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“Captain Drex”
Season 5, Episode 39
Captain Drex Poster
Air Date

March 7, 2020

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Dave Malkoff


Adam Weissman

Episode Chronology

The Beginning of the End


The Fate of Danger: Part 1

Captain Drex is the thirty-ninth episode of the fifth season of Henry Danger. It premiered on March 7, 2020 to an audience of 0.89 million viewers.


Drex has tied up Captain Man, Bose, and Schwoz in the Man Cave. They ask how he was able to arrive in the present-day after they sent him 100 million years in the past. Drex explains that he had frozen himself and waited until climate change thawed him out. He had an army of cavemen that he had trained to hate Captain Man and Kid Danger by blaming every bad thing that happened on them. At home, Henry, Kris, and Jake are trying to avoid getting hurt by the cavemen. Jake doesn’t believe they’re real cavemen, thinking they’re actors, and they all go upstairs to Henry’s room. Charlotte and Piper find themselves in a cave where they run into Mitch, Ms. Shapen, and Jasper. Henry pulls out weapons from across the room to give the, to Kris and Jake so they could fight the cavemen. He then finds a gumball tube in his room and transforms into Kid Danger.

At the Man Cave, Drex is trying to think of ways to get his revenge on Captain Man. He then gets the memory wiper and challenges Schwoz to modify it so that it would work on everyone in Swellview. Offended, Schwoz accepts the challenge. Kris and Jake are shocked that Henry is Kid Danger. They are still angry that he failed high school, but they are also proud their son is a superhero. Kid Danger is about to leave to save Captain Man, and before he does, Kris and Jake tell him they love him. Jake and Kris attempt to fight off the cavemen, but they break their weapons. Then, Jake’s friend calls him. The cavemen pause their attack, and they like the music. Kris then quickly calls Jake again so the ringtone can play again, and the cavemen stop their attack again. Kid Danger arrives in the Man Cave to help Captain Man. Drex zaps Kid Danger with a laser gun, and he falls to the ground, and Drex orders the cavemen to sit on him.

Schwoz comes out with a new memory device capable of wiping the memories of everyone in Swellview. Schwoz then accidentally reveals that the memory wiper would only work if it were attached to aircraft, like a plane or a helicopter. Drex explains his plan: he would erase everyone’s memories of Captain Man in Swellview so that no one would remember who he was. Then, Drex would take a gumball and become the new Captain Man, tarnishing everyone’s impression of who he is. Drex takes the Time Ray and zaps Captain Man back in time 101 million years ago. Drex then takes Bose and Schwoz hostage so that Schwoz can help him operate the Memory Wiper. Kid Danger starts to think about what Charlotte, Jasper, and Piper would say if they were here. He starts to freak out, but then, Jasper, Charlotte, and Piper arrive in the Man Cave. Charlotte tells them that she has a plan.


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  • This episode was originally titled Return of The Drex.
  • This is the fifth episode to have the word "Captain" in the title.
  • Drex still has his indestructibility from the episode Back to the Danger: Part 2.
  • First revealed in Henry Danger: The Musical during Time for Lunch, Jake states he took an online Julliard acting class. In this episode, it is revealed he used "Julliard.com".
  • This is the thirteenth time Ray is Captain Man for the entirety of the episode.
  • In the end of the episode, there was a moment that was in memoriam of A.J. Dunn and Thomas Rasada, members of the Henry Danger crew that unfortunately passed away in 2019.
    • It is seen on Jake's phone an image of Thomas Rasada with the name "Tommy R".
  • This is the second time that someone is seen wearing Captain Man's uniform other than Ray. The first time was Brad wearing the uniform in Grave Danger.
  • This is the sixth time that Henry appears in the Hart house as Kid Danger.
  • This is the second time Henry transformed in front of someone in his room. The first being I Know Your Secret.
  • When Schwoz was about to smash the memory wiper he said "Schwoz Smash!", a reference to Hulk's catchphrase.
  • This is the third episode where Charlotte and Ray don't interact.


  • Humans and dinosaurs never coexisted.


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