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“Captain Man Strikes Out”
Season 1, Episode 21
Captain Man Strikes Out
Air Date

June 12, 2021

Prod. Code



Nathan Knetchel


Mike Caron

Episode Chronology

Miles Has Visions


Manlee Men

Captain Man Strikes Out is the twenty first episode of Season 1 of Danger Force. It premiered on June 12, 2021 to an audience of 0.34 million viewers.


A local museum is being robbed. Inside, Danger Force is acrobatically trying to catch the thief while Captain Man is rubbing soap on his hands. AWOL teleports in front of the Pittsburg Stealer knocking him down. Brainstorm grabs a fire extinguisher to bash on the head of the Pittsburg Stealer but is halted by the others because it is an original piece of modern art by Andy Warthog which is worth millions. Volt then decides to just zap the Pittsburg Stealer. Captain Man walks back in disappointment that he never got to participate in the fight. He then moves on and plays his theme song while destroying everything in the museum, which happens to end up being seen by Vice Mayor Willard.

At the Man's Nest, the Vice Mayor explains that the fire extinguisher Captain Man destroyed was worth over $4,000,000. Captain Man doesn't really care because all crime fighting damages are covered by the city. The Vice Mayor then threatens take away the Man Copter, Captain Man could just buy a new one, he then threatens to cancel Mom Con but Captain Man is banned from Mom Con, The Vice Mayor then threatens to rename one of the 12 streets name after Captain Man to Joey Lawrence. Captain Man is shocked and almost decides to apologize and repay all of the money but Danger Force said some ideas, but instead, Captain Man announces that he is going on strike.

At SWAG, Miles is trying to foresee the ending of the next battle pics movie but his visions don't work like that. Ray bursts in calming that there is an emergency, he reveals that he shot a $4,000,000 pro-crime commercial. Ray then drags the kids up to the Man's Nest to see his commercial which, is heard to be encouraging people to go on a crime spree. Post-Commercial, Ray reveals that he spent $9.000,000 on the ad. Ray then turns on KLVY to see the Vice Mayor cave. Instead, Trent and Mary announces that the Vice Mayor is going to replace Captain Man with the greatest superhero in France until Captain Man ends his strike. Swellview will be under the protection of Monsieur Man, leaving Ray in despair.

At the Man's Nest, Ray then is about to attack Monsieur Man but he pulls out an agreement stating that Monsieur Man has full rights to move into the Man Nest. The kids get an alert that at the Swellview Mall, a troop of silver foxes are on the loose. They need to go but Ray prohibits them from using his weapons. Monsieur Man claims that he does not need weapons to deal with situations. Ray begs Miles and Mika to not help Monsieur Man but since they are not on strike they have to go. Back at the Man's Nest, Ray comes out of the shower wearing several medals to make Monsieur Man jealous. Monsieur Man along with AWOL and ShoutOut return to the Man's Nest impressed by how well Monsieur Man handled the situation and even ends up on the News. It is revealed that Monsieur Man and Kim Danvers shared a kiss. Ray is enraged but before he could say something. The kids get another emergency alert but this time it is from Dinnyland. It is revealed that the emergency is that they need ride testers. Ray then officially hates the day.

At KLVY, Trent and Mary report that Danger Force has had a crazy week. They then state that nobody cares anymore about Captain's Man strike and when it will end. Ray hears that comment and throws ice cream at the screen making it turn off. Schwoz runs in alerting Ray that the kids need him at the Lava Lamp factory and that their Temp readings are almost at scary high. Ray ignores the warning because maybe Monsieur Man is handling the situation. Schwoz then sees that the temp readings are at scary high and forces Ray to go help them but Ray screams "THEY'RE FINE". It turns out at the Lava Lamp Factory, they are not fine as they are hanging over lava.

Back at the factory, the employees leave the kids and Monsieur Man to fall into the lava. Captain Man then waltz into the factory to "save the kids". Captain Man then doesn't pull the lever and claims that the kids set up this fake situation to show Captain Man that he was never needed in situations anymore. The Lava Lamp Factory CEO comes back in and sees Captain Man planning to fondue him in. Captain Man then zaps the owner while the other employees come back in. He then fights the four employees while the kids beg him to pull the lever. Captain Man then pulls out his phone and calls KLVY to tell Swellview that he accepts the city's apology even though none was offered. He then announces that he is ending his strike and will pay the fine. He then signs off and pulls the lever saving the kids and Monsieur Man. He then thinks the lava is not real and even puts his hand in there causing him to scream in pain that's heard throughout Swellview but since he is indestructible, he gets over it quickly. He then leaves the kids and Monsieur Man hanging over lava.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]


  • Miles's middle name is revealed to be "Theopholis".
  • Danger Force breaks the fourth wall four times in this episode: The first one is Captain Man playing the Danger Force opening theme song while destroying everything in the museum, the second one is with Ray reacting to Monsieur Man changing the Danger Force opening theme song, the third one is Chapa says she can play the theme song on every instrument in the world, and the fourth one is that Miles said that they did not mean to say Disneyland.
  • Monsieur Man's real name is Michelle Manchester.
  • The theme song was redone.
  • Monsieur Man from Mime Games returns.
  • It is revealed that Chapa can play the Danger Force theme on any instrument.
  • Captain Man can be seen drinking soda from a Club Soda cup.

Series continuity[]

  • Vice Mayor Willard and Kim Danvers from Henry Danger returns.


  • Mika, Miles, Bose, Chapa and Ray were on the news talking about their secret and they were not in uniform

International Premieres[]

  • August 24, 2021 (Latin America)


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