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I'm the Vice Mayor's trophy wife.
— Celia to Mika and Miles
Celia O'Brian
Full Name

Celia O'Brian Pence Quayle Mondale Willard



Resides in


Eye Color


Hair Color

Blonde (formerly)


Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm) (son)
Vice Mayor Willard (husband)
Poopsie Willard (stepdaughter)
Unnamed ex-Husband


Vice Mayor Mondale (ex-boyfriend)
Vice Mayor Quayle (ex-boyfriend)
Vice Mayor Pence (ex-boyfriend)
Vice Mayor Willard (husband)
Ray Manchester (Captain Man) (on his side)


Mika Macklin (ShoutOut) (ally)
Angela Macklin
Alejandra De Silva


The Cell

First Appearance

Radioactive Cat

Last Appearance

The Battle for Swellview

Portrayed By

Siobhan Murphy

Second Lady Celia O'Brian-Willard is a recurring character on Danger Force. She is the mother of Bose and the wife of Vice Mayor Willard. She first appeared in Radioactive Cat.

She is portrayed by Siobhan Murphy.

Description & Personality[]

Celia is an adult with blonde hair and blue eyes. Much like Bose, she is ditzy and perky. She has shown not to be very honest and seems to take advantage of the fact that she is the wife of the Vice Mayor.


Celia has been married to five Vice Presidents, as she has a thing for Vices.

Henry Danger[]

Before The Beginning of the End, Celia married Vice Mayor Willard and they decided to go on honeymoon. The Vice Mayor told Captain Man and Kid Danger to take care of their son Bose while they were out of town.

Danger Force[]

In Radioactive Cat, Celia visits SWAG after mistaking her handbag for Bose's schoolbag. While outside the school, she finds the radioactive cat and names it Meatball. Celia even takes it home with her, not knowing it’s radioactive. Throughout the day, she is asked by Danger Force to give the cat back, but she continues to deny their requests saying she's had it for ‘20 years’. She even asks Vice Mayor Willard to fire Chapa and Ray, who disguise themselves as Animal Control officers to take back the cat. She is eventually attacked by Volt and ShoutOut, who manage to take the cat and use the antidote to the radiation on both Celia and Meatball. When they leave, her old friend Bigfoot arrives and she invites him inside for a cup of tea.

Bose mentions Celia in SW.A.G is Haunted, saying she let a trapped bird outside of their house.

In Family Lies, she and the Vice Mayor arrive late to parent's night at SW.A.G. There, she meets Herman, Angela and Jake. Celia asked where since he was off capturing Cavekid. He comes back, saying that he fell in the bathroom. They prepare for the photo and are interrupted when they see Chapa's real parents arrive. Later, Celia was among the rest of the group when Cavekid returned to attack everyone during the picture.

In Mika's Musical, she and the Vice Mayor contacted the Danger Force, as they were attending the Bose musical, and asked for protection because Frankini planned to kidnap the Vice Mayor. Celia and the Vice Mayor saw the play, but she fell asleep, while her husband went with Frankini to the bathroom because the kidnapping was false. Upon awakening, Celia realized that Willard was missing. When Bose, her friends, and Frankini finished the musical, Celia clapped her hands and admitted her pride in Bose.

In Minyak Attack, Bose hides from Celia that he accidentally destroyed a painting that belonged to him. Finding out about an art sale organized by the Danger Force at Hip Hop Purée, Celia, Bose and Vice Mayor Willard, who was given a helmet for his obsession with colored sodas and attempts to buy it, before Bose reveals that he accidentally damaged the painting, something Celia knew and apologizes to Bose. Celia receives the painting, in exchange for the Vice Major returning ownership of the Man's Nest to Captain Man.

In Chapa's Phone Home, eight years ago, she was with Bose at Duke E. Dawg's and separated him from Chapa, to whom he wanted to return her phone, but Celia took it for her date with the Vice Mayor. Celia tried to help Bose to return Chapa's phone, but they had to flee because Kid Danger, Captain Man and Chapa were fighting a group of villains in No Man's Land.

In Unmasked, she, by authorization of the Vice Mayor, went to the evidence room of the Swellview Police Department to take Nana Winters' purse, but after noticing the presence of AWOL and Brainstorm, Celia believes that they are stealing and calls the police, but it is captured and taken to the De Silva House, where she was tied to a chair along with Alejandra De Silva, the officer Didi Walnut and Angela. Celia and the other women were transported to Man's Nest, where Ray was also locked up and due to the Ray of Truth created by DJ Clone Schwoz, Celia revealed that she likes her husband when he obsesses over colored sodas, but to her surprise, she discovers that Bose is Brainstorm. Making a decision with Angela and Alejandra, Celia agrees to force Bose to leave the Danger Force.

In The Force Returns, Part 1, she, Angela and Alejandra refuse to believe Ray's disguises, as they were determined not to let their children return to Danger Force. Days later, Celia was kidnapped and taken to Thomas Cracker Prison by #20 of The Cell. In prison, Celia sees Angela, Alejandra and other mothers being captured, whom she praises along with #20 as a good impression.

In The Force Returns, Part 2, while the other mothers have fun without responsibilities, Celia, Angela and Alejandra plan an escape, making a hole in the prison, but after becoming jealous of one mother, she revealed the hole to #20, so she escaped from the prison and the other moms were left behind because of a Channing Tatum poster. Celia passed by several places and bought a hard shell taco from a hermit in a monster swamp. Covered in mud, Celia arrived at the Man's Nest and was found by Ray and the Danger Force, to whom she told about the kidnapping, but had forgotten the way to the prison. After the moms' rescue, Celia, Angela and Alejandra agree to let their children return to Danger Force after defeating #20 and his power through mom energy.

In Bose's Birthday Party, she is taken to The Wicker Inn by the Vice Mayor for an anniversary fireworks show, but they possibly fled when the hotel caught fire.

In The Battle for Swellview, following the attack of the Comet Monster, she, Alejandra and Angela go to the Nest to pick up their children and flee from Swellview due to the danger of the monster, but the Danger Force decides to stay and fight, going to the diamond mine so that Chapa could write a new destiny, while the mothers took the diamonds. To save Swellview, Celia and Alejandra force Angela to help the kids, sharing their mom energy to empower the Danger Force, at the cost of making their hairs gray forever.


Henry Danger[]

Season 5[]

Danger Force[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


  • Ray has a crush on her.
  • It is revealed that her and Bigfoot used to be "Friends" before the events of Radioactive Cat.
  • Before the events from Henry Danger episode The Beginning of the End, Celia married Vice Mayor Willard.
  • She collects art.


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