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[Nacho Ball, the close one. Day. Captain Man, ShoutOut, Brainstorm and Volt are all trapped in trash bins. ShoutOut's mouth is covered in tape, making her unable to speak clearly. Brainstorm is asleep with a roll of tape covering his eyes. ShoutOut tries to yell at customers who walk past, but it is no use. TakeOut, a villain with a brown bag on his face that has holes in it so he can see and talk, is robbing the place]

TakeOut: [has a Nacho Ball branded bag ready to go] Put the balls in the bag!

Mandy: I'm putting! Oh, this day is the worst!

[ShoutOut continues to mumble]

Captain Man: Ok, we might need to take the L on this one... which is what I would say if we didn't have a secret weapon about to bust through that window! AWOL! Now!

[AWOL is tied to a rope outside the restaurant. He tries to swing inside but slams on the window face-first. Everyone stares at him]


Captain Man: What the- what happened to you?!

AWOL: There was a butterfly on the roof, and then I got scared, and then I got tangled up in this rope, and could someone please help me?

Captain Man: Why are you scared of butterflies?

AWOL: Because they're scary!

Captain Man: Whatever, just teleport out of there.

AWOL: I can't teleport unless my arms are free.

Captain Man: Dahhh... Ok, great. AWOL is bouncing into a wall, ShoutOut's mouth is covered up, which is kind of nice actually. [ShoutOut mumbles "Hey!"] and Brainstorm is taking a much needed nap.

Brainstorm: I'm awake! But I'm blind! I can't see!

Captain Man: Just relax, you're just blindfolded.

Brainstorm: Curse you, fate!

Captain Man: Over to you, Volt! Your hands are free and you can zap that guy with your electricity, so go ahead.

Volt: Did anybody else notice how blue the sky is today?

Captain Man: Of course we noticed, it rained yesterday. It's gorgeous, now zap him!

[Mandy puts money in TakeOut's bag]

TakeOut: What is this?! I said I wanted Nacho Balls, nacho money!

Mandy: I'm sorry! Robbers usually want money!

Captain Man: He's getting away, Volt! Zap him!

TakeOut: [goes towards the double doors as they open] Ok, that's my robbery, I wanna say thank you to the close Nacho Ball...

Captain Man: ZAP HIM!

TakeOut: Lotta people say you're trash... [points to Danger Force] ..but you've been a great place to rob...


TakeOut: Have a lovely afternoon!

Volt: Aw, you too!

Captain Man: What's wrong with you?! You let him get away! There's no way he's coming back- [TakeOut returns] Oh! he's back!

TakeOut: I forgot hot sauce.

Captain Man: The coveted second chance! This almost never happens! Zap him, Volt!

Volt: Does anybody want to go for a walk in the park later? Maybe do some painting?

Captain Man: What?

Volt: I've been getting into painting.

Captain Man: You should be getting into zapping! ZAP HIM!

TakeOut: [walks to the doors again] Ok, I'm leaving for realsies this time and I won't be back.

Captain Man: No!

[TakeOut returns]

TakeOut: Forgot my lollipop!

Captain Man: The unheard of third chance! This has literally never happened in the history of crime fighting, but here it is, Volt! All you gotta do is lift your finger and zap him, NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

TakeOut: Ok, that's phone, keys, lollipop. That should do it. Again, I've been TakeOut, thank you, and... get wrecked! [dabs and leaves]

Brainstorm: Did he dab? Sounded like the perfect place for a dab.

Captain Man: Yes, he dabbed. He dabbed us into oblivion.

[Later, at the Man's Nest, Captain Man has a meeting with Danger Force, minus Volt, about what they should have done during their mission]

Captain Man: That was the single worst mission I've ever been involved with!

Schwoz: You people make me sick!

Captain Man: I'm seriously considering retiring!

Schwoz: You should fire all of them! [spits on the floor]

ShoutOut: Ok, seriously? [she talks over Captain Man]

Captain Man: See that? That's right.

AWOL: Look, mistakes were made, but dude, you need to calm down!

