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Charlotte and Piper


Charlotte Page
Piper Hart


Close Friends

Charlotte Page and Piper Hart are both main characters in Henry Danger. The two generally get along. Charlotte seems like a big sister to Piper and is sometimes seen being protective of her. The actresses who portray them, Ella Anderson and Riele Downs, are best friends.

Possible Names[]

  • Charper (Char/lotte and Pi/per)
  • Pilotte (Pi/per and Char/lotte)
  • Parlotte (P/iper and Ch/arlotte)
  • Pipelotte Pipe/r) and (Char/lotte)


Season 1 Moments[]


Season 2 Moments[]


Season 3 Moments[]


Season 4 Moments[]

Spelling Bee Hard[]

  • Charlotte is surprised when Piper wanted Captain Man to win the spelling competition.

Rubber Duck[]

  • They go together to the movies.
  • Charlotte says she spends a lot of time with boys and needed a break, meaning to go out with Piper.
  • Together they count the proceeds of Henry's party at Hart House.

Season 5 Moments[]

The Great Cactus Con[]

  • Charlotte helps Piper with her Cactus Queen dress.

Grand Theft Otto[]

  • Charlotte tries to convince Piper to "help" her to find her retainer while Henry and Jasper make it appear that Otto was robbed. *When doubting Piper, Charlotte says "girl code", implying that they had a code when it is something important.
  • Piper tells Charlotte that her teeth are perfect.
  • Charlotte pushes Piper.
  • Piper finds the retainer but it turn out to be of Jasper and since she did not know it makes Charlotte wear them.

I Dream of Danger[]

  • Charlotte talks to Piper about the dreams she had been having about kissing Henry, although she tells him it was Jasper.
  • Piper tells Charlotte that her friend Marla had a similar dream and what she dreamed happened to her.
  • Piper tells Charlotte "here among us I like when they run" referring to the boys.

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