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Ray and Chapa


Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Chapa (Volt)


Close Friends

Chay is the friendship/mentor pairing of Ray Manchester and Chapa, also known as Captain Man and Volt, are both main characters in Danger Force. They have a boss and employee relation, but are close friends, and have many similarities. They are both superheroes that protect Swellview.

Possible Names

  • Chapray (Chap/a and Ray)
  • Rapa (R/ay and Chapa)

Season 1 Moments

The Danger Force Awakens

  • Chapa tells Ray not to tell her what to do.

Say My Name

  • Ray tries to warn Chapa that she is using spicy milk.

Ray Goes Cray

  • Ray calls Chapa "Scary Bradshaw".
  • Chapa slaps Ray twice.

Villain's Night

  • Chapa gives Ray the idea to burn the papers, to which Ray says it is the best idea out of the three he's gotten.
  • Chapa laughs when Ray falls down the mountain.

Mime Games

  • Chapa (along with Mika) call Ray "Cap".
  • Ray frequently says "Ok Chapa", in a nice way implying he is impressed with her throughout the episode.
  • Ray quizzes Chapa.
  • Ray enjoys Chapa's quip.
  • They both agreed that Bose is their favorite.

Chapa's Crush

  • Chapa drags Ray away from the Nice Nacho Ball when he was blind from the mace.

Return of the Kid.

  • Chapa tries to drag Ray away from Henry.

Mika in the Middle

  • Chapa tells Ray to mind his business when he asks where she has been all day and Ray believes her.
  • Ray uses Chapa for how to disarm a villain.

The Thousand Pranks War: Part I

  • Ray is wondering where Chapa is.
  • Ray has a worried expression when Chapa walks in after being pranked.

Down Goes Santa: Part I

  • Chapa is sitting next to Ray.
  • Ray sits on Chapa.
  • Ray and Chapa go together to buy all the corn from the Corn Lady.
  • Ray lies to Chapa about redoing the Man's Nest for Christmas.
  • Ray blames Chapa only for shooting down Santa Claus.
  • Ray choses Chapa to go find Santa's presents.

Down Goes Santa: Part II

  • Chapa zaps Ray.
  • Chapa will buy Ray another Jet Ski.

Vidja Games

  • Ray claims that anyone else expect Chapa who skipped the apple picking, he would have been fine with it.
  • Ray calls Chapa his second favorite.

Test Friends

  • Chapa decides to not post Ray's embarrassing photo on Envygram.
  • Chapa gets Ray on the Supes Illustrated cover.
  • Ray calls Chapa "sweetie"

Lil' Dynomite

  • Chapa tries multiple times to zap Ray. '
  • Chapa tries to warn Ray that Lil' Dynomite was listening to Ray insulting him.

Radioactive Cat

  • Ray kicks down Chapa's Door
  • Chapa wants to zap Ray
  • Chapa goes with Ray and Bose to find cats for Schwoz

Miles Has Visions



  • They both enjoy hurting others then fighting for justice.
  • Both are superheroes.
  • They have somewhat similar hairstyles.
  • Both have really bad aim (Ray when using laser guns and Chapa with her powers)