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Club Soda
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Teen dance club/soda bar

First Appearance

My Phony Valentine

Last Appearance

Bottle Snatchers

Club Soda is a dance-club/soda bar for teens of at least 13 years of age, first shown in My Phony Valentine. Henry, Piper, Charlotte, Jasper, Bianca, Tiffany and Mitch were here, in My Phony Valentine.

It is said that Club Soda has every type of soda you can think of. One of the known flavors is cherry-lime, as Mitch ordered it. It is revealed in the Danger Force episode Bottle Snatchers that owner of the club is a kid named Tony Soda.


Henry Danger[]

In My Phony Valentine, on Valentine's Day, the club was visited by Henry Hart, "Tiffany", Charlotte Page, Bianca, Mitch Bilsky, Piper and her friends (due to Jasper Dunlop not noticing them sneak in, as the club is for teens). When "Tiffany" freaked out, Henry transformed into Kid Danger to knock her down and take her to the Man Cave for Schwoz to reprogram her, and then Henry came back to go on a date with Bianca.

Danger Force[]

In Dude, Where's My Man Buggy? the club hosts ShoutOut, AWOL, Volt, and Brainstorm for some fun, but unbeknownst to them, their vehicle, the Man Buggy, was stolen by Jeff Bilsky. Later, Jeff and The Toddler stayed to celebrate until they were stopped by the Danger Force and Captain Man.

In Power Problems, Part 1, without their powers, the Danger Force went to the club to confront the Gas Clown and his minions, but they couldn't beat them, and the clowns were going to beat them, until Captain Man arrived to stop the clowns and scold his friends for lying to him.

In Bottle Snatchers, Danger Force is hired by owner Tony Soda to protect his prized Gold Soda, given to him by the "Soda Pope." After they thwart Mitch Bilsky and his gang's attempt to steal the soda, Danger Force is treated well by the patrons and staff of the club. Ray then challenges them to go to Club Soda without their uniforms or powers to see how they will be treated. When they go back to the club without their powers, things go awry, and they are not treated well. Mitch and his gang try once again to steal the Gold Soda. Although they are clumsy while not in uniform and not using their powers, the kids are able to help Captain Man defeat the gang. The owner then rejoices and treats the kids as heroes, but has Captain Man kick out because the club was only for teenagers.


  • The exterior is later used for the headquarters of the eponymous Game Shakers.