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Also, I miss you-

-Miss you too

— Chapa & Miles to each other in The Force Returns, Part 1

Chiles (Chapa and Miles) is the friendship/co-worker/romantic pairing between Chapa De Silva (Volt) and Miles Macklin (AWOL) aka Volt and AWOL.

Chapa and Miles are a forceful duo who's relationship stands out from the group. At the beginning, Chapa and Miles would often squabble and tease each other here and there, however most of the time they fall on the same page. Throughout the series they warm up to each others attics and we start to see more similarities between them even through there differences. Chapa is frequently fierce towards her teammates and they all seem to be slightly afraid of her, yet Miles is the only member who isn't intimated by her hard-core personality. Chapa is seen using her powers to cause slight harm to some of her teammates but throughout season 1 and 2 Chapa has yet to use her powers with the intention of hurting Miles, which is interesting because Miles is the one Chapa bumps heads with. Chapa and Miles's rocky relationship continues to grow stronger as they are not only good friends now, but partners in crime.

Possible Names

  • Chiles (Ch/apa and M/iles)
  • Chales (Cha/pa and Mi/les)
  • Mapa (M/iles and Ch/apa)
  • Mipa (Mi/les and Cha/pa)
  • Vawol (V/olt and Awol)
  • Avolt (A/wol and Volt)

Season 1 Moments

The Force Awakens

  • Miles agrees with Chapa when she says she hates practicing lying
  • They both said to Bose at the same time that Mika doesn´t have a superpower yet
  • While Bose annoys Schwoz with his superpower, Miles and Chapa about laugh it at the same time, while Mika just stands there and Bose is focused on the Hey Horn
  • Chapa accidentally knocked Miles (and Bose) away with her lightning bolts
  • In the background Chapa and Miles arguing, while she pulls his neck with her arms
  • Both said to Mika "something´s not right"
  • Chapa and Miles were the ones who explained Ray that he didn´t save the day on the Thundermans mission
  • Miles stood by Chapa briefly as she sat at her table

Say My Name

  • Volt and AWOL toasted a wing
  • Both of them were joking around in the live interview at the same time while Shoutout hid and brainstorm wasn´t there chat
  • Volt, anxious, quickly brought Spicy Milk to AWOL to wash out the spiciness in his mouth. He spat the Spicy Milk out
  • Miles was affected when Chapa transformed into Volt
  • Miles wanted to teleport Volt to KLVY, but gave up when he just teleported her to another spot in the Man´s Nest, patting her on the shoulder in the process
  • They joined both fists to celebrate the sucess
  • Chapa's superhero name became Spicy Milk in the episode, referring to the Spicy Milk she gave Miles

Ray Goes Crazy

  • When Chapa began to inflict violence on her plan, he annoyed and said that she had been doing well up to that point.

Villain's Night

  • AWOL and Volt get mixed up talking about face paint
  • Volt said she would like cat eyes for face paint, while AWOL said he would like to be a tiger. Both the tiger and the cat are predators
  • Miles and Chapa stood next to each other at Villians night while trying to figure out who the book thief is
  • Miles complained to Chapa for giving a villain a brilliant idea for a crime
  • After Chapa had another idea to use violence, Miles made it her clear what is really going on at the moment
  • Volt didn´t give AWOL hot chocolate as she felt he didn´t deserve it because he only caught a good guy and not a criminal like she did
  • AWOL seemed a bit sad afterward and asked again anyway

Mime Games

  • When AWOL accidentally teleported himself into the Lady´s room, Volt then said to him "Wow, mission accomplished, bud"
  • After AWOL teleported away, Volt asked where he was going


  • Chapa and Miles make video calls
  • Miles sent Chapa his bread pictures, although she didn't care
  • Miles told Mika that they should all focus on Chapa's dancing
  • Miles presented his beats to Chapa
  • Miles left the video chat to write the song for Chapa's dance
  • Chapa and Miles thought their song and dance will go rival

