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Chapa De Silva (Volt)
Full Name

Lula Elena Chapa De Silva


Volt (second identity)
Tammy (by Captain Man)
Spicy Milk (KLVY)
El Stabador (disguise)
"Professer Blurgenfleurgen"
Cupcake (by Miles)
Delivery Joe (disguise)
Sparky (by Bose and Ray)
The Angry One (by Ray)
Baby Girl (by Schwoz)
Baby (by Schwoz)
M’Lady (by Miles)
Scary Bradshaw (by Ray)
(by Herman)
DJ Chapa



Date of Birth

12-13 (Season 1)
13-14 (Season 2)
14-15 (Season 3)

Resides in



Superhero sidekick/superhero in training (formerly)

Eye Color


Hair Color

Brown (Season 1)
Red (Season 2)
Black (Season 3)


Alejandra De Silva (Mother)
Alejandro De Silva (Father)
Sage De Silva (Sister)
Unnamed Grandfather


Creston Chestwell (on her side)
Scar (kissed)


Miles Macklin (AWOL)
Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm)
Mika Macklin (ShoutOut)
Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Schwoz Schwartz
Henry Hart
Charlotte Page
Piper Hart
Jasper Dunlop
Chest Monster
Tiny Ray
Monsieur Man
Natalie Mazdah
Benny the Dog
Lay Lay
Sadie Alexander
Herman Macklin
Buddy Fudgers (Lil' Dynomite)
Sissy Kranz
Blayne Kirkpatrick


Drex Stinklebaum (formerly)
Dr. Minyak
Rick Twitler
Krampus (formerly)
Gas Clown
Big Beard
Kyle (Dead Bull)
Derrick Face
The Cell
Credenza Fudgers (formerly)
Comet Monster


SW.A.G. (formerly)
Swellview High School


Danger Force

First Appearance

Game of Phones

Last Appearance

The Battle for Swellview

Portrayed By

Havan Flores
Mai Brunelle (Youth, Chapa's Phone Home)

— Chapa's catchphrase

Lula Elena Chapa De Silva (more commonly known as Chapa), also known as the superhero Volt, is a main character in Danger Force. She is portrayed by Havan Flores.


The Fate of Danger, Part 2 (55)

Chapa discovering her powers.

It all started when Chapa lost her phone, she went to Junk N' Stuff to ask Captain Man and Kid Danger for help to find her lost phone. However, she and the hero duo were unable to find the phone but managed to prevent The Toddler, Dr. Minyak, Time Jerker and Beekeeper from getting the Omega Weapon blueprints.

Chapa continued her search until she decided to help Kid Danger, Mika and Miles bring back Captain Man. She, Mika, Miles and Bose tried to stop Drex and his caveman army, but were defeated, until the explosion of the Omega Weapon, where Chapa received powers to shoot lightning. To learn how to be heroes, Chapa, Bose, Mika, and Miles were recruited by Ray and Schwoz to train at the Swellview Academy for the Gifted (also known as SWAG). where they had to pass various tests of their powers.

Chapa's Phone Home

Chapa gets her phone back.

Chapa and her friends train at the academy to use their powers while pretending that the academy is a normal school and Chapa uses the nickname "Volt". Chapa and what is now known as the Danger Force along with Ray have faced many villains such as The Toddler, Jeff Bilsky, Krampus, Derrick Face, Take-Out, Danny Chest, and others. Shortly after, Chapa found out that Bose accidentally had her phone and after understanding his reasons, Chapa forgave her friend, managing to recover her phone and becoming calmer. Eventually, her mother, Alejandra, discovered that Chapa was Volt, forbidding her to fight crime, but following the rise of The Cell, Chapa returned to the Danger Force. After four years working as sidekicks and defeating the Comet Monster, Chapa and the Danger Force became the new protectors of Swellview following Ray's retirement.

Description & Personality


Chapa's alter-ego, Volt

Chapa is a force to be reckoned with. She is strong, confident, crazy and feels justified in her sometimes-irrational behavior. She can behave at times like a mama bear defending her cub from the dark forces of the world. She's bold and likes to lead and becomes flustered and frustrated when she has no control or can't figure something out. She's more emotional than the rest of the group, even almost crying when Chicken Man left, and after getting barked at by Benny the Dog for messing up his order. She's also the more offensive-type fighter, using her powers to hurt rather than to protect. Her bad temper suits her powers just fine, since they are anger-based.

She tends to hold a grudge, as in Jack the Clipper, she was still upset about Benny the Dog for being super mean to her at Club Soda. She cares more about her friends than her phone, as she chose her friends over her phone in A Henry Among Us. She seems to really care about Bose most of all, as she was enraged at Crank for being mean to Bose in Street Fightin'. She also seems to really care about her sister, as she refused to power up the Man's Nest and wanted to be there for her sister instead in Uncle Hambone.

Normally, Chapa wears comfy clothes, such as hoodies, long sleeved shirts, and jackets. She also like to wear pajama-looking pants, or otherwise just long ones. She also wears laced boots most of the time. She sometimes wears large earrings that tend to dangle.

