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They took away my scissors!
— Cassie about Vice Mayor Willard
Cassie Willard
Budget Cuts (127)


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Vice Mayor Willard (uncle)
Celia O'Brian (Step Aunt)
Bose O'Brian (Step-Cousin)


Captain Man
Kid Danger

First Appearance

Budget Cuts

Last Appearance

Budget Cuts

Portrayed By

Abbie Cobb

Cassie Willard is a minor character in Henry Danger. She is the niece of Vice Mayor Willard of Swellview. She only appeared in the episode Budget Cuts.

She is portrayed by Abbie Cobb.


Cassie Willard is a very loud and angry person, especially after her scissors and pay were taken from her. She appears to be dangerous and mentally unstable, constantly putting her uncle and others in danger.


In Budget Cuts, Cassie takes Captain Man and Kid Danger to her uncle's office and asks if they would like anything for their meeting. Captain Man asks for water, to which Cassie implores whether he wants hot or cold. Captain Man says to surprise him, so Cassie comes back with boiling water for Captain Man, which he is annoyed at. Vice Mayor Willard tells Cassie to leave the room so he can conduct his meeting, but Cassie gets mad at him, saying that they took her scissors. She leaves the room but returns a little later with her scissors to attack the vice mayor for taking them away. Captain Man and Kid Danger quickly apprehend her. When Captain Man and Kid Danger return a few days later to argue with the Vice Mayor about their budget, they see that Cassie is about to throw the Vice Mayor out of the window. Cassie explains that ever since her uncle started making budget cuts to pay for the new train, she hasn't been getting paid. In addition, he keeps taking her scissors from her. Captain Man threatens Cassie, telling her that if she does not calm down he will use his Man-Grenade and explode everything. Cassie gets scared and jumps out of the window with the vice mayor. Vice Mayor Willard yells at Captain Man and Kid Danger to come help, but they say they will only do that once their budget is fixed. Vice Mayor Willard agrees. Then, he yells at Cassie for continuing to talk about water.