Captain Man: The only person who is allowed to say "you need to calm down" to me is Taylor Swift via song.

ShoutOut: Why are you mad at us?

AWOL: Yeah, Chapa's the one who let the bad guy get away.

ShoutOut: Three times!

[AWOL holds up three fingers]

Captain Man: Where is she anyway?!

Brainstorm: Don't look at me, I'm blind! [he still has a roll of tape covering his eyes and a Nacho Ball meal] But, I think it's enhancing my other senses. [sniffs] Is someone eating Nacho Ball? [Captain Man yanks the roll of tape from him] Oh, it's me!

AWOL: Yeah, I think she's in the bathroom.

Captain Man: Great. Let's talk about her before she comes back.

ShoutOut: I personally don't think it's very nice to talk about people when they're not around to defend themselves... but can we talk about how weird she's been lately?

Captain Man and Schwoz: Yeah!

AWOL: I sneezed the other day, and she said bless you!

[the group talks over each other, saying it's weird]

Brainstorm: Last week, I lent her my pen, and she said "thanks"... [ShoutOut and Captain Man talk over each other]

ShoutOut: Ok, what?!

Captain Man: Out of character.

Brainstorm: ..then she returned the pen!

[they all talk over each other again]

Captain Man: Well, that confirms what I've suspected for a while now. Chapa's possessed, and we're gonna have to end her. [quickly gets a weapon and turns it on]

ShoutOut: Or... [stops him] ..or, or, maybe we can figure out what's going on with her and we try to help her work it out.

Captain Man: Veto. [picks up the weapon again] We'll have to end her.

[Chapa enters]

Chapa: Hi, friends.

[Captain Man quickly hides the weapon]

Captain Man: Hey, girl!

ShoutOut: [weakly] Hi!

AWOL: Welcome back!

Brainstorm: How was the bathroom?

Chapa: Were you guys just talking about me?

Captain Man: Well, I personally don't think it's nice to do that, but Mika was just saying she thought you really messed up today.

ShoutOut: [pointing to Captain Man] He was gonna end you!

Chapa: And he'd have every right to, because the bad guy got away and it was all my fault. [Schwoz walks to the computers]

Captain Man: Well, you guys heard her. [picks up the weapon again]

Chapa: Ooh! I know how I can make it up to all of you! Who's hungry?

Brainstorm: [as he's eating a Nacho Ball] I could eat.

Chapa: Then it's settled. I'll go to Hip Hop Puree and get us all some num nums for our tum tums? Sound good? [walks to the door] Ok, just text me your orders.

ShoutOut: You don't have a phone!

Chapa: Byeeeee! [leaves]

Captain Man: Num nums for our tum tums? She is clearly possessed by Finniwinks, the Fairy Princess of Sweetness!

Brainstorm: Classic Finniwinks! Always turning mean people sweet.

Schwoz: She's not possessed.

Brainstorm: Are you sure? Look at all her paintings. [several painted canvases are shown in front of the lockers. There is a smiley face painting, a happy sun, a heart, a blender, a rainbow with hearts, and a pink heart with a message that reads "LIKE YOU SO MUCH". Captain Man is disgusted]

Schwoz: [covers his mouth, speaks in a high pitched voice] Maybe science can explain this.

Brainstorm: [looks around] Finniwinks?!

Schwoz: I don't know who just said that, but it can. While you [referring to Captain Man] were plotting the murder of one of our co-workers, I sneakied a hair out of her brush, and I putted it into this little machineychine and... [giggles]

Captain Man: Well, what is it?! [talks over ShoutOut, Brainstorm, and AWOL]

ShoutOut: Tell us

Brainstorm: What's wrong with her?

AWOL: Spit it out, dude!

Schwoz: Her like-a-tol levels are off the charts.

Captain Man: English, Schwoz! [slaps him]

Schwoz: That was English! Like-a-tol is a pheromone that rises when you have a crush on someone!

Brainstorm: So, Chapa's all happy because she likes someone?

