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Bysh Bilsky
Bysh the Bully
Full Name

Byshelle Bilsky





Resides in





Mitch Bilsky (brother)
Sharice (cousin)
Jeff Bilsky (older brother)
Unnamed father
Billy Bilsky (brother)
Britney Bilsky (mother)


Charlotte Page


Henry Hart
Jasper Dunlop
Captain Man
Charlotte Page (formerly)


Swellview Junior High

First Appearance

Brawl in the Hall

Last Appearance

Brawl in the Hall

Portrayed By

Marisa Baram

Byshell "Bysh" Bilsky is a student and school bully at Swellview Junior High, just like her brother Mitch Bilsky. Mitch challenged Henry to a fight and Bysh does the same to Charlotte.

She is portrayed by Marisa Baram.

Description and Personality[]

Byshell was not always a mean girl. At least, not until her 12th birthday party, when she tripped on her roller blades and lost a front tooth. A girl at the party pointed it out and called Bysh a "toothless doofus", with her cousin Sharice joining them. As a result, Bysh spent her high school years without having friends.

While it is stated Mitch is her brother, it is not made clear their relationship as siblings, or who is older or younger.


Bysh had just served her jail sentence and returned to Swellview Junior High. In the school, she overheard Charlotte laughing behind her back, and immediately threatens her.

In a janitor's closet, Charlotte would learn about Bysh's past life and what made her become a bully. She was teased at a very young age and never had any friends in high school. Charlotte told her she would be her friend and they both hugged it out. In spite of what happened in the closet, Captain Man and Kid Danger frame Bysh by putting stolen bank money in her locker and have the police arrest her. Much to Charlotte's disappointment, she promised to free Bysh from jail.


  • "Byshell" rhymes with Michelle.
  • Both Bysh and her brother have been to jail.
  • Unlike her brother, she redeems herself.
  • She was in the 3rd grade when she was 12.
  • She lost her front, permanent tooth the day before her twelfth birthday.
  • She is the only member of the Bilsky family to not appear in The Whole Bisky Family.
    • It could be possible that she had still been jail due to what Captain Man and Kid Danger did in Brawl in the Hall.