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Comet Monster
Comet Monster
Full Name

Comet Monster


Shadow Monster
Smoke Monster
Big Dark Dynomite
Dark ShoutOut
Smokey (by Volt)

Resides in


Criminal Occupation

Powerful monster


Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Mika Macklin (ShoutOut) (former host)
Miles Macklin (AWOL)
Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm)
Chapa De Silva (Volt)
Schwoz Schwartz
Credenza Fudgers
Buddy Fudgers (Lil' Dynomite) (former host)
Drex Stinklebaum
The Cell
Lil' Bobby Newser

First Appearance

The Battle for Swellview

Last Appearance

The Battle for Swellview

Portrayed By

Mitchell Berg (as Dark Dynomite)
Tommy Walker (as Big Dark Dynomite)
Dana Heath (as Dark ShoutOut)

The Comet Monster is a powerful dark entity that inhabits a comet that passes every 2000 years and a major antagonist in Danger Force. The monster was the being that The Cell idolized to conquer the world as gods.

Description and Personality[]

The Comet Monster is a disembodied evil being that sows evil in every era it appears and is capable of murdering a hero, including innocent people and its own cult. The monster is ruthless and was willing to destroy Swellview until it was defeated.


Once every 2000 years, a comet passes by the Earth. That comet carries an extremely powerful dark entity, and the followers of that entity build a beacon to summon him to earth. A hero rises to challenge the entity, but he kills the hero and delivers the world to his followers, who rule over a new civilization. The comet monster was responsible for the rise of the Sumerian civilization, as well the reign of Mentuhotep II and the line of Egyptian Pharohs that followed. After the monster's last appearance, people wrote down what he was doing through carvings in a diamond cave beneath where the Man's Nest would eventually stand, and instead of it being a prophecy, it was a warning not to summon the monster.

20 centuries later, Credenza Fudgers became interested in conquering the world and learned about the prophecy from her great-grandmother, so she gathered a cult called The Cell, had them capture Schwoz and force him to build an evil device that would generate the beacon that would summon the comet monster. Then she and The Cell would become the new god-rulers of the Earth. Credenza obtained the final component for the beacon from her unknowing boyfriend Ray, the heart-shaped diamond, and she stole the device back after Schwoz built it after escaping from The Cell so he could see what it does and find out what The Cell was up to.

Captain Man faces Dark Dynomite

The Comet Monster faces Captain Man to fulfill the prophecy.

In The Battle for Swellview, with the comet passing close to Earth, The Cell finally summoned the comet monster in front of the Danger Force and Drex, however, the uncontrolled monster began killing the members of The Cell until Mika revealed to Credenza that only a child could control the being, so Buddy Fudgers decides to sacrifice himself, allowing himself to be possessed by the monster, turning him into Dark Dynomite. When Drex tried to save his son, Dark Dynomite killed him too and used his soul to grow larger, summoning a cosmic sword, with which he cut off the head of the hero Captain Man, carrying out the prophecy.

Bid Dark Dynomite is attracted by Danger Force

The Comet Monster faces Danger Force.

Dark Dynomite attempted to attack Credenza, but Mika saved her, before fleeing with the Danger Force and Captain Man's head. After leaving The Cell Cave, Dark Dynomite becomes a giant, beginning to devastate Swellview and kill civilians, transporting his smoke to the Hip Hop Purée underground to kill Lil' Bobby Newser and the other survivors. that were hiding there. On his trail of destruction, Big Dark Dynomite is attracted by the device to the Man's Nest and tries to hit the window, being stopped by Brainstorm, while Volt launches a mega lightning bolt at him, managing to free Buddy.

Comet Monster is ejected from Earth

The Comet Monster is expelled from Earth by ShoutOut.

However, the disembodied monster enters the Nest looking for a new host, so ShoutOut sacrifices herself for her friends, allowing herself to be possessed by the monster, turning her into Dark ShoutOut and trying to kill Ray and the Fudgers with her cosmic sword. The Danger Force locks ShoutOut inside an electric sphere to make ShoutOut remember all the adventures they had, managing to free their friend. With the comet making one final turn, ShoutOut frees herself from the monster and expels it back into his comet. Because the comet would return in another 2000 years, AWOL decides to save the people of the future, teleporting himself to space and striking the comet from its orbit forever, preventing its return. After the monster's defeat, Drex, The Cell members, and all the murdered people revive.


  • Immortality: The Comet Monster has existed for thousands of years.
  • Possession: The Comet Monster has the power to possess someone and use their body as a vessel.
  • Soul Stealing: The Comet Monster can steal people's souls. The victim disappears into nothingness, leaving only their clothes behind. With every soul he steals, he becomes larger and more powerful.
  • Invulnerability: As he is not a physical being, the monster can make sure that physical attacks do not hit him, as shown when he effortlessly deflected ShoutOut's scream towards Credenza.
  • Cosmic Sword: The Comet monster can manifest a sword out of his dark power. It can even cut through Ray's indestructible body.


  • Electricity: The Comet Monster's weakness is receiving electric rays, which causes it to be forced to leave the body of its hosts.



  • The Comet Monster can only be controlled by a child.
  • It has similarities with the adaptation of the DC Comics villain, Neron, in Legends of Tomorrow, since both are shadowy beings that need a body to inhabit.


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