Chapa's Crush

  • AWOL told Captain Man that it was Chapa's fault that the criminal escaped
  • AWOL assumed Chapa was in the bathroom
  • He also thought she was acting weird lately
  • AWOL, like the others, was shocked that Chapa was in a like-like with someone
  • Miles was very sure Chapa would be in like-like with him
  • Chapa wasn't with him in like-like
  • Miles found himself cuter than the one person (not Chapa's actual crush) on the list (created by Mika) of Chapa's possible crushes (he compared himself to him)
  • Miles, like the others, developed a crush on Chapa's crush
  • Chapa and Miles sat next to each other on the couch at the end of the episode

Return of the Kid

  • Volt asked AWOL who his friend (the fish on his arm) was
  • AWOL said he thought the same as Volt
  • Volt yelled AWOL for missing the bottom
  • He yelled back at her
  • they checked in with their fists

Mika in the Middle

  • Miles and Chapa were the only ones who didn't have a letter on the snitch board
  • Chapa made it clear to Miles how many attempts at teleportation he really had

The Thousand Pranks War

Part I

  • Chapa kept Miles from eating the fake apple with the Spicy Milk
  • Volt leaned over to AWOL a bit and told him that she's definitely going to mess with the Dude's pony
  • Miles draped a blanket over Volt as she shook
  • Volt dropped onto Miles' lap
  • Miles held her for a while (it is unknown how long) and declared the prank war
  • After Ray mentioned the event as Chapa being pranked and Chapa getting upset about looking Cheery, Miles stood up and roared "Enough talk-- let's ride on them Rivaltons!"
  • Miles told Chapa that her plan to prank Rivalton is just violence too
  • They sat next to each other on the couch in the Mans Nest
  • Miles and Chapa argued together that DF's presence on the day is not unusual

Part II

  • After Chapa asked Miles if he tried to prank his sister he said he was ashamed
  • Volt dragged AWOL as he couldn't see where he was going
  • Volt made sure AWOL was talking, looking in the right direction the whole time
  • Volt pushed him over to his sister (Shoutout)

Down Goes Santa

Part I

  • Miles asked Chapa what the emergency was, to which she asked him, to everyone's looks, that it wasn't an emergency
  • Volt told Miles that what was under the sheet wasn't his "b'yazness"
  • Volt yelled at Miles about how she felt about the Santa Claus thing while he shook his head
  • Miles asked Chapa if there was anything else they needed to check

Part II

  • They sat together in the back of the sled
  • They worked, interacted the most in distributing the gifts
  • Chapa told Miles that it's a great Christmas story and not just a good one

Vidja Games

  • Miles was enthusiastic about Chapa's expensive outfit like the others
  • Miles explained to Chapa that they are superheroes and not people who charge people to give them good vibes
  • Miles called Chapa a peasant
  • Miles stopped Volt's Howdee

Test Friends

  • By standing next to each other while posing, they interacted a lot
  • In shock, AWOL placed his hand on Volt's shoulder, which she then gently licked away
  • Miles asked Chapa to say "yes"
  • Chapa gave Miles a light pat on the shoulder at the 30 days without ice cream stuck
  • Chapa (and the others) tried to stop Miles from eating ice cream while she pulled his shoulder

Lil' Dynomite

  • They sat next to each other in Hip Hop Puree
  • Miles asked her if she really thought like that
  • They were arguing about who was the sheriff in Danger Force
  • They both walked out of the room at the same time, covering their ears


  • Chapa asked Miles what he meant by "Oh, No."
  • Miles told Chapa that she didn't understand the situation with Mika
  • Volt meant she and AWOL couldn't use their powers

Twin It to Win It

  • Miles told Schwoz Chapa had never seen a Jacob's Coyote movie
  • Chapa suggested the match between Miles and his sister and asked him if he would be in it

Radioactive Cat

  • AWOL asked Schwoz what he was doing with Volt
  • They argued because Volt wanted to use his door to kick. AWOL threatened to teleport her to the Bhutt factory in the process
  • Chapa sat on Miles' table while he sat in his chair behind the table
  • Both recognized at the same moment a connection between Bose and his mother
  • When Miles complained to Chapa and Ray that they didn't come back with the cat, Chapa told him to come back with the cat twice
  • Volt told AWOL she'd been waiting all day to kick in a door
  • She wanted to prove to AWOL that she could open the door
  • After AWOL told her to do it as an equal, she managed to kick the door open
  • AWOL and Volt had the antidote with them and used it

