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Caveman Army
Captain Drex (37)
Full Name

Caveman Army



Resides in

Swellview (formerly)
Cavetown (currently)


Destructive Cavemen


Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Henry Hart (Kid Danger)
Bose O'Brian
Schwoz Schwartz
Kris Hart
Jake Hart
Charlotte Page
Jasper Dunlop
Piper Hart
Mika Macklin
Miles Macklin
Chapa De Silva


Drex Stinklebaum

First Appearance


Last Appearance

The Fate of Danger: Part 2

Portrayed By

Kunka: Hawk Walts
Tork: Tom Cohan
Squeen: Robert Dill
Stony: Joe Ordaz
Gronk: Tim Sitarz

The Caveman Army is a group of cavemen commanded by Drex to take revenge on Captain Man and Kid Danger and are major antagonists in Henry Danger.


Henry Danger[]

After being sent 100 million back in time by the time machine, Drex disguised himself as a caveman, gathering several prehistoric individuals, teaching them in his cave about how storms, sand storms, hair loss, stubbed toes and being eaten by dinosaur, it was the fault of Drex's sworn enemies, Captain Man and Kid Danger. Drex ordered the cavemen to freeze to wait millions of years and thanks to the warming, Drex broke free, freeing the rest of his army with a dryer. While doing so, he was interrupted by Bigfoot, who was terrified by the cavemen and upon unfreezing his entire army, Drex led his army to Swellview to get revenge.

In The Beginning of the End, three cavemen of the army, Kunka, Squeen and Stony, were sent to the Hart House, where they trapped Henry Hart and attacked his parents, Jake and Kris Hart.

In Captain Drex, the three cavemen continued attacking the Hart family, forcing them to hide inside Henry's room, who confessed to his parents that he was Kid Danger and left the house to help Ray. Jake and Kris tried to use weapons against the trio of cavemen, but Jake distracted them with his cell phone's ringtone, making the cavemen dance. In the Man Cave, the cavemen, Gronk and Tork, accompanied Drex to hold off Ray, Schwoz and Bose until Henry showed up to help and the two cavemen crushed him, before he fought Drex and Henry was defeated. Using the upgraded Memory Whiper to erase everyone in Swellview's memory of Captain Man, Drex and his cavemen left, taking Schwoz and Bose as their hostages after sending Ray back in time and humiliating Henry.

In The Fate of Danger: Part 1, the three cavemen got tired of Jake's ringtone and tried to attack him and Kris, but Jasper and Piper arrived at the house through Henry's window, attacking the cavemen to rescue the couple, beginning to flee towards the Man Cave while The cavemen were chasing them. The cavemen arrived at Junk N' Stuff and cornered their enemies, demanding to know where Kid Danger was, even though they didn't know. After learning to fight and speaking Spanish in his sleep, Jasper was able to fight the cavemen and defeat them with ease, saving his friends. Gronk and Tork went with Drex to Planes-a-Plenty, where Drex planned to use a blimp to erase memories of Captain Man, while the cavemen broke a vending machine and ate glass.

In The Fate of Danger: Part 2, Captain Man and Kid Danger arrived with the Man-Copter to confront Drex and, being helped by Gronk and Tork, who was knocked out by a plank by Schwoz. After the explosion of the Omega Weapon, while the heroes faced Drex in the blimp, Tork got up and tried to attack the kids, but Chapa discovered that she gained electrical powers and fired one at Tronk, with Bose testing out his new telekinesis. against the caveman. Gronk got up and was ambushed by Miles, who learned about his teleportation, reaching the blimp and then the Jandy River, where Gronk was thrown, ending the army.

Danger Force[]

In Monsty, the surviving cavemen of the army founded and moved to a city called Cavetown.

Notable Members[]

  • Drex Stinklebaum (leader)
  • Gronk
  • Tork
  • Kunka
  • Squeen
  • Stony
  • Dave (deceased)
  • Numerous other members



  • Possibly, Cavekid and Grog were part of the caveman army.