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Chloe and Bianca


Chloe Hartman


Close Friends

Chlianca is the pairing between Chloe Hartman and Bianca, both of whom Henry Hart has had a romantic relationship with. So far they have only been seen together in One Henry, Three Girls: Part 2.


Bianca is first shown interacting with Chloe when the latter unexpectedly shows up at Henry's house after wrapping the first season of Kids in the Woods; they seem to have met each other previously when Bianca says she has not seen Chloe in a while. It is revealed that both girls have a date to the Meat Ball, with Bianca going with Henry while Chloe has asked Kid Danger. This would be a problem as Henry Hart (unknown to them) is Kid Danger.

Later, the girls are at the Meat Ball party in Swellview Junior High. Chloe arrives with Kid Danger but Bianca is bored and is still expecting her date. While Chloe is watching Jasper play a Meat Bob game, Bianca goes over to Charlote's table to ask if she knows where Henry is. Kid Danger happens to be sitting at the table and tells her he will look for him. She then decides to look for him too and later tells Chloe to help, which she does.

Kid Danger takes both girls to the hallway and tells them to look towards the stairs. They both look and find nothing. Then he hurries them into the supply closet and traps them inside. The girls are now more scared then ever and remain trapped until Henry disguises himself as the "bad guy". He demands Chloe and Bianca's cellphones but not before Captain Man shows up and puts him in his misery. Chloe tells Captain Man to "get him" and Bianca and Chloe both watch as the day is saved; sort of.

After Captain Man disposes of the "bad guy", Chloe tells Bianca she is going back into the party and Bianca decides to call Henry and wait for him to come. He does and makes up a story that the "bad guy" jumped him and it took him 2 hours to get to the school. Bianca believes his story and they both go inside to enjoy the Meat Ball.

Connection with Henry Hart[]

Both girls have had a romantic relationship with Henry, with Chloe being the first. Bianca would subsequently begin to date Henry again. However, in Danger & Thunder, just like Chloe before her, she would start to appear in Kids in the Woods.


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