[Schwoz shows Chapa's results on a screen. The like-a-tol grows higher and higher, up to 250%]

AWOL: No, she's happy because she like-likes someone! [Brainstorm gasps dramatically]

ShoutOut: Chapa's in like-like with someone?

Schwoz: Yes.

Captain Man: No way. [breaks Schwoz's screen]

AWOL: Hey, why?

[Schwoz pulls out another screen from his pocket]

ShoutOut: That's why she couldn't use her powers today... she's too happy 'cause she's in like-like!

Captain Man: Look, I've known Chapa for six whole weeks, ok? I think I'd know if she was in like-like with someone, so.... yeah. [breaks Schwoz's screen again]

ShoutOut: Again?

[Schwoz pulls a third screen from his pocket]

ShoutOut: Ohh!

Brainstorm: Wow.

[Meanwhile, at Hip Hop Puree, Chapa enters and sees the boy she likes working at the counter, as the song "Look Away From Me" plays in the background. The more she stares at him, the happier she looks]


[SWAG, Day. Mika makes a list of who Chapa might like like with pictures on the smartboard. The list includes a knife, Henry, and a few other people. She adds more pictures on the list]

Miles: Hmm. You're wasting your time.

Mika: No, I'm not! I'm trying to figure out who Chapa's in like-like with.

Miles: Oh, I know what you're doing. It's just that your guesses are off by... miles.

Mika: [hops off her desk] You think she's in like-like... with you-you?

Miles: Of course she is! If you spend enough time around a pecan pie, you're gonna want a slice.

[Bose is sitting at his desk, holding a Nacho Ball]

Bose: Can we please not talk about food? I'm starving. [takes a bite] I know who Chapa's in like-like with.

Mika: Let me guess: you?

Bose: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm a monster. My skin's too clear, my hair's too soft, I got these gross dimples.. blah! But I'm pretty sure I figured it out. [holds up a drawing board on which he has drawn a series of complex math equations which equal a smiley face] There's your man. We find this guy, we find Chapa's crush.

Mika: What are all those recie-

[enter Captain Man]

Captain Man: [singing to the tune of the theme song while holding some weapons] All geared up and ready to go, gonna end some people I don't know... [notices the board] Is this the like-like board?

Mika: Yes, but-

Captain Man: Wow, Henry too, huh? Okay... got it. [singing] Gonna make some random strangers bleed-

Mika: Wait wait wait!

Captain Man: What?

Miles: Are you really gonna go "end" all those people on that smartboard?

Captain Man: Number one: If I tell you, you're all accomplices. Number two, Yes. Until Chapa's crush has an "unexplained accident", I'm down one superhero, and I don't wanna end up in a Nacho Ball trash can again.

Miles: It's very concerning to me that I'm the first person to tell you that violence doesn't solve every problem.

Captain Man: Oh, kids. So young. So much to learn.

Mika: Violence didn't solve our rat problem.

Captain Man: Yeah, neither did building that tiny tent and teaching them to do tricks!

Bose: Aw, I love our rat circus! [a model circus is nearby. Circus music plays in the background as Bose runs to it]

Mika: Not now! We gotta figure out who Chapa's crush is!

Miles: [holds up Bose's equation] I thought Bose already figured it out.

Mika: No. [takes it] Look at all these receipts. [a bunch of receipts are taped to the board] They're all Chapa's and they're all from Hip Hop Puree.

Miles: Yeah, she's been going there a lot lately.

Mika: Fourteen times in the last three days, and all these receipts list the same cashier... Creston. [Bose and Miles gasp dramatically]

Miles: Creston? That's a hot guy name.

Captain Man: It is?

Bose: Uh, have you ever seen an ugly Creston?

Captain Man: I don't think I've ever seen a Creston.

Bose: Well, you're in for a treat.

Captain Man: Then I'm gonna do down to Hip Hop Puree and have a little talk with this... [turns on a blaster] Creston.

Mika: Um, why don't I go down there and talk to him?

Captain Man: All right, suit yourself. [gives her a blaster]

Mika: No, no, I'm just gonna say "Listen buddy, I don't know what you have going on with our friend Chapa, but you gotta back off, there could never be anything between you."

