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The Burbank Studios is where the shows Henry Danger and Danger Force is recorded. It is located at 3000 W Alameda Ave in Hollywood, California. [1]


  • This is the second show not being recorded at Nickelodeon on Sunset. Other DanWarp shows include Game Shakers and Zoey 101.
    • The move was to make room for Nick's new show Bella and the Bulldogs, since Nickelodeon on Sunset had the big backlot/parking lot for the football field scenes. Nick on Sunset has since closed.
  • Game Shakers recorded at this studio.
  • The show has also recorded some scenes at Paramount Studios and Hollywood Center Studios.
  • Danger Force records at stage 11, which is where previously Henry Danger recorded.
    • They shared the same complex with All That as the show is recorded next door at sound stage 9.
  • As of July 2021, Stage 9 will be taken by the Fairly OddParents reboot.


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