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Sushi Dushi!
— Carlos
Carlos Profile
Full Name




Resides in



Sushi Dushi delivery man

Eye Color


Hair Color



Henry Hart
Piper Hart
Jake Hart


Jeff Bilsky

First Appearance

Birthday Girl Down

Last Appearance

Swellview's Got Talent

Portrayed By

AJ Castro

Carlos is a minor character in Henry Danger. He is delivery man from Sushi Dushi. He often gets involved in the Harts' lives whenever he comes over.

He is portrayed by AJ Castro.


Carlos has short hair and some stubble. He wears a black shirt reading the name of his workplace, Sushi Dushi, on it. He also wears a matching black hat.


In Birthday Girl Down, bring the sushi that Henry ordered to the Hart House and watch as Henry talks to Charlotte, Jasper and Flashback about what Henry had He was the one who supposedly threw Debbie off the roof last year and Carlos wanted to know more and Flashback told him everything that happened last year on Debbie's birthday and Henry still said he was not the one who threw Debbie and Carlos did not believe him and said that if a man throws a woman from the ceiling, he is not a man.

In Henry and the Woodpeckers, Carlos came back for another sushi order that he asked for Jake and Carlos saw Henry and Piper arguing why Henry didn't want to be the coach of their basketball team and Carlos mentioned that he didn't He agreed to be the coach of his son Ricky's baseball team and Ricky left baseball and Ricky became a bullfighter but Ricky was gored and Ricky now couldn't sit down and Henry upon hearing him agreed to be Piper's basketball team coach.

In Captain Man: On Vacation, he and other employees were locked in a freezer by Jeff Bilsky and he asked Kid Danger to help save them. However after Jeff's defeat, Carlos and the others were still trapped in the freezer, presumably later being taken out by Kid Danger.

In Swellview's Got Talent, he brought out the sushi that Jake ordered and sat down with him to watch Swellview's Got Talent and they watched contestant Harry Hoagie mysteriously faint and then they watched Piper and her dance partner Carl Marcus pass out as well.