Miles Has Visions

  • Chapa somehow didn't want to believe Miles that this situation felt like it had happened before
  • Chapa lightly yelled at Miles saying "Then do it!"
  • Volt threatened AWOL with a lightning ball
  • Volt said AWOL was a witch, Miles said the opposite
  • Volt championed AWOL by saying they would get Time Jerker to stop messing with her friend AWOL's head
  • Volt did her bit to get the Time Jerker out of AWOL's head by shooting lightning through the store and onto the Time Jerker
  • Volt suggested destroying stuff in the store again

Captain Man Strikes Out

  • Chapa said Miles Vision Superpower would be better if he could control it.

Manlee Men

  • Miles asked Chapa if she used to be a model
  • As she walked, Miles said no one asked for this
  • Chapa was impressed by Miles model walk
  • Chapa said to Bose und Mika that they walk would look better if the walk look like this (like Miles walk)
  • Chapa joined his walk
  • Both walked together/next to each other

S.W.A.G is Haunted

  • After Chapa said Wednesdays weren't great either, he said Wednesdays had never been his day
  • Both wore nose-plugs and an orange swim ring, which is a mix of their two signature colors
  • Every time Mika, Bose and Chapa came into the garden she called him Buddy
  • Chapa told him twice he should shot up
  • Chapa threatened him with lightning
  • Chapa explained to Miles' father what role he would play in a play
  • She said to him he should just shot up and eat

Family Lies

  • When Miles had a vision, Chapa asked if he was okay
  • After Miles was hit by a laser she looked down at him
  • Miles then told Chapa that the dud outside who didn't look like her might be her father when she asked if anyone had seen him
  • Miles asked Chapa if she really was in a cereal commercial
  • Miles imagined Chapa exactly like what Chapa had said he was at Schwoz
  • He asked her if the people were really her real parents, and she pressed him
  • Miles asked if she could tell them now about the situation with actor Dad
  • Miles was the first person to admit to being ashamed of her own parents and address what would be embarrassing about her parents to make her feel better

Earth to Bose

  • Chapa accused Miles of lying, which she was probably right about
  • When Glerp beat up Ray, they went to the gun wall
  • Chapa was surprised, which is why he cheered for Glerp and Bose after what happened to Glerp in the Man's Nest
  • As Miles explained the situation, she reminded him that Glerp also kicked him in the chest
  • Chapa agreed with Miles that Bose's face looks wrinkled

Drive Hard

  • Volt told AWOL to get going
  • Volt found the cabbage Miles ate disgusting
  • both leaned on the back of the passenger seat
  • He pulled his cabbage from her hand and sort of threw it over her on the floor
  • Volt was very annoyed with AWOL since he swapped all the snacks for his cabbage
  • Volt answered AWOL's question
  • When AWOL tried to teleport, Volt aggressively told him to just let go of the cabbage
  • AWOL reacted aggressively back and the two attacked each other unnecessarily
  • AWOL said Volt's is right
  • Volt's plan included only AWOL
  • Volt let AWOL teleport him to the top of the van
  • Volt causes AWOL to teleport over to the other vehicle
  • Volt aggressively pointed out to Miles that the shoutout pushed him along
  • Volt and Shoutout pulled him up by his wrists while she was getting annoyed with him again

Season 2 Moments

An Imposter Among Us

  • When Chapa said she likes the community because of the toxic substance, Miles frowned thoughtfully
  • Chapa and Miles were amazed by the monkey that massaged Ray with cheese
  • When Miles said they had to check on Mika, Chapa said it was actually a Mika job
  • Chapa looked at his cell phone with Miles
  • Chapa and Miles threw their arms in the air in excitement
  • As Chapa fell off the couch in shock Miles looked at her
  • Miles wanted to stop Chapa from shocking his sister and after she did so she used her signature "Sorray" to Miles

A Danger Among Us

  • Chapa knew that Miles would teleport to the Man's Nest every night at 10pm to take a hot tub
  • Chapa zapped the water in the wanna so she and Ray could tie Miles
  • chapa lied to Miles about the clone thing
  • Chapa realized that Miles Vision was right
  • AWOL also asked, like Chapa did earlier in the episode, "Just in case what?"
  • AWOL and Volt both raised their hands and said "Me!" since they both wanted to help Captain Man dispose of the trash

