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Bro Toads
Bro Toads


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Superhero Sidekicks


Unnamed father


Major Babe


ShoutOut (rival)
Volt (rival)
AWOL (rival)
Brainstorm (rival)
Captain Man

First Appearance

The Supies

Last Appearance

The Supies

Portrayed By

Lazarus Tate (Ted)
Ethan Drew (Todd)

The Bro Toads are a duo of superhero sidekicks made up of brothers Ted and Todd and minor characters in Danger Force.

They are portrayed by Lazarus Tate and Ethan Drew respectively.

Description and Personality[]

Ted and Todd are a pair of toad brothers with white hair and green skin, as well as big lips. With The Supie Awards winning four times in a row as the best sidekicks, the Bro Toads became arrogant and mock anyone who tries to beat them like the Danger Force.


In The Supies, they had won The Supies four times in a row. During the 43rd Annual Supies, the Bro Toads were once again nominated for Best Sidekicks and show off their four trophies when they sit down with the Danger Force, mocking them for believing they could beat them for the nomination, annoying the four teenagers by stealing their food. The Bro Toads watched as Major Babe tied Henry Hart to a chair to expel him and greet him until AWOL teleports to Henry for help. At the time of the award, the Bro Toads won a Supie again and made fun of Danger Force, giving a speech for their new victory, however, Captain Man interrupted them, stating that the Danger Force are his best sidekicks and he steals the prize, so the Bro Toads and Major Babe chase after him.



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