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“Chapa's Phone Home”
Season 2, Episode 20
Chapa's Phone Home
Air Date

May 26, 2022

Prod. Code



Adrian McNair


Michael D. Cohen

Episode Chronology

Street Fightin'


Uncle Hambone

Chapa's Phone Home is the twentieth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on May 26, 2022 to an audience of 0.28 million viewers.


At S.W.A.G., Chapa shows up with Schwoz as the substitute teacher who doesn't take guff while Ray took everyone else on a field trip which turns out to be a trip to Pear Store to get the new Pear Phone with new features and chargers. Chapa is still wanting to find the boy who stole her phone and dispose of them. Mika and Schwoz reveal that they created a robot called Waste-E who eats E-Waste as a way to keep Ray from throwing old E-Stuff into the wetlands.

Later that day, everyone else is enjoying their new Pear Phones as Chapa is advised to look for her phone. Waste-E returns from eating E-Waste and falls down the stairs. One waste item that fell out of Waste-E was Chapa's lost phone as Bose faints. Chapa verifies it where it has the second season cover of Will & Grace. This enables Chapa to get caught up with her phone. Ray finds out about it and also faints. Because of Miles bringing it up, Chapa still wants to take vengeance on the boy who stole her phone as everyone tries to get her to drop it to no avail as Mika prevents Waste-E from revealing where he found it. Chapa uses Tiny Ray to threaten Mika into revealing where Waste-E found the phone in exchange for not having Tiny Ray drop her phone in spicy chocolate milk where the current Pear Phones are not immune to it. Using Waste-E's E-Waste consumption record, Mika tracks down the location to Ray's bedroom in the Man's Nest, causing Chapa to angrily zap Ray. Bose admits that he was the boy who took the phone, causing Miles to faint.

It turns out that it was stolen 8 years ago when they were playing in the ball pit at Duke E. Dawg's where a younger Bose asked for Chapa's phone claiming that he wanted to video chat with a puppy because he left his phone at home but Celia took him away before he can return it so that she can have her date with Vice Mayor Willard. Charlotte later contacted Bose to bring Chapa's phone to the desert and how he got scared off during the fight in the desert. This enabled Bose to remember Chapa and gave it to Ray stating that he was going to give it back when the time was right. Ray claims that he was going to give it back when Chapa controls her rage. When Bose begs for forgiveness, Chapa does forgives him. Ray thinks Chapa meant him, but Chapa said otherwise by zapping Ray again. Bose asks Chapa if they're cool now, and she says that they are, and they share a hug. Ray claims that the lesson is that recycling causes more problems than it solves. Because Chapa charred everyone's phones, Ray states that they can purchase the new Pear Phone model that came out today. Chapa passes on this opportunity as she just got her phone back. Schwoz is accidentally eaten by Waste-E who was trying to eat the remote control he was holding. Everyone laughs at it as Chapa takes a selfie with Waste-E.


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  • Chapa's phone finally returns.
  • It is revealed that Bose took Chapa's phone.
  • The title is similar to Tom Holland's Spider-Man movie series with the word home.
    • Additionally, before the title of Holland's 3rd Spider-Man film was revealed as No Way Home, one of the joke titles given was Phone Home which is similar to this episode's title
  • Ray and Danger Force do not wear their superhero suits in this episode.
  • Schwoz has a minor role in this episode. This is due to Michael D. Cohen, the actor that plays Schwoz Schwartz directing this episode.
  • It is revealed that Ray and Miles faint forward.
  • The Man Buggy was mentioned. It was first seen in Twin It to Win It.
  • When Mika gets the GPS location of where Chapa’s phone was found from Waste-E, the longitude and latitude shown is Burbank Studios in California which is where Danger Force is filmed.
  • The title might be based on the very popular phrase from E.T, "E.T phone home"

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