Miles: Wait, wait. Never?!

Mika: That's right. Superheroes can never fall in love, or even like-like. We're married to Swellview, and there's no room for anything else. I mean, look at Ray. [Captain Man spins one of his blasters and looks dramatic] He's loveless, he has no friends, he's utterly alone, and why?

Captain Man; Hey, for your information-

Mika: Because he made a commitment to the city of Swellview.

Miles: [to Captain Man] Man, I didn't realize until right now that you have no friends!

Captain Man: I have- I have friends!

Mika: Really?

Captain Man: Yes! Tons.

Miles: Name one, we'll wait.

Captain Man: Schwoz.

Miles: He works for you.

Mika: And you slapped him this morning.

Captain Man: That's just how men shake hands.

Bose: I don't usually pick up on these things, but it sure doesn't seem like you have any friends, Ray.

Captain Man: I got a bunch of friends! I got... my buddy... Kunka!

Miles: You got a buddy named Kunka?

Mika: That's the fakest name I've ever heard.

Captain Man: Nope, he's real, and I've got plans with him later, so..

Mika: What are you guys gonna do? Go get some frosted tips?

Captain Man: Ok, first of all, no one's even gonna remember that reference. Second of all, he is real, and we are real friends, and we're close friends. In fact. I'm gonna bring him back here, to meet you guys later today! How 'bout that? Oh-oh, what's up, somebody's ears must be burning! [fakes answering a phone call] Kunka! What's up, Kunk-N-Stuff? My nickname for him 'cause we're tight like that! [continues fake call] Hey, you wanna hang out later? Cool! [his voice fades as he leaves] I'll see you later...

Mika: Ok, I'm gonna go to Hip Hop Puree and talk to this Creston.

Bose: You're gonna miss the Rat Circus.

Mika: [stops] Ok, but just the trapeze part. [they all go to the circus and watch]

[Meanwhile, at Nacho Ball, Ray arrives, running inside]

Ray: Hey, hey, uh, it's a crazy question, but, uh, is anybody here named Kunka? [nobody responds] No? Ok, I didn't think so, alright this place is gross, byeeeee! [a voice is heard, saying "My name's Kunka!"] Who said that? [Down here!] [It's a small child with his mother]

Child: My name's Kunka. What's yours?

Ray: Ray! [they shake hands] [to the mom] Hey, is it cool if I borrow Lil' Kunka for a bit? I have to prove to some children that I have real friends.

Mom: Fine with me.

Ray: This could not be going any better! [they both are about to leave until a woman stops them]

Woman: Excuse me! Where are you going with my son?

Ray: [points to the mom] I thought- I thought you were his mom.

Mom: Never said that.

Ray: Ok, is it cool if I borrow Lil' Kunka for a bit, and as I say that, I see that you're pulling out a can of mace and- [she sprays Ray with the can] OWWWWWW NOOOO!! NOT THE FACE! AHHH! Ahh. Ah. Ah. Ok, is anyone else here named Kunka?

[Meanwhile, Mika enters Hip Hop Puree, looking for Creston. She goes up to a woman on the counter who is using a blender]

Mika: Uh, hi, sorry to bother you while you're blending, but I'm looking for Creston because my friend's in like-like with him [he shows up at the counter] and I need to tell him that he needs to stop- [she notices him and starts staring at him as "Look Away From Me" starts playing in the background again. She stares so much that she begins to drool. The woman catches the drool with a cup. Chapa suddenly shows up behind Mika.]

Chapa: What are you doing here?!

Mika: [is startled, turns around, notices] He's so cute!

[Meanwhile. at the Man's Nest, Miles compares a picture of himself with a picture of one of the people on the Chapa's Crushes list]

Miles: No way this dude's cuter than me. [sticks the picture on the one on the board. Bose watches the Rat Circus nearby] Bose, stop watching that rat circus man!

Bose: They've gotten a lot better. Rattina finally has her confidence back after the accident.