As Volt, she wears a red and black suit with a logo on her chest of a circle with four lightning bolts. On her belt, she has a logo resembling a hurricane, tilted. On her face, she wears a black mask with a red line on top. She wears black and red boots as well as black fingerless gloves. Her hair is groomed to the right side.

Powers and Abilities


Volt Fail

Volt using her electrokinesis

  • Electrokinesis: After the Omega Weapon explosion, Chapa gained the ability to generate and manipulate electricity. She mainly uses this to shoot lightning bolts from her hands. It is shown that her lightning bolts can be reflected, especially on metallic surfaces. Chapa's powers are anger-based; due to her naturally bad temper, she sometimes has trouble controlling and regulating them. She also isn't overly skilled at aiming them, resulting in embarrassing situations. Chapa can also use her power to turn on lights when they are out or shape her bolts into electric balls that can ignite things on fire. When using her powers, her hands glow with an electric red aura. Chapa's electricity is red. It is shown in A Cyborg Among Us, Chapa was able to use her electricity to expel Twitler’s new virus from everyone, including Drex and Ray who are indestructible. In the same episode, it is shown that she can warm up someone by creating a gentle spark on her hands then covering but not touching the part of the person she wishes to warm up. Although later, Chapa would lose her powers due to the food made by Big Beard, although she would be able to recover them thanks to the DNA of her clone. With the mom energy, Chapa became more empowered and made more giant electric rays.

Former Powers

  • Conversion sneeze: When Chapa was infected with the computer virus, she gained the ability to turn other people into viruses by sneezing on them.
Return of the Kid (517)

Volt using her flexibility


  • Agility: More-so than the other members of Danger Force, Chapa has shown to do several somersaults to attack her enemies from surprising them. This was shown in Return of the Kid, Captain Man Strikes Out, Drive Hard and Don't Go In There!.
  • Skilled Fighter: After several months of training under and fighting crime alongside Captain Man, Chapa has become a capable combatant. In A Danger Among Us, Chapa and the other members of Danger Force were able to take on the indestructible elite fighter, Drex. Although, Drex had been neglecting his exercise routine due to being locked in a prison cell.
  • Disguise: Like Schwoz, Chapa is an expert at disguising herself as shown in various episodes such as Power Problems, Part 2 and Minyak Attack, where she pretends to be Delivery Joe.
  • Skilled Dancing: Chapa is a great dancer and was able to create her own Clik-Clock dance.
  • Singing: Chapa has a beautiful singing voice, singing several songs like "This Gas Will Pass", "Teaching Bilsky" and "The Final Countdown".


  • Emotional state: When Chapa is very happy or feels an emotion of love, she temporarily loses her powers.
    • Happiness: Since Chapa's powers are anger-based, she cannot use them when she is too happy.
    • Crushing: Naturally bad-tempered, when Chapa has a crush on someone, she becomes nice, sweet and euphoric. In that state, she is all but useless in regard to crime fighting.
    • Freaking Out: Alternatively, when she is freaking out, she loses control of her powers and starts zapping without meaning to.
  • Water: If someone is in the water and Chapa uses her powers, the person would be painfully electrified or even get killed. This was mentioned in the Return of the Kid, when she accidently zapped Mika when she was in the water, causing her to have a cardiac arrest.
  • Bad/Poor aim: Initially, Chapa's aim with her powers was extremely poor. Though she has gotten a lot better, her aim is still rather poor at times.

Rogues Gallery

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  • Chapa was introduced in the Henry Danger episode, Game of Phones.
  • She can speak Spanish.
  • Before Mika in the Middle, she used to run a raccoon fight club in the basement, until Mika snitched on her.
  • She doesn't have a phone, which is a recurring gag in the series. However she gets it back in Chapa's Phone Home.
    • It is also revealed that Bose was the one that took her phone.
  • She dislikes chain wallets.
  • She has a tattoo pack.
  • She can sneeze lightning.
  • She is allergic to Nappy Birds.
  • When she was a baby, she used to model for Doodie Diapers.
  • She is ashamed of her parents.
  • It is revealed in Vidja Games that she is Ray's second favorite, his favorite being himself.
  • It is revealed in Captain Man Strikes Out that she can play the Danger Force theme song on any instrument in the world.
  • It is revealed in A Danger Among Us that Chapa is the true and rightful king/queen of Swellview, having pulled the sword from the stone.
  • As of season 2, she has dyed red hair.
  • In Season 3, she has shorter black hair.
  • It is revealed in The Girl Who Cried Danger that she has insomnia.
  • She is obsessed with Christmas.
  • Her favorite spice is nutmeg.
  • Her favorite barnyard animal is a goat.
  • Her favorite color is red.
  • She hates it when people invade her personal space.
  • It is revealed in Street Fightin' that her eyes can glow red electricity.
  • She has a little sister named Sage.
  • She used to be on 'Little Dribblers' before she got kicked out for fighting.
  • She wrote her book, "How to Train your Dog to Fight like a Ninja", which was forwarded by Jackie Chan.
  • She had the last line of the series which was "And fight some crime."


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