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Chamika (Chapa and Mika) is the friendship/co-worker pairing between Chapa De Silva (Volt) and Mika Macklin (ShoutOut).

Possible Names[]

  • Chamika (Cha/pa and Mika)
  • Mipa (Mi/ka and Cha/pa)
  • Mapa (M/ika and Ch/apa)
  • Voltout (Volt and Shout/out)
  • Shoutvolt (Shout/out and Volt)

Season 1 Moments[]

The Force Awakens[]

  • Schwoz uses the hey horn on Mika and Chapa Yells at him to never hey horn a woman
  • Mika tells Chapa to relax
  • Chapa yells at Mika for telling her what to do

Say My Name[]

Ray Goes Crazy[]

  • Mika praises Chapa for her good plan until she starts to become violent when she cuts her off
  • Chapa tells Mika the wink was fake and she takes offense

Villian's Night[]

Mime Games[]


Chapa's Crush[]

Return of the Kid[]

Mika in the Middle[]

The Thousand Pranks War[]

Part I[]

Part II[]

Down Goes Santa[]

Part I[]

Part II[]

Vidja Games[]

Test Friends[]

Lil' Dynomite[]


Twin It to Win It[]

Radioactive Cat[]

Miles Has Visions[]

Captain Man Strikes Out[]

Manlee Man[]

S.W.A.G is Haunted[]

Familie Lies[]

Earth to Bose[]

Drive Hard[]

Season 2 Moments[]

An Imposter Among Us[]

A Danger Among Us[]

A Cyborg Among Us[]

A Henry Among Us[]


Mika's Musical[]

Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?[]

Power Problems[]

Part 1[]

Part 2[]

Attack of the Clones[]

Bottle Snatchers[]

The Girl Who Cried Danger[]

Bilsky's Billions[]

Jack The Clipper[]

The Supies[]

When World Collide (Side Hustle)[]

Alien Zoo[]

Let's Go to the Movies![]

Minyak Attack[]

Street Fightin´[]

Uncle Hambone[]

New School Who Dis[]

Class Action Heroes[]

Wedding of the Trentury[]


Trojan Force[]

We Dad a Bad Thing[]

Season 3 Moments[]

The Force Returns[]

Part 1[]

Part 2[]

Big Dynomite[]

Guardians of the Ponytail[]

Miles Sells His Soul[]


Hey, Where's Schwoz?[]

Dumber Force[]

Don't Go In There![]

Bose's Birthday Party[]

Ray Forgives[]

The Battle for Swellview []