Miles: Cool, cool, cool. Hey, the girls still aren't back yet.

Bose: Weird, it's been a while.

Miles: Exactly. So I'm thinking it might be time to send in the big boys! [flexes muscles]

Bose: Oh yeah, the big boys! [flexes muscles] Who are they?

Miles: I'm talking about us, Miles and Bose- MOSE! That's not great. BILES! That's even worse. We'll pitch on it on the way. [they try to high five but miss] We'll work on that, too.

[outside Hip Hop Puree]

Miles: Ok, we are... [they handshake, fist-bump, twirl] DA BOYS! [they high-five] Ok, let's show these girls how to get stuff done. [Miles enters, and is attracted by Creston as the music plays again.]

Bose: Hey, what's going onnnnn- [he is attracted too. They both start drooling. The woman at the counter brings two cups for both of them. Mika and Chapa show up]

Mika: Ahem!

Chapa: What are you guys doing here?

Bose: Is that Creston?

Mika [dreamily] It sure is! [the music plays as we get a shot of Creston. We then get a shot of each Danger Force member staring at Creston before a shot of them all staring at once]

Creston: Hey, Courtney, my hair is tired. I'm gonna go take a break. [leaves, the Danger Force stares until he's out of sight]

Chapa: Ok, get out of here, you guys!

Mika: No! As long as your in like-like with Creston, you can't get angry enough to use your powers.

Chapa: So?

Mika: So, I'm trying to get you your powers back and possibly Creston's number!

Chapa: What?! No way, I saw him first!

Miles: That doesn't mean you own him!

Bose: Yeah, Creston should get to choose his boo.

Chapa: What, you guys like-like him now, too?

Miles: Look, I don't wanna put a label on it, but I feel like Creston and I were vibin'.

Bose: Dude's bringin' it, and I am singing for delivery. He somehow makes soft hair and dimples look good.

Chapa: I have had 50 smoothies in the last four days because of this guy. Now, get out of here and let me enjoy my Creston! [tries to force them out but they fight back]



[Meanwhile, at Nacho Ball (the nice one), a woman serves two customers]

Ray: [runs inside] I NEED HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME! I NEED HELP! [everyone stares at him. An employee walks over to help. Her name is Sandy]

Sandy: [to Ray] What can I do for you, sir?

Ray: I've been maced 6 different times at 4 different restaurants! I can't get this stuff out of my eyes! I don't understand why moms are so protective of their stupid children! And I gotta find somebody named... KUNKA, and make him my friend! [one of the customers stares at him]

Sandy: Relax, sir. You're at Nacho Ball.

Ray: No! No, not again!

Ray: No, no, sir, you're not at the close Nacho Ball. You're at the nice one. And maybe this hot towel will get the mace out of your eyes. [another employee gives a hot towel to Ray]

Customer: Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice you're looking for someone named Kunka.

Ray: [while using the towel] Yeah, so?

Customer: Well, y'see, my name is Kunka.

Ray: Really? Do you wanna be my friend?

Kunka: Well, I don't know, tell me about you. What do you like?

Ray: I like not getting maced by moms.

Kunka: [chuckles] Oh, moms. They're as protective as they are attractive. Am I right?

Ray: Yeah!

Sandy: I'll leave you guys to it.

Ray: Is that your katana over there? [points to a sword on a table]

Kunka: Yup, or as I like to call it, my Kunka-tana. [they both laugh briefly] Let me show you. [they both walk over to it]

Ray: I love swords. And I love moms. And I would love it if you would be my grown up friend.

Kunka: Well, that sounds just fine. But can you do me a favor first?

Ray: Anything.

Kunka: Will you be my hostage while I rob this Nacho Ball?

Ray: What? [Kunka maces him] NOOOOO! Oh my- why would you- [Kunka puts on a mask and picks up the sword. It is revealed that he is TakeOut, meaning he robbed the close Nacho Ball, too]

TakeOut: Ok, everyone. My name's TakeOut, and this... is a robbery!

