approves of the bad behavior some of them have. She and her husband seem to have influenced that as well.


In The Whole Bilsky Family, she appears at the Hart house with her children Billy and Mitch because of the dinner Piper had organized, she introduces herself with Jake and Henry, whom she makes uncomfortable because of her treatment. She talks to Jake about her daughter, Bysh. Then, she tells Piper that they can't start dinner without her oldest son, he comes along and turns out to be Jeff. Later, when the police arrive outside the Hart house she and her family are surprised and think they are there because of the Venetian ham that Jeff gotten. Jeff explains how he "bought" the ham, they believe him and get sentimental. They eat the ham quickly before the police entered. The police come in and arrest Piper. When they leave, Jeff eats the piece of ham he had saved and spits out the ink, then confesses that he stole the ham, being praised by Britney, who makes fun of that.


  • She was 3 times Swellview Miss Face Puncher.
  • Her family is known from criminal records as it is known that her husband and daughter were imprisoned. Her eldest son Jeff was also imprisoned multiple times.
    • Mitch is known in Swellview as a local jerk.
  • She, her daughter, Bysh, and her son, Billy, have the same first letter, B in their name.
    • That is the first letter of the surname Bilsky as well.
  • According to Jeff in Henry's Birthday, Britney doesn't have air conditioning in her home. She also let him move back in with her.
  • She was mentioned in the Danger Force episodes Bilsky's Billions and Dumber Force.