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Archduke Fernando (formerly)

First Appearance

The Thousand Pranks War: Part I

Last Appearance

The Thousand Pranks War: Part II

Portrayed By

Rashaun Sibley

Clarence is a minor character in Danger Force. He appeared in The Thousand Pranks War.

He is portrayed by Rashaun Sibley.

Description and Personality[]

Clarence is a young teenager with black hair and brown eyes. He is willing to serve Archduke Fernando of Rivalton during the Pranks War, but after learning that the war against Swellview has started, he and Maddie betray him so that he agrees to end the war.


In The Thousand Pranks War: Part I, he, his friend Maddie, and Archduke Fernando mourn the loss of Archduke's ponytail, Gideon, in Hee Haw Purée, but when Clarence sits down, a chair breaks, as do the others, and when they try to go to the bathroom, they discover that there is a brick wall, before seeing that they couldn't get out either, suffering from the prank that the Danger Force pulled. Afterwards, Clarence helped clean the place.

In The Thousand Pranks War: Part II, he, the Archduke and Maddie get help from ShoutOut to play big pranks on Swellview and follow their plan until they see her watching Dog Bachelor with Bose, so to prove if ShoutOut was with Rivalton, they force her to do it. a prank on Bose with a can. During the Archduke and Gideon's 15th anniversary celebration, Clarence sees ShoutOut arrive, who warns that Captain Man and the Danger Force were coming with a bomb, making a plan with the trio to protect the grease. With an envelope she got, ShoutOut reveals that the Archduke played a prank on himself to spark the war again and make money with a prank shop. After Volt sets fire to the grease supply, Clarence helps with the plan to end the war and save the grease, threatening the Archduke to burn Gideon, forcing the Archduke to sign, finally culminating the prank war as the baking soda bomb explodes, putting out the fire.



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