Ray: I thought you were my friend- [he gets maced again] AHHHHH!

[Back at Hip Hop Puree, the Danger Force kids are still fighting over Creston]

Mika: OKAY! You need to calm down.

Chapa: Uh, is your name Taylor Swift?

Mika: [scoffs] No.

Chapa: Then DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! [electricity forms from her hands]

Miles: People are gonna see your powers!

Bose: Oh, great, you got your powers back. Creston's probably gonna like you the best!

Mika: No he won't.

Bose: Are you kidding? Sparks will literally fly!

[a buzzing noise is heard as they get shocked in the pockets]

Chapa: What the heck was that?!

Mika: It's a super buzz from Schwoz, you should know that by now! [they all read circular, phone-like devices]

Miles: Something's going down at Nacho Ball! The nice one!


Mika OKAY!


Chapa: Hey, Creston?

Mika: How late are you working tonight?

Creston: Nine-thirty.

Miles: Oh, we'll be back before then.

Bose: Yeah, we will.

[They go outside to transform and start their mission]

[TakeOut is in the middle of robbing the nice Nacho Ball]

Sandy: May I get you anything else with your robbery today?

TakeOut: Ummm... [Ray gets back up but TakeOut maces him again]

Ray: OHHH!

TakeOut: I don't think so.

Sandy: We have utensils, we have conflict-free bamboo forks...

[Danger Force teleports in]


TakeOut: Oh, it's Danger Force. Good to see you. You guys here to help me get away again?

Volt: Nope! [she electrifies TakeOut which sends him flying over the counter. TakeOut gets back up]

Ray: That guy is my friend! Ask him his name!

[Bose uses his telekinesis to lift TakeOut]

TakeOut: [nervously] What's happening?!

ShoutOut: PAIN! [she super-screams at his direction, sending him flying over the counter again]

Ray: His name is Kunka, and he is my grown up friend!

AWOL: [to TakeOut] What's your name, friend?

Ray: I just said it was Kunka!

TakeOut: It's TakeOut.


AWOL: Well, I'm taking you out... to jail. [teleports TakeOut to jail]

Ray: [having a meltdown] Oh, that was such an amazing exit line! I mean... what the... he said it... and then... I mean come on... [Volt drags him out as the rest of Danger Force leaves] Ah, this day is the worst! [he bumps into the sliding doors as they open] Ow!

[Man's Nest. Night. Mika, Miles, Chapa, Bose, and Ray all watch the news]

Trent: Breaking news. More like breaking hearts. Swellview's own heartthrob, Creston Chestwell has moved to Neighborville to spend time with his girlfriend. That's right, he's gone. [everyone freaks out over it]

Mary: Sources say his girlfriend is not even that cute, and is actually kind of basic. She also wears scrunchies.

Trent: Yuck.

[Danger Force talks over each other as Mika takes off a scrunchie from her ponytail]

Trent: Well, we have no other news. So Mary and I will just sit here in awkward silence.

Mary: Hope you're happy, Creston. [they stare at the camera as the headlines turn blank]

Ray: [turns off the tv] Well, I suppose we should all talk about the lesson we learned today.

Miles: What?

Chapa: We're learning lessons now?

Bose: I don't know, Ray. Learning's not really my thing.

Ray: The lesson we all learned today.. is that... I have a good friend named Kunka.

[everyone else disagrees]

Ray: Yes, I do!

Bose: Look, we know we're your only friends, Ray. It's ok.

Ray: You're not my only friends! I got lots of friends! [we hear someone coming up the tubes] I-I have a lot of friends, and they're really cool... [starts to cry] and they like me... and they believe me when I say things.

[the Danger Force all look at him as he sobs]

Henry: Dude, are you still crying?

[Ray's sad face turns into a happy/shocked one as he turns around to see Henry as "Look Away From Me" plays once more. Everyone else is shocked, too. Ray starts to drool. Mika uses a cup to catch it]

Henry: When did Schwoz build all this?

Ray: Hm?

Henry: When did Schwoz build all this?

[words appear, which read "to be continued"]