A Cyborg Among Us

  • AWOL asked where Volt and Shoutout were

A Henry Among Us

  • AWOL repeatedly pointed out that they had to find Chapa and his sister
  • AWOL wasn't surprised that Volt got angry
  • Volt said when AWOL screamed it was louder than when his sister (Shoutout) screamed


  • AWOL wanted to pass off Mika's idea before Volt as his
  • Volt passed AWOL a bottle of soda without asking for it
  • They stood next to each other for a while
  • AWOL wanted Volt to indirectly point out the irony in her statement
  • AWOl pointed out to Captain Man that Volt and Shoutout were also involved
  • They sat next to each other on the couch in the Man's Nest
  • Volt leaned slightly over to AWOL and asked who the child was from

Mika's Musical

  • Miles took care of the costume that Chapa wore, which he then wore to the musical
  • When Miles measured Chapa's costume fries and they started singing, it annoyed him
  • She leaned over to him and told him that the play will very well be a musical
  • Chapa and Miles had the first part in the play together
  • They grinned at each other as they talked about Benny the dog with the head
  • They searched together for the mayor, who they found in the bathroom
  • Miles teleported with Chapa
  • They fought chilled against Frankini
  • AWOL stood guard outside the toilet stall as Volt stuffed Frankini into the toilet
  • they said at the same time "Not you!" and apologized to Frankini
  • Volt showed AWOL her enthusiasm for the musical

Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?

  • They stood next to each other in the Man's Nest, the Man Gerage, and the flashback
  • As Miles discussed the list, Chapa presented the list
  • Miles wanted to throw the keys over to Chapa
  • They both sat in the back of the man buggy
  • When AWOL was indirectly forced to go to the cinema with Ray, she laughed at him gleefully and enthusiastically
  • Volt stopped Miles from teleporting towards him, which left him offended
  • Volt (and Shoutout) wanted to stop Miles from doing it again
  • When Volt accidentally zapped AWOL, she quickly went over to check on him
  • AWOL thanked Volt for fixing his back and lightly touched her shoulder
  • Miles looked over at Chapa conscientious when the news mentioned that certain people in town were being zapped. Then she covered it up

Power Problems

Part 1

  • AWOL and Volt sat next to each other at Big Beards
  • Volt takes a quick look at AWOL's phone
  • AWOL clapped Volt on the back and arm as a signal to get going
  • AWOL told her to chill with the zapping
  • both got gas which changed their pitch
  • Volt distracted Captain Man and the swim suits models to cover up that AWOL can no longer teleport
  • both apologized to DF for not being able to use their powers
  • Volt wanted to shock AWOL but didn't work
  • They sat on a man wagon together

Part 2

  • Miles then told Chapa to stop eating Big Beard
  • Delivery Joe (Chapa) brought the container into the kitchen with AWOL
  • Volt stopped Big Beard from hitting AWOL with a hammer and removed a layer from the container so he could climb out
  • they fought together against Big Beards and his followers
  • they hid together behind a braid
  • Volt slapped the bread out of AWOL's hand
  • Volt told AWOL she know a guy named Miles and that what really makes him super would be his strength, determination and his knitting game
  • Volt explained to Miles what she intends to do to kill Big Beards, they implement the plan together and win the fight
  • They struck their swords shortly after
  • They confronted Big Beards together
  • Volt thought it funny (and was happy) that AWOL knocked Big Beard out with his fist
  • Chapa didn't want Miles to believe twin-energy existed
  • Miles and Chapa (and Schwoz) were the only ones in the Man's Nest for a week along
  • Chapa advised Miles to loosen up the whole thing
  • they said "what" at the same time

Attack of the Clones

  • Clone Chapa pointed out to Clone Miles how to behave
  • Ray said Miles would fight a lion in a phone booth and Chapa would be the lion in the phone booth
  • AWOL and Volt carried Chest Monster together

Bottle Snatchers

  • AWOL described Chapa's statement about Club Soda as facts
  • Miles explained to Chapa why he and Bose had to clean up the stuff
  • Miles was slightly surprised that Chapa had to bring sodas to the VIP zone
  • Miles liked Chapa's plan

