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Carl Manchester
Daddy Manchester
Full Name

Carl Manchester



Resides in




Eye Color


Hair Color

Brown (fading in color)


Ray Manchester (son)
Mrs. Manchester
Cousin Elliott (nephew)
Pappy Manchester (father)
Unnamed daughter


Drex Stinklebaum


Glass Tech Company

First Appearance

The Danger Begins

Last Appearance

Back to the Danger: Part 2

Portrayed By

Brendan Ford

Professor Carl Manchester is the father of Ray Manchester. He invented a machine that accidentally made his son indestructible, and resulted in him becoming a superhero.

He is portrayed by Brendan Ford.


He is a scientific genius. He wanted his son Ray to be better than everyone else.


Carl Manchester is a professor who is/was employed at the Glass Tech Industries Company in Swellview. One day, on April 27, 1989, he had to take his son Ray with him for "Take your Kid to Work" day. Ray would skateboard in his lab while Carl would demonstrate his machine of indestructibility, known as the Trans-molecular Densitizer, to an audience.

Carl began to show what happens to glass when you use a baseball bat. The result was shattered fragments of glass. Then he would wow the audience with his machine that made another pane of glass indestructible. Again, he would show them by whacking the glass with his bat but it would not break this time. Everyone cheered for Carl's project. Then Carl said to come with him into the other room away from his machine.

But as soon as he and the audience entered the room opposite from Carl's machine, his son uncontrollably skated towards the machine and pulled the lever, making him indestructible. Carl however, jumped out of fear thinking he was going to lose his son. He switched off the machine and then grabbed him to safety away from the machine. Asking if he was alright, he began to tell his son that now he was indestructible, and he would go on to do special things. He demonstrated this to him by whacking his head with a detector, which made his son show anger towards his father before realizing it only hurt for a second. Carl then dropped Ray out of school, possibly out of fear of his powers or to train him as a superhero. This led to Ray missing out on much of his childhood.

In an alternate 1989, Carl catches Drex using his densitizer, in surprise, just as future Ray and Henry walk into the room. He threatens to call the police for breaking into his room, but Drex scares him away before locking him out.


Mentioned Only


  • The intro of Henry Danger states that Carl was an irresponsible scientist. Only part of it is true, as in The Danger Begins it is Ray who was irresponsible since he was riding a skateboard near his father's machine and disobeyed him the first time when he charged at the machine and became indestructible. All Carl did was neglect his machine for a moment.
  • It is unknown if he is still alive 25 years later.
  • In Lil' Dynomite, Ray says that the last time he saw his father was after an argument about which of the family pets died first.