The Girl Who Cried Danger

  • Chapa asked Mika what was wrong with Miles
  • Chapa thought it is funny that Miles is jealous of her and Mika because of the Riley girl
  • Chapa was upset that Ray let Miles use painfully weapons
  • After Miles shot Chapa and Mika, Mika and Chapa agreed on the Clinger pass of Miles
  • Mika and Chapa tried to hang the clinger on Miles

Bilsky's Billions

  • Chapa said to Miles that he had already bought the yoga pants
  • Miles was dancing in his yoga pants and told her to look at it
  • Chapa said she didn't want to look at it and told him to stop
  • Apparently Mika found Miles and Chapa's interaction amusing as she let out a giggle at it
  • Chapa was disgusted when Miles flaunted his yoga pants
  • When Miles gave a speech about his yoga pants on the news, Chapa smirked.

Jack The Clipper

  • Volt didn't understand why AWOL and Captain Man were so attached to their hair
  • Volt told AWOL that he was overstating the situation and thought his plan was ridiculous
  • Volt wondered why AWOL was fighting Regina and stood up
  • Volt shocked Regina into breaking away from AWOL

The Supies

  • Chapa handed Miles a brick
  • Miles pushed himself between Chapa and Ray so they wouldn't bump into each other
  • Volt pointed out to AWOL that their category is coming up
  • Volt didn't think it was a good thing that AWOL Sweaty mocked Eddie
  • AWOL told the others to break their chairs saying they saw the Lady (Volt/Chapa)

When World Collide (Side Hustle)

  • They sat next to each other during the flight with the Man-Copter
  • Volt and AWOL together explain to Lex, Presley and Munchy that they are a threat and why
  • AWOL and Volt went on stage to Frankini to hold him tight

Alien Zoo

  • Although Volt said she didn't care, she asked him what he was upset about
  • Volt (and the others) tried to convince Miles that zoos aren't bad
  • Volt said Miles takes a big man to admit he was wrong
  • Volt noticed Miles' presence first and was sure he would save them by saying "none of us are going out like this." "Miles is gonna save us."
  • Volt/Chapa seemingly learned her lesson and ordered him in a dreadful tone to cut her out
  • Miles teased her, answering in a calm tone and calling her Cupcake
  • Volt then threatened if he called her Cupcake again he would eat his next cupcake through a straw
  • Miles didn't take the threat as a good thing, but seemed slightly sad about it
  • Volt told him it was his fault they were in the mess as an argument for him to eat the unicorn poop
  • Volt looked around for unicorn poop to bring Miles
  • Volt teased him back by saying "Eat up, Cupcake."
  • Miles, offended, pulled the poop out of her hands

Let's Go to the Movies!

  • As Chapa Ray disct, Miles buddy-like touches her arm with his arm in amazement
  • Chapa was interested in Miles' film idea
  • After Chapa Miles said rudely "get out" 2 times, he answered 2 times annoyed with "Okay"
  • Miles thought a pie on the face was better than the death (what Chapa wanted) for the losers
  • Miles showed Chapa his goosebumps

Minyak Attack

  • AWOL told Volt to stop talking about Mom Con, to which she apologized
  • every time Volt mentioned the place where Minyak landed, AWOL asked again for more details
  • AWOL and Volt lunged at Captain Man together
  • As Volt praised the idea, AWOL reminded her it was hers
  • Volt ordered the others to achieve AWOL right now
  • Captain Man ran into AWOL and Volt

Street Fightin´

  • they stood nect to each other in Hip Hop Puree
  • they gave each other a hi five
  • Chapa gave Schwoz a rating of 10 when he beat Miles
  • Miles won a bet against Mika over Chapa
  • Miles said her name in a shocked tone
  • Chapa and Miles struck the same pose at the introduction of the teams

Chapa's Phone Home

  • Miles offered Chapa one of his 2 new cell phones since she doesn't have one
  • Miles told Chapa she wouldn´t understand the new phone stuff
  • Miles told Chapa that she should just get a new phone
  • As Chapa threw himself on the stuff, Miles asked "What's your deal?"
  • Miles told Chapa he's really glad she's not mad at the boy who stole her phone anymore
  • Miles' statement about her anger triggered her anger and slightly injured her
  • Miles told her to just be happy that she got her phone back
  • Miles called Chapa sick
  • Miles got in Chapa's flashes briefly as she shocked Ray
  • In Bose's flashback, Miles asked every time he talked about a girl if it was Chapa

Uncle Hambone

  • Chapa handed Miles a chisel
  • Chapa explained to Ray that Miles is competing the quinn city's ice sculptor competition
  • Miles was the only person who was respectful of Uncle Hambone's death (respectively of her sister)
  • Miles asked Chapa when she would be back
  • Miles pictured Chapa living on the side of a building with a bunch of gargoyles
  • Miles told her she had never appreciated things
  • Miles tried to convince Chapa to come with them so the ice sculpture doesn't melt
  • Chapa yelled at him and slammed the door in front of him
  • When Miles fetched Clone Chapa for his plan, Clone Chapa kicked him in the shin and ran way
  • AWOL and Volt together presented the sculpture at the competition

New School Who Dis

  • Miles explained to Chapa that the boy doesn't want to fight her, just smiles at her
  • Chapa tells Miles to hold her earrings while she clears this up with the boy
  • Miles stopped her and sat her down again
  • Miles suggested that she could smile back
  • Miles discouraged her from using her powers in regular school
  • The boy who smiled at Chapa was in the same club as Miles
  • Chapa noticed that there was no longer bubbling from the bathtub Miles was in
  • Chapa and Miles cheered for Captain Man together
  • They agreed that Quinn is evil

Class Action Heroes

  • Chapa told some boys at school that Miles has the best sandwiches in town
  • Chapa asked him where he got the persiana cucumbers from
  • Miles said that if Chapa make the next shot they would win
  • THey sat next to each other at the cafeteria table
  • Miles didn't think Chapa needed to zap the puncher
  • Miles said Chapa fried the puncher like a taquito on Thursday

Wedding of the Trentury

  • Volt had the same question as AWOL
  • Volt and AWOL disagreed over whether to tell Trent the truth about Tracy
  • Volt put all the blame on AWOL on camera


Trojan Force

  • AWOL and Volt toast their bottles to celebrate success
  • Volt stood next to AWOL and they stood side by side for a moment
  • AWOL teleported between Volt and Shoutout, surprisingly startling Volt more than Shoutout
  • AWOL then presented her with flowers (similar to her signature colors) and named her M'Lady. She accepted the flowers
  • Miles' explanation for the flowers was that he wouldn't know what happened there and for some reason went to a florist.
  • Everyone started talking about it in confusion
  • Shoutout thought that AWOL'S gesture was cute and wanted to explain to Volt that it was nice to do something while Volt tried to talk her way out of it with a "He did it once"
  • While AWOL distributed the spoons to the police officers, Volt tried to convince the police officers to give the spoons
  • AWOL was overly shocked that there was a real life Delivery Joe (Chapa's fictional character)
  • Volt and AWOL were pushed into the wall with a cart during the fight
  • They both said "No, but I watch a lot of movies"

We Dad a Bad Thing

  • Volt suggested that AWOL take Aunt Didi to her house
  • AWOL teleported Chapa (and Aunt Didi) into Chapa's house
  • AWOL asked what the delicious smell is
  • AWOL stuffed Aunt Didi's mouth with cake so she wouldn't reveal Volt's identity
  • AWOL was shocked that Volt bodied her mother
  • While Volt was freaking out, she accidentally shook Miles, knocking him to the ground and then apologized
  • They stride to Aunt Didi "Shot up!"
  • AWOL teleported back to Mika and Bose with Volt
  • When Angela burst in, Volt hid slightly behind AWOL
  • Volt was stressing Miles about teleporting everyone out of the house
  • AWOL seemed upset by Volt/Chapa's mother's secrets
  • AWOL covered Volt's (and Brainstorm's) mouth

Season 3 Moments

The Force Returns

Part 1

  • When Miles was pulled into Chapa's family home by his mother, he positioned himself next to Chapa
  • Miles leaned over to Chapa and said he had never seen anything as bad as this (their dads were chilling with each other)
  • They tell each other that they missed each other in Danger Force
  • Chapa ran to the machine to pull out the cables connected with Miles so nothing will happen

Part 2

  • As Captain Man pushed Volt away, AWOL told her to relax

Big Dynomite

  • Chapa snatched the bag of Choco Cocos from Miles' hand
  • Miles complained that she ate the whole bag
  • The two briefly yelled at each other about it
  • Chapa wasn't thrilled that Miles agreed with Bose
  • Chapa gave Miles a serious look as she told him that Credenza's son would be Lil Dynomite
  • Chapa and Miles grabbed Ray and dragged him out of the house to stop him from proposing to Credenza
  • Chapa's question about Lil Dynomite having recently moved here was obviously to prove Miles that he was Buddy Fledgers
  • When it came out that Buddy really is Lil Dynomite, she looked straight at him while he frowned at her
  • Volt teased AWOL that she and Mika won the bet by leaning over and saying "Tastes like victory" while grinning at him
  • They stuck to the floor next to each other
  • As AWOL was about to fall over because the scissors in his leg, Chapa caught him in time and continued to hold him
  • Chapa constantly teased Miles about being wrong about Buddy Fludgers/Lil Dynomite throughout the episode

Guardians of the Ponytail

  • AWOL asked Volt if Schwoz had a child who went to school with them and she answered desperately yes
  • Chapa and Miles gave each other weird looks because of the teachers
  • After Chapa says that she and Miles don’t need naps because they are teens Miles agrees with her and they fist bump together.
  • Miles picks up Chapa from the van.
  • Both tampered with something on the van so DF would get the reward and not Ray and Henry getting the money in the end.

Miles Sells His Soul


  • Volt asked AWOL if he fought The Cell members in the Man's Nest.

Hey, Where's Schwoz?

  • When AWOL asked why everyone was screaming, Volt tells him that The Cell kidnapped Brainstorm.

Dumber Force

Don't Go In There!

  • Miles joins Chapa, (along with Bose and Schwoz) on the beam kick!

Bose's Birthday Party

Ray Forgives

The Battle for Swellview

  • Miles and Chapa both are together in the Man's Nest when they find out Captain Man is retiring and both have the same reaction.


  • They both sit in the back row in S.W.A.G.
  • Chapa and Miles where the first in the DF group (in the TV show) to be associated with a crush, although Miles was not Chapa's Crush (see episode "Chapa's Crush").
  • They both can knit (see episodes "Down Goes Santa: Part I" and "Power Problems, Part 2").
  • Chapa and Miles are the only teammates who's real and alter ego names have the same amount of letters.
  • They both insist that watch a lot of movies.
  • Chapa and Miles are the main duo who we see constantly arguing with each other (mainly in season 1).
  • Miles is so far the only teammate who isn't threatened by Chapa's anger issues.
  • Both have an emotional weakness for saying goodbye to others for a long time, for letting go of others (see episodes "Miles Has Visions" and "Monsty").
  • While Miles is well-behaved, chilled and decent, Chapa is cheeky, aggressive and naughty.

Chiles Quotes

[Mika and Miles talking about who Chapa's crush might be]
Mika: You think she's in like-like... with you-you?
Miles: Of course she is. If you spend enough time around a pecan pie, you're gonna want a slice.

Chapa's Crush

Chapa: You think that having powers makes you a superhero? Because I know a guy named Miles, and what really makes him super is his strength and determination and his knitting game.

Power Problems, Part 2

[Ray and Schwoz talking about the kids]
Ray: [about Miles]: That kid would fight a lion in a phone booth.
Schwoz: And who else would you want by your side in any fight? Chapa.
Ray: She's the lion in the phone booth.

Attack of the Clones

Chapa: Zoos are bad. Now cut me out!
Ray: Oh!
Miles: With pleasure, cupcake.
Chapa: You call me cupcake again, you'll be eating your next cupcake through a straw.
[Chapa is walking towards Miles with unicorn poop in her hands]
Chapa: Eat up, cupcake.

Alien Zoo

[Miles teleports between Mika and Chapa]
Miles: Not sure what happened there. Went to a florist.
*Miles giving Chapa flowers*
Miles: M'Lady.
Mika: Aw.